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[IoT World Forum Webinar] Review of CMX Cisco technology

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Harvey Delery, Technical Leader Engineering

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[IoT World Forum Webinar] Review of CMX Cisco technology

  1. 1. Harvey Delery
  2. 2. Create Business Impact with Cisco’s CMX • Presence and location detection • Visibility (Wi-Fi, BLE, video) • Easy Wi-Fi login, custom or social • Zone-based, custom splash pages • App-based mobile engagement • Context-aware in-venue experiences Analytics Detect Connect Engage
  3. 3. How CMX Works API Controller MSE API LOCATION DATA Notification Receiver Application Layer Access Points Probe RSSI Data RSSI
  4. 4. Mobility Services Engine (MSE) Prime Infrastructure Management Location ServicesTopologyToday Wireless Network Cisco WLC Component Roles Prime Infra = Management MSE = Location Calculation WLC/AP = Wi-Fi Access, collect RSSI from clients Notification Receivers = Subscribe to location events CMX Mobile App Server = Application server for mobile clients Cisco APs CMX Mobile App Server Notification Receiver Wi-Fi Clients
  5. 5. A History of Location Innovation Industry/Market Needs Cisco Innovations Wi-Fi-based Indoor Location Micro-Location Targeting, Hyper-local content Real Time Device and Asset Tracking Requirements Advent of BLE Sensors in Consumer Industries Improved Refresh Rates with FastLocate BLE Integrated AP Hyperlocation with Angle of Arrival (AoA) RSSI Triangulation added to Cisco Aironet AP GPS Location Indoors
  6. 6. Snapshot:What’s New BetterUnderstand Customers Location Innovations User-Centric Design Scale as You Grow MSE 10.1 • 3X scaling per box + clustering • Real Time Analytics • 5X latency improvement • Role-based Access • Work flow driven UI • Integrated Visibility Wi-Fi Location, BLE, Video* • Verticalized Analytics Solutions • FastLocate • Hyperlocation • BLE Aware Understand Consumers Simplify Tools Prepare Any Enterprise
  7. 7. Innovation is only as good as your Location. Aggregate ActionableAccurate After 10-120 updates per minute Before 1-2 updates per minute After 2-4 sec Before 10-20 sec system latency After < 1 meter Before 5-7 meters Understand Customer Behavior Identify Movement Patterns Gain Real Time Insights Location Accuracy Refresh Rate System Latency
  8. 8. Business applications can harness real time intelligence and context from the Wi-Fi network • Use Mobility Services API to extract location information from CMX • REST • CMX can locateWi-Fi sources • Smartphones, WiFi tags, Laptops, Printers, other APs etc. • CMX can also locate some non-WiFi sources using CleanAir technology • Bluetooth Sensors, WirelessVideo Camera, Jammers, Microwave ;)
  9. 9. • Retrieve location information from CMX using Representational StateTransfer (REST) API • CMX REST API uses standard HypertextTransfer Protocol (HTTP) • HTTP methods supported GET, POST, PUT and DELETE • Each resource identified by Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) • Data formatted as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) • Basic authentication scheme to authenticate API
  10. 10. Location APIs MapsReal Time Location Location history Notification API
  11. 11. • The Authorization header is constructed as follows: • Username and password are combined into a string "username:password". • The resulting string literal is then encoded using Base64. • The authorization method, a space and the string "Basic" is then put before the encoded string.
  12. 12. • Response type is JSON
  13. 13. /api/config/v1/maps Detailed map information about campuses, building, floors, map dimensions, regions, zones, etc. /api/config/v1/maps/info/{campusName}/{buildingName}/{floorName } All floor information associated with campusName -> buildingName -> floorName /api/config/v1/maps/image/{campusName}/{buildingName}/{floorNa me} Floor image associated with campusName -> buildingName -> floorName /api/config/v1/maps/imagesource/{imageName} Image associated with the specified imageName
  14. 14. /api/location/v2/clients Complete list of wireless clients /api/location/v2/clients{?[ipaddress|macAddress|username]} Location of wireless client with specified id. ID can be MAC address, IP address, or username MAC format is /api/location/v2/clients?macAddress=30:f7:c5:cc:3e:xx IP address format is /api/location/v2/clients?ipAddress= Username format is /api/location/v2/clients?username=someUsername /api/location/v2/clients/count
  15. 15. https://serverAddress/apidocs/
  16. 16. Real Innovations for the Digital Business Straight fromCustomer Conversations RetailBanking Hospitality Healthcare Use Cases on Display at CMX Lab
  17. 17. RetailBanking Hospitality Healthcare Patron Experience Streamlined Operations When a patron enters the bank… • Signage changes to welcome patron to specific area of bank • VIP guest presence is detected and sent to greeters to extend personal welcome • Patron banking information is populated on teller’s screen Banking Hospitality Retail Healthcare Real Innovations for the Digital Business Straight fromCustomer Conversations
  18. 18. Guest Experience Integrated Analytics When guest walks in… • Wi-Fi Access is pushed to mobile device • Signage changes to welcome message • Business can count patrons usingWi-Fi, BLE & video analytics Banking Hospitality Retail Healthcare Real Innovations for the Digital Business Straight fromCustomer Conversations
  19. 19. Customer Experience Inventory Management When a customer walks in… • They can tap a product to add it to their wishlist or smart cart on mobile app • Staffing gets a trigger if there are too many patrons in one area • Customers can self-check-out using app Banking Hospitality Retail Healthcare Real Innovations for the Digital Business Straight fromCustomer Conversations
  20. 20. Patient Experience Compliance & Efficiency When patient’s doctor walks into room… • Lights turn on • Patient chart pops up on wall • Doctor is reminded to sanitize hands upon entering and leaving Banking Hospitality Retail Healthcare Real Innovations for the Digital Business Straight fromCustomer Conversations