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Heaven or hell a matter of choice

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Many people live their lives permanently angry, unhappy or without any sense of purpose, turning life from the heaven it could be, into a personal hell. But it is only a matter of choice. See why and how to change it here.

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Heaven or hell a matter of choice

  1. 1. Heaven or Hell : A matter of Choice? By David Navarro
  2. 2. I have anything I need, and even though : why do I feel this way?
  3. 3. It seems I am playing an unwanted melody driven by invisible hands
  4. 4. It seems nobody listen to me
  5. 5. Dominated by a Clock
  6. 6. Sometimes I can barely resist the pressure
  7. 7. My life seems to vanish like fume
  8. 8. It seems nobody notices I am there
  9. 9. Always living in a Threat
  10. 10. Permanently tired
  11. 11. Lost in a nightmare of doubts
  12. 12. While time continues to run
  13. 13. Why is this happening to ME?
  14. 14. Where is the missing piece?
  15. 15. I am afraid I have bad news for you. There is no cure-all. But some hints can be useful, as it follows.
  16. 16. Keep it simple
  17. 17. The only thing you need in a trip is yourself and the road
  18. 18. Be honest to yourself to avoid having a distorted view of yourself
  19. 19. There is a whole world waiting for you out there. Go and get it!!!
  20. 20. Figure out the type of person you want to be
  21. 21. Many (apparently) small choices will be put in front of your eyes everyday.
  22. 22. Like in the Butterfly effect, small choices can, unexpectedly, be the key for failure or success
  23. 23. Learn to Forgive
  24. 24. Get Rid of Fears and Guiltiness
  25. 25. They are only in your mind
  26. 26. And will hinder you from progressing
  27. 27. Success is a matter of (K+H)xA (Knowledge + Hability) x Attitude
  28. 28. Do not miss any opportunity to make your knowledge grow
  29. 29. Keep upgrading your hability to use the knowledge you have
  30. 30. Don’t be afraid of having a different point of view
  31. 31. If you are not able to change a painful situation, you can always choose the attitude you want to have to face it
  32. 32. You can’t tell how much suffering is in a face that is always smiling
  33. 33. Forget about the rest. Keep focused.
  34. 34. Above all, celebrate love…
  35. 35. …kiss…
  36. 36. …caress and cuddle…
  37. 37. …embrace…
  38. 38. …keep smiling…
  39. 39. Thank you for your time…David Navarro
  40. 40. Pictures used in this presentation are to be found in internet. They belong to authors like Henrik Mo, Mandragor, Noah Sydnar and others. The most of them belong to Rosa Cautela. Rosa Cautela is a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio getting her bachelor's degree in photography at Columbus College of Art & Design, with expected graduation date of May of 2016. See more at: http://www.rosacautelap