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Design Health Barcelona Presentation 2019

  1. d·HEALTH Barcelona #dHEALTHbcn 2019
  2. NEEDS Driven Innovation TECHNOLOGY Driven Innovation NEW 5 YEARS PARTNERS:PARTNERS: MOEBIO INITIATIVE In 2013, Biocat launched Moebio an initiativethat brings together diferent acceleration programs, two of them included within the EIT Health portfolio: TRAINING Medtech focus
  3. d·HEALTH BARCELONA: THE PROGRAM  A 9-month full-time postgraduate program  From January to November (Graduation Day, October 30th)  EIT HEALTH: Clinical Innovation Fellowship THE PROGRAM  LEITMOTIV: Experience a full cycle of innovation in lifescience  Main goals:  Develop talent  Powerful projects  Strong ecosystem GOALS
  4. Disrupting the traditional educational model
  5. Joining successful methodologies to enrich medtech innovation BIODESIGN CREATIVE LEADERSHIPLEAN STARTUP A process to innovate in medtech A methodology to being less wasteful and still doing things that are big An approach to leading & soft skills
  6. MULTIPLE INPUTS, THEN FILTER FILTER1 FILTER2 BRAINST ORMING 1.1. Need Finding 1.2. Need Screeening 2.1. Concept Generation 2.2. Concept Selection PROJECT
  7. THE NEEDS: AN ECOSYSTEMIC PROGRAM 30% Hospitalimprovement needs 10% Scientificdiscovery needs Business needs60% Start-up Opportunities 170 15 1
  8. Discovering, understanding & reformulating unmet clinical needs to transform them into valuable knowledge The teams develop a deep analysis on the final top 12 needs selected Information included in the report:  Definition of the problem (data on prevalence, incidence…)  Clinical impact (cost of the clinical problem…)  Analysis on the current solutions (analysis of current treatments, risk and benefits of each of them, unmet needs of the current solutions, weaknesses of the current treatments and potential opportunities of innovation…)  Stakeholder analysis THE NEEDS
  9. ONE OF THE 4 BIODESIGN PROGRAMS IN EUROPE Ireland Barcelona Denmark Sweden INNOVATION FLAGSHIP PROGRAMS OF EIT HEALTH  Exchanges of fellows between programs  Network at European level  Interactions with fellows and alumni with experience in the field
  10. BENEFITS AND OUTCOMES FOR THE PARTICIPANTS • A holistic understanding of the healthcareindustry • Start-up and business skills plus leadershipdevelopment • Prototyping (MVP) showcasing and fundraising hands-onexperience • A global network of accelerators,partners, mentors and potential customers • Exposure& connections to BAs, VCs and potential clients in Europeand beyond
  11. OUTCOMES OF 5 EDITIONS 50 fellows5 editions 12 projects 5 ongoing projects 4 hospitals 11 clinical areas 1 product in the market 120 people trained
  12. 11 CLINICAL AREAS IN 5 YEARS Cardiology Endocrinology, Diabetes, Nutrition Gynaecology & Obstetrics Neonatology Functional Rehabilitation Gastroenterology & Hepatology Nephrology & Urology Ophthalmology RespiratoryBrain damage Rehabilitation General surgery
  13. COMPANIES RECRUITING OUR FELLOWS 90% of our fellows find a job in the healthcare sector right after the program
  15. Enlarging the impact to new hospitals 4 hospitals in the loop with the aim of having 6 in a rotation model NEW
  16. NEEDS REPORT 1st ROW SEATS PREMIUM Needs prospect report Consultancy (fellows and d·HEALTH team) Seats in Top 12 and Top 50 meetings Private interaction with d·HEALTH team and hospital professionals Choose clinical area Access to the needs identified on a weekly basis (250-300 needs) Feedback of the needs by the Fellowship Director Opportunity to follow the final selected project by the fellows Short programs training and Brand recognition Collaboration opportunities
  17. PREMIUM - A pilot experience in 2018 CLINICAL AREA • Choose clinical area of interest to study during the program in one of the three hospitals of 2018 edition (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Hospital Clínic, Hospital Vall d’Hebron) NEEDS • Access to 250-300 needs • Feedback of the needs by the Fellowship Director (MIT fellow, US-based) • Follow-up with the fellows TRAINING • Access for two people to “Short Programs VISIBILITY • In all Moebio d·HEALTH marketing materials NETWORK • Relevant stakeholders and KOLs • Access to talent
  18. FIRST ROW SEATS OTHER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BRAND RECOGNITION TRAINING • Attendance to Top 50 and Top 12 meetings between the fellows and the healthcare professionals and Private interaction with them • Invitations to attend 5 sessions of the training package opened to the ecosystem: the Short Programs • Visibility in all d·HEALTH marketing materials (website, leaflets, e-mailings, social media, press releases and events)
  19. NEEDS REPORT - Neurorehabilitation post-ictus needs Need statement • A way to early differentiate between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in the ambulance in order to reduce the following effects • A way to measure neurons death in stroke patients circulation in order to predict recovery Problem analysis • A way to alert high risk patients that they are suffering an infarct in order to start treatment faster, reducing mortality