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The Benefits of Creating Visual Content

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We’re often asked by our clients if visual content is really worth the time, money and extra effort. The answer is always yes. In this slide deck, we outline four key benefits to using visual content to market or promote your brand, product or service

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The Benefits of Creating Visual Content

  1. 1. Big Benefits of Visual Content Marketing
  2. 2. Welcome to the era of visual marketing Take a look at your social media feeds - - from GIFs and infographics to Instagram and Snapchat, everything is coming up visual.
  3. 3. The proof is in the research • 83% of learning happens visually • Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text • Retention increases 40% when an image is used • Posts with images are more likely to shared online • After viewing a product video, consumers are 85% more likely to purchase
  4. 4. So how will your business benefit from visual content marketing? Let’s break it down…
  5. 5. Gives your brand an identity Shows, not tells Increases your content’s shareability and drive engagement Supports search engine optimization
  6. 6. Gives your brand an identity • Personalize your brand, show your corporate spirit and be relatable to your target customer: – Pull interesting stats, facts or tips from your other corporate content and repurpose them into a visual – Take pictures of your staff in action: capture the work environment, share moments of success, make the most out of your charitable work or team building events – You don’t always need perfectly polished images – show that you’re real!
  7. 7. Gives your brand an identity Corporate sponsorship Team building Charitable events Stats and facts Visiting customers
  8. 8. Shows, not tells • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube monthly, watching over 6 billion hours of video • Why? People want to be shown, not told how to do things • Show your product or process in action with tools like Instagram, Flipogram or Vine, use video editing and voice capabilities on your computer or smartphone to get the right message and polish
  9. 9. Shows, not tells Click on these videos for examples:
  10. 10. Increases your content’s shareability and drive engagement • Research shows that Facebook posts with images receive 120% more engagement than the average post -- we’re talking shares, likes, website clicks, comments and ultimately, conversions • What’s one of the most often shared visuals? Infographics: they tell a story with impact and creativity • Another favourite? Quotes of the day and inspirational messages
  11. 11. Increases your content’s shareability and drive engagement Examples of shareable content
  12. 12. Supports search engine optimization • Search engines also crawl visuals when determining where to place you in search results • Optimize your images, stock photography downloads and videos by including keywords in the file name, alt text and image tags • Remember: don’t write for the search engines -- write for your audience. Think about your readers and what they’re interested in knowing or solving when they consult your content
  13. 13. Supports search engine optimization
  14. 14. Supports search engine optimization Now when someone searching for your product or service, you will stand out in images:
  15. 15. Ready to get started? Contact the Giants: @bedigitalgiants
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