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Slides from Reputation Across Contexts - SxSW11

Panel presentation w/ Randy Farmer at SxSW. Most of the smart content is Randy's. Check out his blog / book with Bryce Glass here:

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Slides from Reputation Across Contexts - SxSW11

  1. 1. Online Reputation in (andacross) Context(s)Randy Farmer - @frandallfarmerBill Johnston - @billjohnston
  2. 2. State of Web ReputationBest (& Worst) PracticeReputation @ DellFireside Chat2 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  3. 3. Introduction Largely immature space Lots of research & theory, fewer practice examples, even fewer successes No comprehensive framework (Randy will unpack this) Between context-specific and extended (multiple-context) systems, there are opportunities, as long as you play by the rules3 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  4. 4. The State of Web Reputation4 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  5. 5. Also available free on the companion blog & wiki at Global Marketing
  6. 6. [Web] Reputation defined Reputation is information used to make a value judgment about an object or a person. Global Marketing
  7. 7. The Reputation Statement Global Marketing
  8. 8. People reputation is karma, and it is special Karma is user reputation within a context Karma is useful for building trust between users, and between a user & site Karma can be an incentive for participation and contributions Karma is contextual and has limited utility globally. Karma comes in several flavors - Participation, Quality and Robust Karma is complex (via indirect evaluations), and formulation is often opaque Personal karma is displayed only to the owner, good for measuring progress Corporate karma is used by the site to find the very best and worst users Public karma is displayed to others, which makes it the hardest to get right It should be used sparingly It is hard to understand, isnt expected, and easily confused with content ratings. It shouldnt be have a socially negative value. It encourages competition in some users, and may discourage others. Global Marketing
  9. 9. Global karma? We need it, right? Global Marketing
  10. 10. Case study: FICO as global karma Global Marketing
  11. 11. The Competitive Spectrum Global Marketing
  12. 12. Web reputation: motivation & incentive Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely Market vs. Social incentives Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic rewards The model from BWRS is similar Altruistic Commercial Egocentric Global Marketing
  13. 13. Reputation display [disclosure!] Three levels of reputation display Public Visible to God, Google, and Everyone. i.e.: Number of twitter friends. Private Only the owner can (or cares to) see it. i.e.: Blog/Book Sales analytics. Corporate Secret to only the company. i.e.: IP address is-spammer reputation. Global Marketing
  14. 14. Motivation vs Competition Global Marketing
  15. 15. What does reputation measure? Inputs - Quantitative vs. Qualitative It’s not always about numbers Karma computation categories Participation (aka Quantity) Quality (aka Search Rank) Robust (aka Hybrid) Global Marketing
  16. 16. Scale matters! Global Marketing
  17. 17. Best (& Worst) Practice Examples17 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  18. 18. Good, in context, example:StackOverflows quality karma Global Marketing
  19. 19. StackOverflows quality karma contd. Global Marketing
  20. 20. StackOverflows participation badges Global Marketing
  21. 21. StackOverflows [largely ignored] leaderboard Global Marketing
  22. 22. Xbox Live Global Marketing
  23. 23. Honestly?[.com] Not! Global Marketing
  24. 24. Karma as Currency?HipHop Rules the Interweb! Global Marketing
  25. 25. Klout 2 5 Global Marketing
  26. 26. Online Reputation at Dell: WIPCase Study26 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  27. 27. Social Strategy = portfolio in social presence.27 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  28. 28. ExternalVision: Communities External External Community CommunityVibrantcommunities Customerinside & out Communities External Customer Communities External Community Community-InternalCommunities of Promoter & VIP Promoters & VIPsPractice Communities-Exclusive Promoter& VIP Communities Internal Dell Experts-Segment-based Communities of Reputation Dell driveCustomer Practice system across Community of Practice communityCommunities contexts. engagement.-Priority “Outpost”Communities Community Management & Moderation Community Platform & Community Platform Operations Insights, Measure SCRM & Social ment & Social e-commerce Analytics & Insight Profile Data28 Confidential Global Marketing
  29. 29. Reputation Goals• Common vocabulary about online reputation at Dell.• Comprehensive and consistent design patterns• Centralized system that supports multiple contexts: – On Domain – Federated / Partner – Social Web29 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  30. 30. Reputation in Context External Karma: Aggregate Community accreditations, achievements and graph Content: Recommendations & External comments Community Customer Karma: Highlight Topic Experts Communities, B Content: Promote content, verified logs, Wikis answers, bury abusive comments External Community Advocates Karma: Surface fans, reward advocacy Content: Promote advocacy content Internal Karma: Identify internal experts Reputation in context is a Communities Content: Promote Dell-expert content necessary tool. Reputation shared across all meaningful contexts is a game-changer.30 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  31. 31. Reputation System: Key Areas Topics & Topic Expert as key opportunities Evaluation of content (for improvement & highlighting) Recognize contributors via quality Karma, based on roll up content reputation Encourage specific behaviors from all members by property > context > topic area Incent based on participation karma (badges) Social media integration (inherited reputation) Leverage social graphs, “likes” and content31 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  32. 32. Fireside Chat!32 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  33. 33. Q: Why is there no Central Reputation Scrutinizer?33 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  34. 34. Q: Why can’t online reputation translate into $$$?34 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  35. 35. Q: Why not have absolute karma scores?35 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing
  36. 36. Your Questions?36 Online Reputation in (and across) Context(s) Global Marketing