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Being Agile in Business - Agile Cymru July 2015

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Agile Cymru presentation

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Being Agile in Business - Agile Cymru July 2015

  1. 1. Being agile in Business BELINDA WALDOCK #BEINGAGILE © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  2. 2. AGILE IMPROVEMENT Beyond Software… Spring boarding business growth and development using agile Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  3. 3. BACKGROUND Cornwall Project Management Leadership Start Up High Growth Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  4. 4. AGILE IMPROVEMENT fast changing environment visibility and clarity blocks and bottlenecks moving goalposts and scope creep starting projects but not finishing them running late and over budget communication / collaboration Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  5. 5. THE AGILE MANIFESTO Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working solutions over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  6. 6. AGILE MIND SET Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  7. 7. LEARN ACT REFLECT AGILE METHOD Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  8. 8. WRITING ON THE WALL Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  9. 9. WRITING ON THE WALL Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  10. 10. Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock Download at
  11. 11. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  12. 12. BEING AGILE OVER BEING PERFECT Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  13. 13. MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT VALUE ACTIONSRESOURCES MVP Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  14. 14. Being Agile AGILE PRODUCTS © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  15. 15. SLACK TO GROW Being Agile Run the business Grow the business © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  16. 16. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  17. 17. RETROSPECTIVES Being Agile © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock
  18. 18. MAPPING THE WAY Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  19. 19. AGILE CULTURE “The most important part of software development is the team.” Headforwards Headforwards Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  20. 20. COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  21. 21. AGILE COMMUNITY Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  22. 22. VALUE OF BEING AGILE lighten your mental load embrace and manage change deliver value early gain a competitive edge communicate effectively maintain workflow and focus make informed decisions quickly personal growth and skills development Being Agile #beingagile @belindawaldock
  23. 23. BEING AGILE IN BUSINESS twitter @belindawaldock @beingagile #beingagile #bookhunt Available on Amazon / Kindle / WHSmith © 2015 #beingagile @belindawaldock