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CRAASH Barcelona Presentation

  1. 1 #CRAASHBcn
  2. 2 • What is CRAASH Barcelona? • What is in it for me? • Application Process OVERVIEW
  3. 3 What is CRAASH Barcelona? WHAT IS CRAASH
  4. Biocat has experience in accelerating healthcareprojects and developing talent since 2008. Combining its expertise in the life sciences andhealthcareindustry along with its international network, Biocat has successfully: BIOCAT • Accelerated 96 life sciences projects • Generated 300 new job positions • Invested €11M in +300 programs attended by +2.300 students ACCELERATED 96 LIFE SCIENCES PROJECTS GENERATED 300 NEW JOB POSITIONS INVESTED +€11M IN +300 PROGRAMS ATTENDED BY +2.300 STUDENTS
  5. NEEDS Driven Innovation TECHNOLOGY Enabled Innovation NEW 5 YEARS PARTNERS:PARTNERS: MOEBIO INITIATIVE In 2013, Biocat launched Moebio an initiative that brings together diferent acceleration programs, two of them included within the EIT Health portfolio:
  6. EIT HEALTH, THE KEY PARTNER IN EUROPE A truly European network for opportunities and growth More than 140 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare, such as pharma, medtech, payers, research institutions and universities Relevant role of Biocat within the three pillars of EIT Health activity:  Campus  Business creation  Innovation
  7. An infrastructure to enable inter-institutional collaboration National and international affiliates A Center of Innovation CIMIT is a clinically-based consortium of Boston-area hospitals and engineeringschools, which have successfullyaccelerated over 600 healthtech projects, doubled the rate of successful commercialization and reduced the time to next phase by more than half. CIMIT, A KEY PARTNER OF BIOCAT Founders and members
  8. CRAASH Barcelona complements the TTO research centers models CRAASH = Commercialization Readiness Assessment and Accelerator for Solutions in Healthcare 600+ projects accelerated • 60+ industry partners • 76+ active projects • 70+ companies formed • >$ 1.1 Billion industry support Main results: • Start-ups: 64% • 25 teams in 2 years • Fast kills: 28% • Investments: >$20 M, $15 M (75%) in teams that made a major pivot CRAASH BARCELONA
  9. • 12-week acceleration program, in 3 phases, for 8 international teams • International validation in EU and US • Go to market in under 3 to 5 years • Learning by doing methodology with top-experienced mentors from CIMIT (Boston), the most experienced health accelerator in the world CRAASH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM
  10. CRAASH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM P H A S E I P R O G R A M D E L I V E R Y April – June, 2018 P H A S E I I E U R O P E A N M A R K E T V A L I D A T I O N July – Sept, 2018 P H A S E I I I B O S T O N N E T W O R K I N G A N D V A L I D A T I O N Oct – Nov, 2018
  11. CRAASH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM • Identifying Users, Buyers & Influencers • Stakeholder Interviewing • Defining clinical Needs; Value Proposition • Regulatory • Reimbursement • Intellectual Property • Business Models • Business Economics • Bringing it all together • Pitching Web- meeting sessions (8 weeks) Barcelona Kick-Off (2 days) P H A S E I P R O G R A M D E L I V E R Y April – June, 2018
  12. CRAASH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM Road-trip to Yes!Delft (3 days) Road-trip to Medicen Paris (3 days) P H A S E I I E U R O P E A N M A R K E T V A L I D A T I O N July – Sept, 2018 • Deep understanding on the local ecosystems and stakeholders (Paris and Delft) • Investigate the market potential in the EU • Validate clinical need and verify regulatory and reimbursement • Networking with KOLs
  13. CRAASH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM Bonus: Boston immersion program (3 weeks) Boston close-out (2 days) P H A S E I I I B O S T O N N E T W O R K I N G A N D V A L I D A T I O N Oct – Nov, 2018 • Teams pitching to the Boston ecosystem • Networking with KOLs • For 2 selected teams: Boston immersion program (3 weeks)
  14. What is in it for me? CRAASH BARCELONA
  15. BENEFITS FOR THE PARTICIPANTS TRAINING NETWORK ACCELERATION  Top researchers  Knowledge Technology Offices/Technology Transfer Offices  EU: EIT Health  US: CIMIT  Feasibility test  Time efficient program
  16. BENEFITS FOR THE PARTICIPANTS NO COST FOR THE PROJECTS Value of the program: 20,000 € /team EQUITY-FREE PROGRAM + 9,000€ / team covering travellingand accommodation expenses
  17. COMMITMENT REQUIRED FOR THE PROGRAM KICK OFF 16 – 17 April BARCELONA WEBINARS ROADTRIPS 8 May – 26 June Every Tuesday – 16:00 – 18:00 9-11 July – PARIS 24-26 Sept – DELFT 11-12 Oct – BOSTON Readings,videos, interviews (10 interviews / week)
  18. • Top-notch technology in HealthTech (Diagnostic, Devices, and e/DigitalHealth) Drug Discovery not included • Emerging from research centers,health research institutes and universitiesfrom the BioRegionof Catalonia and other European ecosystems • Healthcare Innovation cycle stage/Technology Readiness Level 3-4: • Proofof Concept: key component conceptsvalidated inmodelsand value propositionarticulated • Proofof Feasibility: feasibilityofwhole solutiondemonstrated in models and value for key stakeholders • Addressedto research projectsnot yet incorporatedor established companieslooking for an applicationinhealthcareand/or searching/validatingtheir businessmodel CALL FOR PROJECTS
  19. • Focuses on the available technologyoptions • 25% timecommitment • Researcher Technical Lead Clinical Lead Entrepreneurial Lead • Focuses on the medicaland healthcaredeliveryissues • 25% timecommitment • Practicingphysician, clinicaldepartment manager, from a hospitalor a Integrated Health Organization(OSI) • Focuses on the overall businessobjectives, customer definition, businessplan, etc. • 50% timecommitment • Different profiles: researcher, TTO/OTRI/ Innovation person from the hospital, entrepreneur, etc. TEAM COMPOSITION
  20. Participating projects will finish the program with a Craash Cart Toolkit: OUTCOMES FOR THE PARTICIPATING PROJECTS 1. Business Model Canvas validated 2. Pitch deck 3. Basic financial projections 4. Roadmap (for the next steps) 5. Killer Questions and Experiments
  21. 21 Application Process HOW TO APPLY
  22. START OF THE PROGRAM CIMIT SELECTION CALL FOR PROPOSALS 1 2 3 12 FEBRUARY – 11 MARCH 12 – 16 MARCH 16 APRIL • Central online EIT Health application (OPTIMY) • CIMIT evaluates teams/projects and does the final selection of the teams • 8 international selected teams start the program in a kick-off in Barcelona ROADMAP APPLICATION