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Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation

Slides from my Collaborative Innovation Communities workshop. Overview of Dell's Ideastorm, cycle of innovation community maturity, examples of project and challenge-based communities.

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Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation

  1. 1. Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation Bill Johnston Chief Community Officer | 415.299.9638
  2. 2. Autodesk: 2001 – 2007, 2012 - 2015 • Community Strategy Evolution • Forums -> Community -> Industry Communities, including AREA • Autodesk Blogs • Founded the Online Community Roundtable TechRepublic: 1999 – 2001 • IA & UX for Site • Community Programs • 0 – 2 Million Members in > 2 years Dell: 2010 – 2012 • Community Platform Evolution • TechCenter Enterprise Community • Programs: Advocacy & Ideation • IdeaStorm 2.0 • Global Unconference Forum One: 2007 – 2010 • Community Events & Unconference • Online Community Research Network • First Community ROI and Salary Research • Consulting Structure3C: February 2015 • Study on Brands & The Collaborative Economy • Assessment & Ideation Workshops • Community / Crowd Business Models • Product Design • Advisory Services • Speaking & Briefings • Rand Fellow with Life Reimagined Institute
  3. 3. 0:00 - 0:05 Introductions 0:05 - 0:30 Current Practice Overview + Examples - CrowdSmart, Jovoto and IdeaStorm 0:30 - 1:15 Working session to explore / Innovation Community strategy 1:15 - 1:30 Share out & Wrap Workshop Flow “A good idea is a network. …If we are going to explain the mystery of where good ideas come from, we’ll have to start by shaking ourselves free of this common misconception: an idea is not a single thing. It is more like a swarm.” Steven Johnson
  4. 4. A new and comprehensive approach to online communities can create a path forward in the digital economy. ● Leadership that prioritizes learning over labor ○ Specifically, moving beyond outdated, support-driven models ● Community experiences that are powered by purpose ● A move beyond destinations to *community ecosystems* ● Community presence across contextual interfaces ● Embracing helpful human & machine interactions
  5. 5. Innovation can be defined simply as a "new idea, device or method".[1] However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.[2]
  6. 6. ● Multiple Sponsors ● Challenge-focused ● External Community Platform ● Multi-Community Participation Grand Challenge ● Brand-sponsored ● Project-focused ● External Community Platform ● On-demand Community Participation Project-Based ● Brand-hosted ● Company-focused ● Existing Community / Community Platform Brand-Based Spectrum of Innovation Communities
  7. 7. Focus: Which parts of the business? Desired Outcomes: New / enhanced products, services, business models? Key Decisions Community Participants: Leaders, Experts, Creators, Critics, Advocates, etc... Incentives: How do the participants want to be compensated / acknowledged? IP: Owned or Shared? Stakeholders: Internal participants / partners? Community Type: On domain / external
  8. 8. Brand-Based Innovation Communities
  9. 9. 1. The Social Suggestion Box – Launch an open space for customers to give feedback or make suggestions 2. Overwhelming Backlog – Period where the company can no longer process the backlog and may abandon the community 3. Managed Sprints – Develop a strategy to shape feedback and ideas by introducing a more formal process and constraining topics & time 4. Collaborative Innovation – A significant evolution of programs and platforms that layer ongoing ideation into all design and decision making Innovation Communities (to date)
  10. 10. IdeaStorm 2.0 Front End Enhancements • Refreshed site design • New Home Page: Featured, New & Trending Ideas • Enhanced User Profile: Avatars and Social Profile Connectors • New Member Tiers: Badging with Enhanced Capabilities • Better filtering of ideas – Search • Ability to Promote a Comment to an Extension • Tips Section Added to Idea Posting Page Back End Enhancements • Ability to Host Private Storm Sessions • Improved Duplicate Idea Finder • Automatic Archiving system
  11. 11. Lessons Learned: • Be a Good (Committed) Host • Platform, programs and people need to evolve • A distributed team needs to be on point to evaluate & evolve ideas • Signaling to the community improves value of process & outcomes • Realistic Expectations: Big wins are few, incremental innovation is core value • Ideas require a network to evolve and thrive IdeaStorm Future Roadmap: • Ideation Woven into all Dell Social Touchpoints • Storm Projects - Project Sputnik • Federated Ideation • 3D Ideation • Ideas Commons
