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Burnout Recovery

Article: Burnout Recovery

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Burnout Recovery

  1. 1. Burnout recovery Many of us would rather overextend ourselves to make more money than enjoy a balanced, fulfilling life. When we are constantly working like crazy to reach unrealistic expectations, we eventually have to pay for it. The price we pay is burnout. All-work-and-no-play not only makes us dull, it also burns out our passion, wears out our souls and leaves us with a sense of disillusionment that cannot be cured by simply resting. So why do we work so incessantly? How can we attained a work-life balance? How do we know if we are suffering from burnout? Through the burnout process we learn that people are not superhuman and that hard work does not cure all ills. We learn that by identifying and accomodating our own goals and values, we can heal our souls. What is burnout? Definition: Burnout is essentially the decay of one's spiritual core, one's values, sense of meaning, purpose in life, a loss of beliefs and dreams. This leaves a vacuum which is