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Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Beyond

Presentation at UNCCAUSE 2011
QR Codes are everywhere, on products, at museums, and even on people! But how can you use them at your institution? QR Codes are great ways to get more information to your users, they can be used to link to websites, videos and even contact information. Imagine adding QR Codes to your business cards for faster contact sharing. Link QR codes to books in your library to get more information, or a list of similar books. Even imagine creating a QR code scavenger hunt around your building for new students - the possibilities are endless! In this session we will discuss the ways to create a QR Code as well as how they can be used in and outside of the classroom.

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Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Beyond

  1. 1. Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Beyond Bethany V. Smith Asst. Director Learning Technologies College of Education NC State University
  2. 2. What is a QR Code?
  3. 3. Quick Response Code Flickr: A.A.A.
  4. 4. Matrix or 2D Code Flickr: Stevopia
  5. 5. Denso for Toyota Toyota
  6. 6. Where do we see them? Flickr: Auntieo
  7. 7. How does it work
  8. 8. Smartphone +
  9. 9. Reader App
  10. 10. NeoReader
  11. 11. QR App
  12. 12. Quick Mark
  13. 13. QR Reader
  14. 14. What does scanning a QR code do?
  15. 15. URL
  16. 16. E-mail
  17. 17. Import a Vcard
  18. 18. Dial Your Phone
  19. 19. Geo Location
  20. 20. How do you make a QR Code? Flickr: Ennor
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. The Google shortener will also track how often a QR code is scanned!
  24. 24. A shortened URL will give you a cleaner looking QR Code - the more letters (characters) in yourlink the more "pixels" is needed in the code
  25. 25. Version 1, 21x21, Version 10, 57x57,10-25 alphanumeric chars 174-395 alphanumeric chars
  26. 26. Where can you use a QR Code?
  27. 27. Business Card
  28. 28. Tattoos
  29. 29. Brochures
  30. 30. Posters (and Poster Sessions)
  31. 31. Outside of offices
  32. 32. Books in the library
  33. 33. Handouts
  34. 34. Ice Breakers
  35. 35. Scavenger Hunt
  36. 36. Other types of Matrix Code
  37. 37. High Capacity Color Barcode
  38. 38. Dangers of QR Codes Flickr: Rhys Asplundh
  39. 39. You don’t REALLYknow what you are Flickr: david roessli scanning.
  40. 40. Weblink to Malicious Site Flickr: Rhys Asplundh
  41. 41. Javascript QR Code Flickr: Horment
  42. 42. All images in this presentation are licensed via mith/pp_photo
  43. 43. Bethany Smith bethany_smith@ncsu.edu