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Service Design & Service Branding

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My presentation at Day One of the Service Design Conference 2010 in Berlin. Topic: Service Design & Service Branding.

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Service Design & Service Branding

  1. 1. Service Design & Service Branding
  2. 2. “... we know the price of everything and the value of nothing" -- Ed Milliband / Oscar Wilde 2 servicedesigninstitute
  3. 3. Søren Bechmann Søren Bechmann ? At planlægge og gennemføre en kom- Søren Bechmann Kampagner. _ planlægning og gennemførelse munikationskampagne er ikke nogen eksakt videnskab. Der findes flere veje fra start og frem til målet. Men da centrale dele af kampagneudvikling medfører kreative processer, der langt hen ad vejen på ingen måde kan hverken styres eller sættes på formler, stiger kravene til den del af forløbet, – planlægning der netop kan struktureres. og gennemførelse “Kampagner. Planlægning og gennem- førelse” bevæger sig på en overskuelig måde med processen fra opsanling af en briefing fra en kunde og forbere- delse, over forberedelse, planning, budskabsudformning, kampagneudar- bejdelse og præsentation, til godken- delse, færdiggørelse, implementering, opfølgning og evaluering. Bogen tager læseren gennem forløbet via nogle nogle enkle modeller og indeholder desuden en række check- lister, der processen yderligere over- skuelig og tilgængelig for alle der arbejder med kampagneplanlægning i både teori og praksis. “Kampagner. Planlægning og gennem- førelse” er skrevet af Søren Bechmann, der har en lang karriere i reklame- branchen bag sig. Academica Service Branding (?) 201?
  4. 4. servicedesigninstitute
  5. 5. servicedesigninstitute
  6. 6. servicedesigninstitute
  7. 7. What is service design? 7
  8. 8. “Servicedesign is about developing services that are attractive to the customers as well as efficient and differentiating to the companies” servicedesigninstitute
  9. 9. SD has to be able to handle a lot...! servicedesigninstitute
  10. 10. Servicedesign can develop better services 10
  11. 11. ... reveal real needs “If I had asked people what “You can't just ask they wanted, they would customers what they want have said faster horses.” and then try to give that to them. By the time you get -- Henry Ford it built, they'll want something new.” -- Steve Jobs servicedesigninstitute
  12. 12. ... involve users 12
  13. 13. ... use and integrate new technology servicedesigninstitute
  14. 14. ... handle touchpoints Reklame Etc. PR Reklamations- Website håndtering Faktura Indretning Garanti Tlf. betjening ALT Rengøring kommunikerer Sponsorater Korrespondance Firmabiler Personale Miljøprofil Twitter servicedesigninstitute
  15. 15. ... create service evidencing servicedesigninstitute
  16. 16. ... handle expectations Kundebehov Servicedesign Communication Experience WOM / M Sales people Forventninger Leverance Alternatives Oplevelse Konklusion Mindset Price ??? servicedesigninstitute
  17. 17. ... handle complaints servicedesigninstitute
  18. 18. ... create differentiation and positioning Differentiation Price servicedesigninstitute
  19. 19. All touchpoints carries a message Advertising Etc. PR Complaint handling Website Invoicing In-store Warrenties Telephone service EVERYTHING Cleaning communicates Sponsorships Company cars Correspondance Staff CSR Twitter servicedesigninstitute
  20. 20. “Every action tells a story” - Disney “Every act is a marketing act” -- Cordock “Your service is your marketing” - live|work servicedesigninstitute
  21. 21. Everything communicates { TP} n Brand M i=1 servicedesigninstitute
  22. 22. Service is a possibility to demonstrate a brand in action. servicedesigninstitute
  23. 23. Service Marketing Company n Ext atio Product ern nic Price al c mu 4P om om Place mu al c nic ern Promotion at Int ion Sales etc. Frontstage Customer employee servicedesigninstitute
  24. 24. Service Marketing Company n Ext atio Product ern nic Price al c mu 4P om om Place mu al c nic ern Promotion at Int ion Service- “Part-time Co-producer marketingemployeer” provider Frontstage Customer WOM/M employee Product Price Place 6P Promotion Process People servicedesigninstitute
  25. 25. Attractive Do the right thing Outside efficiency Constant evaluation Keep the balance Become better Ongoing improvements Efficient Do it right Inside efficiency servicedesigninstitute
  26. 26. Customer Journey
  27. 27. Wait Listen to the in line Customer Journey music Experience the Met by decoration da Fin cks staff Sense the rbu smells Sta See the Discover possibilitie s the price level Order Pay Wait for the coffee Taste the coffee n d ow Sense the t Si atmosphere Find a chair Look for a chair Find lk the mi Didn’t Look for smth find anythi ng to read in Lea Wait to ve - Experience go to the toilet said nobody lack of bye ... cleaning
  28. 28. Indsigt Emotional Timeline Research 3 Location Decoration Smells Great coffee!!! Possibilities Order Nice atmosphere Good chair 2 Music Reception Pay 1 0 -1 Nobody say bye Milk lack of cleaning No newspapers -2 Price level Find a chair Wait Wait Wait for toilet -3 servicedesigninstitute
  29. 29. Good service can be a question of deciding where to deliver poor service...!” servicedesigninstitute
  30. 30. Service Evidencing 31 servicedesigninstitute
  31. 31. Service Evidencing Formal evidence Experienced evidence Real evidence 32 servicedesigninstitute
  32. 32. The real evidence 33
  33. 33. The formal evidence 34 servicedesigninstitute
  34. 34. The experienced evidence 35 servicedesigninstitute
  35. 35. 36
  36. 36. 37
  37. 37. Service Recovery servicedesigninstitute
  38. 38. “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. But they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” Kilde: Barlow servicedesigninstitute
  39. 39. Why do costumers complain? Product-problems Service-problems Customer-problems 27 % 53 % 20 % Kilde: Johnston, 2001 servicedesigninstitute 40
  40. 40. How many do complain? 8% now 23% later 69% never “The Complaint Iceberg” Kilde: British Airways servicedesigninstitute
  41. 41. How do customers react...? Level of satisfaction Expected reactions Recommend - perhaps... Satisfied Nothing Less satisfied Complain Irritated Complain higher level Very irritated Tell friends Extremely irritated Never use again Absolutely furious Advise others never to use again Cosumer terrorism... Kilde: Johnston, 2001 servicedesigninstitute 42
  42. 42. When consumers become terrorists... servicedesigninstitute
  43. 43. 50% of the customers that feel particularly loyal to a company do that, because they had a problem with the company and experienced how the company handled the problem... 44 servicedesigninstitute
  44. 44. Sticks’n’Sushi 45
  45. 45. Solve the problem Expensive short Guests become term — cheap long loyal term Quality to be ... and measured in ambassadors how many taxis that are ordered... Viral effect 46
  46. 46. Søren Bechmann Søren Bechmann Service Design Institute Tel. +45 4044 7828 “Servicedesign” (Danish) ISBN: 9788776757762