  12. 12. Ideation Management Process 11 1. Ideas Submitted - Shaped via Challenges & Storm Sessions 2. Ideas Processed - CM Ensures Ideas Acknowledged & Triaged (24 hours) - Ideas w/ vote count of 100+ move forward. 3. Ideas Acted Upon - Idea Partners own team assessment, communication and response. ! ! ! ! Idea Partner Comm. Mgr. Idea Partner ! Idea Partners Idea Partners PG Starbucks best practice BU ! !
  13. 13. Autodesk Pier 9 & Artist in Residence
  14. 14. GE: firstbuild
  15. 15. Unconference as an Innovation Catalyst Unconference is based on Open Space Technology. ▪ Facilitator drives agenda creation ▪ Participants drive topics and outcomes ▪ Knowledge captured throughout sessions Public ▪ Online Community Unconference East (NYC) ▪ Online Community Unconference West (Silicon Valley) ▪ Online Community Business Forum ▪ Mobile Communities Unconference ▪ Green Enterprise Unconference Dell ▪ Dell SMaC Talk Unconference – Austin, July 2010 ▪ Dell SMaC Talk Unconference – Bangalore, March 2011 ▪ Dell SMaC Talk Unconference – November, July 2011
  16. 16. Project-Based Innovation Communities
  17. 17. Jovoto Jovoto is a crowdsourcing platform with a global creative community of over 80k members. The community can produce a range of things, from next generation business plans to production-ready product design.
  18. 18. Leadership & Community Management “Open innovation naturally attracts a certain type of creative who are more likely to engage in collaboration in a different way. To nurture this even more, we reward certain behaviours that creates the culture which we want. Creatives who collaborate with and give great feedback to others, have opportunities to win special awards. We also have a team of creative guides who know the client and the community who also give feedback on ideas, as well as support and encourage the creatives. All of this contributes to the unique and supportive culture within our community.”
  19. 19. Jovoto’s Process
  20. 20. CrowdSmart creates a means to predict startup success factors by engaging an expert community of investors to score and provide critical feedback to early stage startups. “Collective Intelligence significantly outperforms individual expert intelligence at predicting the success of a new products, services and startups.” CrowdSmart Tom Kehler Chief Scientist @ CrowdSmart
  21. 21. The most common limiting factors to Crowdsourcing initiatives are one, or a combination, of the following: 1. Engaging the right crowd: Perhaps the most critical challenge in crowdsourcing is finding, and then engaging, the members of the crowd with the knowledge, skill and motivation to participate. Without domain knowledge and skill crowdsourcing produces only low quality results. Without motivation, you have unrealized potential. 2. Creating an iterative development process: One of the early corporate adopters of crowdsourcing, Dell’s Ideastorm, learned early on that creating an experience that solicits ideas without giving the community the ability to refine and evolve the ideas is a waste of time. After collecting over 10,000 ideas in the first 2 years of IdeaStorm, Dell was left with 9,750 that couldn’t be implemented, causing frustration for the company and their crowd. By introducing multi-staged challenges dubbed “Storm Sessions”, Dell was able to source and develop products with their crowd, most notably Project Sputnik, the first Linux-based laptop for developers. 3. Developing short and long-term feedback loops: The process and infrastructure required to support short-term feedback loops is difficult and labor intensive, requiring personal interactions and manual data management. Longer term feedback loops that include market data are currently next to impossible. 4. Creating intelligence from crowd data: The amount of data a typical crowdsourcing initiative produces is overwhelming, and managing this data to create knowledge and insight, even moreso. Consider the amount of manual processing and scoring overhead associated with the 25,000+ ideas in the previously mentioned Dell IdeaStorm example. Lessons Learned from CrowdSmart (so far)
  22. 22. Ideation & Planning Exercise
  23. 23. EXERCISE: Page 1 10 min 5 min 5 min 5 min Please Note: The worksheet is a paper artifact used during the workshop. To request a copy, please email
  24. 24. 10 min New Subscription Product Co-create a new subscription model for vacations Participate in ~6 week virtual design sprint Rate ideas Vote on final Partner Jovoto supplies platform, expertise and design community. Manages process Attracted by partner and Co promos adds to creative & idea pool 10 min EXERCISE: Page 2
  25. 25. END