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Tie Social Media to Your Bottom Line

Presentation for my panel session from Digital PR Next Practices Summit - 2/16/12 in San Francisco

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Tie Social Media to Your Bottom Line

  1. 1. Tie Social Media to YourBottom LineBill Johnston - @BillJohnstonDirector of Global Online Community
  2. 2. Agenda• An ecosystem approach• Goal-setting• The value of social media• Measurement• Dell’s Findings re: ROI• Final thoughts2 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  3. 3. The Simple Truth:Business is inherently social. Global Marketing
  4. 4. Mass Social MediaDell’s Social Vision:An ecosystem of value. ExternalA rich set of programs, platforms & Networktools to create business value, capturebusiness intelligence and foster External Networkcustomer advocacy.External Networks “Outpost”Priority external social networks where HostedDell establishes a maintained presence. External Communities Network Support CommunityCustomer Communities Mastery & UseHosted “on domain” communities where AffinityDell builds valuable relationships over Ideationtime. Community experience & social data tie together via social profile & social fabric.Extranets ExtranetsSocial spaces where Dell & Customers Salescommunicate and collaborate privately. CAP RockstarsCommunity PlatformPowers Dell’s forums, wikis, blogs and Collaborationideas. RMS & Member Profile.ListeningEnables monitoring and response on the Community Platformglobal social web.User Hub / Social Profile ListeningAggregation of customer social profiledata. User Hub / Social ProfileAnalytics & InsightsData, reporting, insights and analysis ofstreams of social customer data. Social Global Marketing CRM Analytics & Insights
  5. 5. OGST Explained (Visually) 5 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  6. 6. Example OGST: Dell’s Social Advocacy ProgramObjectives Establish and deepen relationships with Dell Realize mutual value from Give Advocates a seat at building relationships with the Dell table to represent advocates on the social out customers the Voice of the Customer Web Improved health of Increased userGoals Social Advocacy xyz# of members on-domain contributions to program in Social Advocacy Increase positive communities as satisfaction of 95% program by end of sentiment by XZ% measured by CHI properties as based on survey FY12 to XYZ measured by XYZStrategies Develop Advocate Promote and embed Implement Social Programmatically Demonstrate the program and Social Advocacy Advocacy programs engage and activate business value of operational across Dell at business level Dell Social Advocates Advocacy program framework Determine coreTactics Determine Social Build executive level Build business case Build benefit stack to metrics for Social deck evangelizing and value proposition Advocate activities incent desired Social Advocacy program business value of for Social Advocate most valuable to Dell Advocate activities health and business Social Advocacy program impact Identify key social Build resourcing Identify and Identify opportunities Plan Social Advocate touchpoints for Dell model for operations aggregate data and for Social Advocacy communications and customers and and sustained measurement programs across Dell rhythm of business prospects engagement sources Global Marketing
  7. 7. Social Media is valuable across the entire customer lifecycle. • Insight: Social media improves Dell’s reach and share of voice • Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and improves loyalty. • Insight: Established causality• Insight: Social media based Our External between social media activity Communities Communities support improves sentiment and purchase and significantly reduces operating expenses • Insight: Social Media provides high Business Value and contributes to demand gen lift Global Marketing
  8. 8. Measurement• Value has to be expressed in Value can be: the context of your • Direct Sales organization. • Indirect (Relationship) Sales Support• Value will be multi- • Lead Generation (lead mining) dimensional. • Cost Reduction• There in no single silver • Influence on Purchase bullet. (no shortcuts) • Advocacy • Share of Voice / Presence • Content Creation • Customer / Market Insights • Impacts to CSR / Sustainability Initiatives Global Marketing
  9. 9. Social Media ROI:Popular assertions/beliefs vs. Dell findings to date:Popular notions about Social Our FindingsMediaWorks only for Consumer Impacts each of the Dell Businesses: Consumer, Public, SMB, LE and ServicesRelevant only for “top of the funnel” – good for Impacts every part of the marketing funnel.brand awareness, not effective at acquisition Being harnessed for lead gen and driving conversionCannot impact Brand building Social listening, support and research content establishes brand credibility. Can be measured (Social Net Advocacy)Social Media ROI cannot be measured as a Run-the-business metrics can be applied onbusiness metric – is more like PR – can “assist”, Social Media and integrated into businessbut cannot be tied to revenue operations. Has been tied to Consideration and Revenue Global Marketing
  10. 10. Final Thoughts• Invest the time in goal-setting. Fuzzy goals = incoherent strategy.• Express value in the vocabulary of your organization.• Think about analytics as you build, not after.• Many Executives care about quarterly financial performance. Make them also care about sustainable value.10 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  11. 11. Thank You!Recommended Resources Contact Info• “The Power of Pull” – Hagel • & Brown • @BillJohnston• “Measure What Matters” – • Paine• “Engage” (2nd Ed.) – Brian Solis• #TheCR, #octribe, #cmtych at tags11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. 12. END12 Confidential