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September 2018 Apple Event

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A look at T3's top 5 takeaways from Apple's September 2018 Event, including updates like the iPhone Xs and the Apple Watch Series 4.

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September 2018 Apple Event

  1. 1. Use T3 building image here or switch it out for a client image. 1 APPLE EVENT 9 | 12 | 18
  2. 2. Apple Event A12 BIONIC CHIP At only 7nm, the new A12 Bionic chip is 15% faster than the A11 and capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second. This is Apple’s smartest, most-powerful chip. Photo Source: 1 Photo Source:
  3. 3. Apple Event NEXT GEN NEURAL ENGINE The new A12 Bionic’s Neural Engine also allows for advanced machine learning and fast, efficient AR experiences. Photo Source: 2 Photo Source:
  4. 4. Apple Event BIGGER IS BETTER Even with three new models, Apple is keeping all of its phones large, with the Xs MAX having the largest display in an iPhone yet, and the ‘smallest’ iPhone having a 5.8” display. Photo Source: 3 Photo Source:
  5. 5. Apple Event IMPROVED BATTERY The new phones also have improved battery life. Since the new phones have larger batteries, you can expect 30 extra minutes of battery life on the Xs and 90 extra minutes on the Xs Max. Photo Source: 4 Photo Source:
  6. 6. Apple Event WEARABLES The Apple Watch Series 4 debut shows that Apple is focusing on wearables and preventative health technology. Photo Source: 5 Photo Source:
  7. 7. Apple Event IN CONCLUSION After Apple’s huge iPhone X announcement last year, there was nothing big to expect this year, but it’s still exciting to see the new models and improvements, even if they weren’t major. Photo Source: Photo Source: