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Learning IxD From Everyday Objects

How can we get inspiration from all the everyday technology that surrounds us? A talk given at Adaptive Path's UX Week 2007 in Washington DC.

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Learning IxD From Everyday Objects

  1. Learning Interaction Design from Everyday Objects Bill DeRouchey Ziba Design
  2. Inspiration fuels design.
  3. Inspiration surrounds us in everyday objects.
  4. We make things for people to use.
  5. Attention fuels craft.
  6. Interaction has a language
  7. Interaction has a language that we create and curate.
  8. How? Color Icons, Words Size, Shape Layout, Motion Sequence Sound, Feel
  9. Why? Priority Clarity Purpose
  10. Priority
  11. Do the elements have a hierarchy? Priority
  12. Do the Size elements have Color a hierarchy? Zoning
  13. 62 59 55 48
  14. Tivo
  15. Tivo Select Adjust Highest Priority: Control The Hero Pinpoint
  16. Clarity
  17. Does the interface communicate clearly? Clarity
  18. Does the Words interface Icons communicate Color clearly?
  19. Power icon 01
  20. Bad Good
  21. Fire Bad Tree Pretty
  22. Design Problem: = Recording (Good), and Alarm (Bad) = Power
  23. Design Solution: = Something is wrong = Everything is okay
  24. Purpose
  25. Does the product maintain its essence? Purpose
  26. Does the Simplicity product Perspective maintain its Restraint essence?
  27. More at my site of the www.History and Dan’s site Ideas But in www.No Thank you.