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Marketing Research driven by Web-2.0 Technology

Introducing a faster and affordable business research platform that is going to revolutionize the way organizations gather critical information and feedback from people. EasyResearchPro-MR is India's first online interactive information gathering tool that uses “dialogue method” to extract detailed information, insights and feedback from people. This smart platform can be easily customized to handle the specific requirements of organizations.

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Marketing Research driven by Web-2.0 Technology

  1. 1. NEED HELP …For conducting Marketing Research studies. CONSTRAINTS • Manpower : Nil • Time : Less • Cost : Low • Coverage : Worldwide No Problem... HELP IS AT HAND !
  2. 2. Introducing… India’s first Web-2.0 Business Research tool Helps organizations directly interact with Customers, Employees &Others across Geographies & Time zones to gather Information, Insights & Feedback - in Faster, Economical & Convenient ways.
  3. 3. Business Research AutomatedReach out to your target audience andsocial network followers - Invite them tointeract with you at their convenienceEngage them in a conversation -Showcase them your products andconcepts to evoke responses . Possibilities :Probe them further to gather detailed  Focus Group Discussionsinformation and deeper insights.  In-depth Interviews  Brainstorming sessions  Surveys  Dipsticks  Polls  Panel based studies  Tracking studies
  4. 4. Unbeatable Benefits : Online Edge: (When compared to offline methods) o 24 x 7 Functionality o Direct interaction (Dialogue method) Save substantially on Cost, Time and Manpower. o Better respondent involvement o Social media integration facility Access your targets anywhere, anytime, from your desktop o User generated content sharing o Multi media streaming Gather Qualitative & Quantitative data in a single session o Private messaging (PM) o Single and multi-session options Reach out to hard-to- reach target segments. o Anonymous participation o Higher quality &reliability of data Remotely monitor research sessions o Confidentiality & security of data o Instant transcripts, tables & charts
  5. 5. Other Key Features: Facilities :  Self service (DIY) facility  No software download is required  Hybrid Research (Qual & Quant combined)  Supports thought stimulation tools & methods  Third Party Embedded content display  Synchronous & Asynchronous participation  Automated project management tools  Database/Panel integration  Multi-lingual support  Customizable and upgradable  White label/Custom branding options
  6. 6. Some Areas of Application Customer Satisfaction /Loyalty /Experience -Studies Employee Engagement / Satisfaction - Studies New Product /Concept / Package – Tests Insight /information /Feedback gathering Advertising Copy / Concepts -Tests Tracking studies / Panel based –Studies And many more... Industries served Banking & Financial Services FMCG Cosmetics & Personal care Retail Media & Entertainment Automobile Hotel & Hospitality Telecom & ISP Pharma & Healthcare Travel & Tourism
  7. 7. Moderated Discussions : Traditional Vs Online Cost components Cost implications Cost implications Traditional Online Venue Hiring Applicable Nil Travel -Moderator/ Client Applicable Nil Boarding -Moderator/ Client Applicable Nil Transcription Applicable Nil Video recording Applicable Nil Miscellaneous expense Applicable Nil Software tool rental Not Applicable Applicable Moderator’s fee Applicable ApplicableNote :  As many as 35-40 participants can be accommodated in an Asynchronous online discussion thereby leading to better validation of findings.  Online method ensures about 70% savings on both Cost & Time when compared to Offline methods.
  8. 8. EasyResearchPro – A walk through.
  9. 9. The Users: Pre-defined UsersINTERNAL USERS ( Conductors ) EXTERNAL USERS ( Participants ) Administrator The key person who administers and controls the research Moderator The one who interacts with the participants and gathers information . Respondents Observers The participants who People who are authorized to monitor take part in the the discussion process . research.
  10. 10. The Research Process: Steps InvolvedSTEP -1 The observers can anonymously monitorRespondents join the the entire discussionsdiscussion by clicking on and interact with thethe participation link (a moderator throughunique url) that they Respondents private messaging (PM) Observersreceived by email. Flow of communicationSTEP -2 STEP -3Moderator scans throughthe participants’ responses On completion of the interactiveand starts a discussion with session ,Moderator downloads thethem by asking additional data ,tables ,charts & transcripts forquestions (Probes) . further analysis. Moderator
  11. 11. Respondent’s Interface : Interactive information gatheringFeatures:- Dialogue / Discuss link -Multimedia steaming- Status bar- Private Messaging- Online status indicator - Profile page
  12. 12. Discussions & Moderation: Respondent – Moderator dialogue Answer box with rich text formatting Moderators ProbeFeatures:-Text box with formatting options-Emoticons-File sharing option
  13. 13. Moderators Interface: Individual and Group interactionsFeatures:-Probe / Discuss link-Discussion Schedule-Viewing respondents-Viewing transcripts- Private Messaging- Online status indicator - Profile page
  14. 14. Multi-media streaming: Audio-visual Aids for Thought stimulation Question with Audio clip Question with Video clip Question with ImagesFeatures:-Image-Video-Audio aids--Documents sharing--Social image Video-Thought stimulants
  15. 15. Multi-media streaming: Questions with Embedded content Presentation slides - Documents - PDF Embedded Videos- (slide share) (Scribed) ( YouTube) Social image sharing-Features: ( Pinterest)-Third party -embedded content display-Slide share Presentations-Scribed Documents- Pinterest Images-YouTube Videos , etc..
  16. 16. Quantitative tools : Hybrid Research combines Qualitative & Quantitative M R Survey Form Poll Question and ResultsFeatures:-Survey fields-Poll fields-Formatting options
  17. 17. Analysis: Tables - Charts - Analysis Submission details Analysis Tabulated data Charts & GraphsFeatures:- Data downloadable in multiple formats for analysis
  18. 18. Transcripts download: Automatic Transcripts generation Transcript - By Questions Transcript - By RespondentsFeatures:- Downloadable in PDF formats- Date &Time stamps on each response
  19. 19. Other Features: Multi lingual capabilities , Unique Login link generation Multi language interface Automatic E-mail Invitation … And a host of add on features to explore more !Features:-Supports most of the Indian and Foreign languages
  20. 20. The Solutions Provider: An OverviewRightrack came into being when a group of marketing research and IT professionalsjoined hands together with a vision to develop innovative and cost effective onlinebusiness research solutions that leverage the power of Web-2.0 technology .At Rightrack, we offer comprehensive and affordable online business research solutionsand customized research tools to Marketing Research service providers. We also provideDIY (Do-IT-Yourself) research tools & services to the end users of Marketing Research.The TeamThe core team is composed of a group of seasoned professionals who have worked withnational and international companies in Marketing Research, Social Research, Advertisingand Information technology .
  21. 21. The Offer: Products & Services Research Tools : Other Services : Easy Research Pro – MR  Application development Easy Research Pro – HR  Application customization Research Services :  Service support & Training Online Marketing research Online Focus groups moderation Discussion guide development Report compilation Marketing Research consultancy
  22. 22. THANK YOU ! For more information or a demo, contact us at: Email: or Visit: Contact Person : Binu Zachariah Email : Phone : +91 94449 45884Rightrack is a “green company” which contributes towards the reduction of carbon footprints