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Handling Difficult Calls

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Handling Difficult Calls

  1. 1. Handling Difficult Calls
  2. 2. Angry Caller Abusive Caller Talktative Caller Argumentative Caller Caller has a difficulty Understanding English
  3. 3. Angry Callers Recognize the sign of an angry caller High pitched speech Long pauses Sighs Demands Short terse answers Volume gets louder
  4. 4. Why is a caller angry? Why is the caller angry? He has a specific problem which needs attention!!!
  5. 5. Steps to resolve the problem! Listen and respond with empathy! Ask specifics and details of the complaints Summarize the problem to get the guest’s agreement Offer a choice of alternatives to fix the problem Let the guest decide which alternative to use Follow through on what you agreed to do When possible, do something extra
  6. 6. While empathizing use these phrases….. I can see why you feel that way.. I understand how frustrating this must be.. That must be very upsetting..
  7. 7. Don’t Interrupt the guest. Let him vent his feelings. Try to be logical. It will anger the guest more. Put the blame on someone else. Be defensive. Always apologize for the caller’s inconvenience or regret their dissatisfaction rather than taking a personal responsibility of the problem.
  8. 8. Abusive Caller Abusive Caller A caller who goes beyond expressing anger about a problem and begins attacking the person handling the call, Often includes swearing and personal attacks
  9. 9. Abusive Caller Abusive Caller Anger triggers abuse!
  10. 10. Stay Calm You are not the target Give the caller a warning. ‘I beg your pardon’ When the call terminates inform the supervisor immediately Handling Abusive Caller
  11. 11. Don’t try to make value judgments. Just stick to the facts. Do not be deliberately casual or act as a superior. Do not start a fight.
  12. 12. Talkative Caller
  13. 13. Handling talkative caller Use the caller’s name to get their attention, and when he pauses get your point across Use silence, if step 1 does not works Direct the conversation with close ended Questions like yes or no Be firm yet polite while ending the call
  14. 14. Never Never show them your boredom or frustration Never bully them or interrupt rudely Never shut them by trying to dominate them Use phrases like: ‘Sir, could you please hold for two minutes, I’m getting a call on the other line!’
  15. 15. Caller has a difficulty understanding English Try using Hindi. Do not raise your voice. Speak slowly. Try using simple phrases. Avoid using restaurant jargon. Be extra courteous.
  16. 16. Argumentative Callers Speak softly Don’t get drawn in. Don’t try to prove a point. Ask for their opinion Reply in yes or no Remain Neutral
  17. 17. Golden Words Golden Words ‘I don’t know’ ‘Let me find out for you’ ‘We can’t do that’ ‘Here’s what we can do’ ‘Hold on’ ‘Will you hold while I…’ ‘Who is this’ ‘May I have your name please’ Sentences starting with you Sentences starting with I
  18. 18. Quick tips: Handling Difficult Callers Quick tips: Handling Difficult Callers Try to identify central ideas as well as specific facts Pay attention to verbal and vocal signals Take notes Eliminate distractions while taking a call Accept the caller’s concern and build a rapport Keep an open mind, avoid judging motives Acknowledgements that are meaningful. Okay is not sufficient. Avoid saying but and however, it negates what you have said. Always say please while asking a question Always repeat the, and ask the caller whether he will like to add something
  19. 19. Now, let’s see how will you handle these situations A caller who threatens you…. A caller who insists on immediate answer to a problem.. A irate caller who wants to speak to the manager only…
  20. 20. Congratulations! You have just handled a difficult situation. Take a break!