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Social Media Timeline Cover Dimensions

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Social Media Timeline Cover Dimensions - This Infographic gives you the sizes of the timeline cover pictures that you are allowed to us on your social media profile. The graphic includes: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. I hope this will help you when setting up your profiles.

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Social Media Timeline Cover Dimensions

  1. 1. Social Media Profile Image Size Cheat Sheet 315px 851px Header 125 X 125 125px X 125px Profile Picture 2120px Header 1192px 250px X 250px Profile Picture 1252px 626px 500px X 500px Header Profile Picture 350px 1280px 220px 646px 200px x 200px (Min) 500px x 500px (Max) These sizes are correct at the time of making this cheat sheet. However, the social media platforms do have a tendency to change them from time to time. Out of our hands, sorry....! Profile Picture Header Header