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Sample of RSLogix 5000 Tag Arrays

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Those who attended our 3 day PLC training class (a prerequisite for the ControlLogix training) at and added me to their linkedin connections, get all the training material from RSLogix 5000 class (PAC Training) for free in the area at the bottom of my LinkedIn profile. Just wanted to let all who took our PLC training, the PAC training is yours for free as yet another way to say Thank You and encourage you to continue your education.

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Sample of RSLogix 5000 Tag Arrays

  1. 1. ADAPTING TO THE CONTROLLOGIX PAC These are sample slides from presentation for 2010 ControlLogix PAC Seminar. Customers who receive our PAC Training also received the full version of this PowerPoint with Instructor notes included. See to learn more about our PLC training.Copyright 2009 Business Industrial Network
  2. 2. Total number of elements = 3 Total number of elements 2 * 4 = 8For an array with two dimensions,tag_name[subscript_0,subscript_1], subscript_0 is held fixed at 0while subscript_1 increments from 0 to its maximum value.Subscript_0 then increments by 1 (if dimension 0 is greater than 1)and is held fixed while subscript_1 increments through its rangeagain. This pattern continues until both subscripts reach theirmaximum value.
  3. 3. Total number of elements 2 * 4 * 3 = 24 For an array with three dimensions :tag_name[subscript_0, subscript_1, subscript_2], subscript_0 is held fixed at 0 while subscript_1 and subscript_2 increment just like a two- dimensional array. Subscript_0 then increments by 1 (if dimension 0 is greater than 1) and is held fixed until subscript_1 and subscript_2 reach their maximum values. This pattern continues until all three subscripts reach their maximum values.
  4. 4. For more Industrial Training … Go To todayCopyright 2009 Business Industrial Network