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Week 2A: Planning for Learning Today - 2015

  1. The key to success is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result Week #2: A Synthesis of “Old” Learning Planning for Learning Today
  2. Does your resume/portfolio showcase the KSAs? Does your professional growth plan?
  3. Does your resume/portfolio showcase these competencies?
  4. Understanding by Design….in real life  A Wedding  Building a house  Planning a family  Planting a garden  Shoveling the driveway  Planning a trip  Raising chickens/livestock  Getting a Master’s Degree
  5. Unit Title: Grade: Subject, Topic: Time: Stage 1 – Desired Results Learning Target(s): Students will understand that… Critical Questions: Students will know… Students will be able to… Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence Formative Assesssments: Summative Assessments: Stage 3 – Learning Plan Learning Activities: High Yield Strategies: Accommodations: Differentiation:
  6. Think Big Rocks Sand Water
  7.  What are the “Big Rocks” of the Middle Years Program?  What is the “Sand”? What is the “Water”?
  8. Culminating Projects
  9. Culminating Activities Titanic Tournament Survival Kits Brazilian Carnival
  10. Stage 2
  11. Grade 4 Science