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Pro Sound News- Belmont Block Party

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I was recently quoted in the Nov Issue of Yamaha Pro Sound news

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Pro Sound News- Belmont Block Party

  1. 1. [47] Belmont Hosts Presidential Debate, Block Party Lucky 13 Midas PRO6s Productions DALLAS, TX—Sound by Freeman Count sound, Tony Cottrill. “It’s based events for up to 1,000 people. ran FOH, as he’s done pretty (Dallas) has purchased 13 PRO6 NASHVILLE, TN—Not all the sound on a working model of a real- The Festival system, used to cover much since the CAAB purchased digital live performance sys- and hubbub concerning the Presi- world sound reinforcement com- the Block Party stage, is based the M7CL in August 2007. “It’s a tems from Midas (www.midas- dential Debate hosted at Belmont pany,” says Cottrill. “The compa- around a Yamaha M7CL-48 digi- great console to learn on,” he, the first major University was inside the Curb ny helps me book events, quotes tal console, purchased from Clair says. “It’s not complicated, you purchase of the new console in the Americas. Event Center on October 7. Out- on productions, maintains gear, Brothers Audio, and a JBL VRX don’t have to dig for what you side the Center that day, Belmont supplies engineers for shows, line-array speaker system. want and it’s really perfect for Radian Redesigns University’s Curb College student- preps the sound system and Belmont senior, David Venus, (continued on page 62) Company Website run sound reinforcement compa- maintains the books. It’s com- ny, Clear as a Bell, provided pletely student-run and student- ORANGE, CA—Radian Audio sound for an afternoon Block Par- staffed.” All CAAB employees Engineering has re-launched ty, featuring acts like The Nova have either completed or are cur- the company’s website, Ray (Belmont students), Greg rently enrolled in Curb College’s, with a Bates (a Belmont junior from Audio Engineering Technology new look. Brentwood, TN), Sarah Darling Advanced Sound Reinforcement Rock Band Nabs (Black River Music), Chris Sligh course. (Brash Music), and Bomshel (Curb The sound company has two Sennheiser Mics Records). systems: a PA system for smaller Clear as a Bell (CAAB) is the on-campus musical and speaking OLD LYME, CT—Under an agree- brainchild of Belmont University’s events, and a Festival PA system ment with the game’s develop- Curb College coordinator of live for larger on- or off-campus ers, Sennheiser (www. virtual mics, events and accessories AKG Acquires Crown appear in the videogame Rock Band 2. Yamaha PM5D Microphone Distribution Tests Its Metal WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU JON LEMON, MAKE MUSIC: Janet Priest and Jackson’s current tour has had troubles with cancelled NEW YORK, NY—Judas Heaven and Hell both received shows due to illness and support act LL Cool J’s sudden Acoustics Van Halen, U2, Cream and The NORTHRIDGE, CA—AKG monitor mixes on this sum- departure, but one reliable aspect has been FOH engineer has acquired worldwide distribu- Cheetah Girls, can be found on Jon Lemon’s DiGiCo D5 console. He explained, “I knew I mer’s Metal Masters Tour that tion rights for Crown micro- concert stages around the world. needed something dependable because I have over 100 were mixed on Yamaha phones. Both companies are Thomas Stubics, product man- snapshots in the console. Sonically, the D5 is the best thing ( PM5D out there, but I have not tried the SD7 yet.” owned by Harman International, ager for recording and broadcast consoles. which bought AKG in 1993 and at AKG, stated, “Crown micro- Crewspace Hits later purchased Crown in 2000. phones are among the elite and expertise in the global micro- its distribution infrastructure, and Typically, Crown is best are top-of-the-line products that phone business, the new partner- the partnership with Crown will 5,000 Mark known for its amplifiers and sys- are very well known for their out- ship of AKG and Crown is a logi- solidify our global distribution tem control products for audio standing performance. The diver- cal next step that will benefit the strategy.” NEW YORK, NY—The popular AKG “roadie only” social network markets worldwide, although sity of the Crown microphone line customers and business partners site,, recently some of its mics, most noticeably is the perfect match for AKG’s for AKG and Crown micro- gained its 5,000th member, Crown the CM-311A headset mic, used stronghold as a source of indus- phones. AKG has invested a large and has added new features in recent years by acts such as try-leading products. With AKG’s amount of time and money into like a venues database. November 2008
  2. 2. [62] Showcases. Each year, Belmont holds six Debate Block Showcases, where the first five events fea- ture a specific genre, presenting four acts apiece. Each act performs three original Party compositions, with a 90-second change- over between acts, and one group is select- ed as the winner from each genre, judged by a prestigious panel drawn from the (continued from page 47) Nashville music industry. Each winner from the first five showcases performs at the fi- what we do here. There’s not many places nal showcase, “Best of the Best,” to battle where you can go to school and use for the title of “The Best.” equipment of this quality in a real-world “The showcase is the end goal of what environment.” I teach my sound reinforcement students,” Clear as a Bell uses the M7CL as a FOH says Cottrill. “Showcases are staffed entire- console, and as a monitor desk for Bel- ly from our student body. All of the enter- mont’s 5,900-seat Curb Event Center tainers are Belmont students or alumni.” The block party held outside the Belmont University presidential debate rocked the house courtesy of a Yamaha M7CL console and JBL VRX line-array boxes. The concerts are complete with concert staging and rigging: Clair Brothers Audio (Nashville) and Bandit Lites (Nashville) sup- ply production. (Video from these showcas- es, also student-produced, can be viewed on “For showcases, we rent Clair Brothers Audio production,” says Cottrill. “The stu- dents can select their FOH console for Event Center Showcases—and 95 percent of the time, they choose the Yamaha PM5D.” (David Venus runs FOH for the Showcases.) “I require the students to use the Yamaha M7 for monitors,” says Cot- trill, “be it wedges or IEMs or a combina- tion. They’ll run into this desk a lot as they enter the field, so it’s important for them to learn this console. I use it as my main digi- tal console for classroom instruction.” Cottrill also runs monitors for Ronnie Milsap. In the summer months, when school is not in session, the CAAB M7CL goes out on the road. “It’s my requested desk on Milsap’s rider,” Cottrill says. Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont University 12 Stone (continued from page 48) each auditorium can play global content or local content. Danley loudspeakers deliver sound in each auditorium. The main auditorium fea- tures an LCR cross-matrix system with three clusters of six SH-50s each and two small clusters for sidefill, while nine SH-100s pro- vide room delay and eight TH-115 sub- woofers low end from three floating cardioid sub arrays. A Lexicon Lares acoustical room- enhancement system uses 58 SH-100s and processing to manipulate the room’s acoustics in space and time. The smaller au- ditoriums feature mono systems with pairs of Danley SH-100s and, where needed, use ad- ditional SH-100s for sidefill. Sennheiser psn November 2008