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February 2020 Congregational Meeting: Senior Rabbi Ratification

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In December 2019, the Beth Am Board of Directors unanimously approved the recommendation of the Senior Rabbi Search Committee to offer the position of Senior Rabbi to Rabbi Jeremy S. Morrison, effective July 1, 2020. On Sunday, February 2, our congregation held a special meeting and, by a nearly unanimous vote of over 430 households present, Beth Am confirmed Rabbi Jeremy Morrison as our next Senior Rabbi, beginning July 1, 2020.

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February 2020 Congregational Meeting: Senior Rabbi Ratification

  2. 2. Agenda • Welcome • Transition Overview • The Search Process • Introducing Rabbi Jeremy Morrison • Q&A • Voting Procedure • Conclusion
  3. 3. RABBINIC TRANSITION Summary of Input from the Congregation
  4. 4. RABBINIC TRANSITION COMMITTEE •Mike Kaplan •Christy Goralnik •Antoinette Rose •Debby Satten •Donnovan Yisrael •Rebecca DeHovitz •Rachel Tasch (ex-officio) •Chris Witzel (survey assistance) 4
  5. 5. Transition Plan Getting Ready (July-Decem ber 2018) Getting Input (January-Ju ne 2019) Conducting Search (July 2019-March 2020) Saying Thank You (April-June 2020) Saying Hello (July 2020-Marc h 2021+) 50 internal interviews 30 external interviews 9 ICARTs with 180 participants 385 survey respondents 1400 sticky notes! 5
  6. 6. Beth Am’s Senior Rabbis This isn’t the first Rabbinic Transition we’ve gone through Rabbi Sidney Akselrad Rabbi Janet Marder Meaningful Worship/ Sacred Community Social Justice Rabbi Rick Block Lifelong Learning Rabbi ? ?? While multi-faceted, each has been an important leader in the Reform Movement in the critical issues of their day!
  7. 7. “Big Picture” Summary Vision for the Future • New Models of Membership/ Affiliation to Engage the Next Generation • Lifelong Engagement • Community of Learners • Diverse and Welcoming • Multi-Generational and Connected to Each Other in Many Ways Personal Characteristics • Warmth and Compassion • Wisdom and Teaching • Collaboration and Inclusion • Inspiration and Charisma • Leadership and Creativity 7
  8. 8. SEARCH COMMITTEE • Co-Chairs: • Rachel Gibson • Bruce Ives • Members: • Alison Barnstable • Andy Cheng • Amy Darling • Steve Feldstein • Amy Gerstein • Stephanie Hannaford • Karmi Leiman • Leeron Morad • Shane Owara • Pam Shames • Dan Siegel • Jean Wolman 8
  9. 9. Search Process 12 candidates 10 video interviews 3 On-site visits 1 Clear choice 9 First Search Comm. Meeting March 2019 Applying to CCAR July- Sept. 2019 2019 2020 Congregation Mtg. Feb. 2020 Implicit Bias Training & Interview Skills Training Sept.- Oct. 2019 Resume Screens / Video Interviews Sept.- Nov. 2019 On-site Visits Nov.- Dec. 2019 Search Comm. Rec. & Board Vote Dec. 2019
  10. 10. Rabbi Jeremy Morrison
  11. 11. Rabbi Jeremy Morrison Beth Am’s vision for the future • New models to engage the next generation • Lifelong engagement • Community of learners • Diverse and welcoming • Multi-generational and connected to each other in many ways Experience that fits our needs • Leadership in spiritual, pastoral, and social life of large, diverse congregation • Founding Director of Riverway Project • Temple Israel Director of Education • Created / implemented Temple Israel Lifelong Learning Initiative • Created / implemented outreach and engagement initiatives for various groups at Temple Israel
  12. 12. In their own words… • “The strengths and passions he has fit our needs almost perfectly, extreme strength in community building” • “Would foster a community of learners = real focus for him” • “Very passionate about creating a strong education system for our children” • “I like his concept of synagogue as a sanctuary for imperfect practice.” • “His thoughtful nature and his deep biblical experience will bring the worship experience alive in exciting ways.” • “He brings a level of intellectualism and thoughtfulness to his approach with Torah.”
  13. 13. Rabbi Jeremy Morrison The leader we seek • Warmth and Compassion • Wisdom and Teaching • Collaboration and Inclusion • Inspiration and Charisma • Leadership and Creativity Attributes that fit our community • “Friendly and engaging” • “Engaging teacher” • “Strong intellect” • “Warm presence” • “Very warm and personable” • “Enjoyed his charisma” • “Warm, thoughtful, genuine” • “Lovely manner and sense of humor”
  14. 14. In their own words… • “I feel he will lead and also be caring, compassionate, and listen.” • “Very charismatic, interesting insight on a multitude of issues” • “Welcomed diversity of thought” • “I found his style of teaching dynamic, visual, conceptually engaging.” • “He is funny, smart, engaging, and clearly has the ability to challenge, push, and guide us intellectually and spiritually.” • “He is warm, engaging, contemplative, and thoughtful.” • On pastoral care: “Seems well-centered, caring, wise” • “He’s very smart, very knowledgeable, and creative.”
  15. 15. From our Program Team • “I found him engaging and relatable and kind while watching him interact with both clergy and congregants.” • “interested in teamwork and collaboration, and in developing a good team dynamic” • “I found his presence, his materials, and his approach all very compelling.” • “He's clearly incredibly smart, a gifted teacher.” • “He understands Beth Am's reality and has the appetite for change, while holding true to the things we do best.” • “He has a good set of interpersonal skills and can make small talk as well as intense conversation.” • “He was easy to work with and respected my input. It was a very positive partnership.” • “appreciated how much he seems to value education as part of not only his rabbinate but of his vision for congregational life”
  16. 16. Questions?