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Start a Business Weekend

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Start A Business Weekend Virtual Showcase

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Start a Business Weekend

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Barry Kleiman The Entrepreneurs Source of Westchester 914-234-8622 The Entrepreneurs Source Invites Local Individuals to Attend "Start a Business Weekend" from the Comfort of Their Own Home or Office Event Takes Place March 23rd through 25thWestchester, NY (Grassroots Newswire) March 14, 2012 - Every month, more than a million Americanssearch online for a franchise or business opportunity. With that being said, Barry Kleiman of Westchester, abusiness coach with The Entrepreneurs Source, says, "Now, you can search for your next career move from thecomfort of your home or office by attending a virtual franchise showcase."Between March 23 and March 25, with just a few clicks of their mouse, Westchester-area individuals will beable to partake in a virtual showcase called "Start a Business Weekend." The event will allow attendees toenter a digital exhibit hall and "speak" live to representatives from many of the nations leading franchisecompanies; tune into live, interactive keynote presentations from industry experts and ask questions; and, gatherthe free resources available from among dozens of virtual business booths."Start a Business Weekend offers aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to discover business ownership from theirown computer," says Kleiman.Start a Business Weekend was initiated through a powerful partnership between The Entrepreneurs Source, anational franchise coaching network, and ON24, the global leader in virtual events and webcastingtechnologies. "This goes beyond anything thats available on the web," says Kleiman. "Were bridging thepower of information with the ease of gathering it, using innovative virtual technology and real-timecollaboration and networking with industry experts as a brand new way to fully explore the many differentbusiness opportunities available."This event is a self-guided "virtual only" event where attendees can engage in conversation with representativesfrom many different brands, learn how to finance their new business, download resource materials and videoson many business concepts into their virtual briefcase, and learn from live keynote presentations presentedacross the country."It is the greatest degree of information gathering, with access to so many business and franchise concepts andreal-time chat collaboration with key people – all weekend long," says Kleiman. "Each attendee will receive a60-day free pass to revisit the showcase to further their information gathering and research."The International Franchise Association (IFA) estimates that a new franchise business opens every eightminutes of every business day. There are approximately 3,000 different franchise businesses, with 825,000franchise businesses, across 300 business categories in the U.S. And, according to the IFA, the industryprovides nearly 18 million jobs and contributes over $2.1 trillion to the economy, accounting for approximately50 percent of all retail sales in the United States.
  2. 2. "Business owners have figured out how to become more self-sufficient and how to take control of their futures,"says Kleiman. "The traditional job market no longer offers the security that individuals and families need tolive well. Taking control of your life by becoming your own boss is now the new way to reach the Americandream of living with long-term financial freedom."To attend this free event or to find out more information about The Entrepreneurs Source, contact BarryKleiman at 914-234-8622, or The Entrepreneurs Source® (TES)The Entrepreneurs Source is North Americas leading career and Business Coaching Company dedicated to theentrepreneur with more than 230 offices in the United States and Canada. With its unique E-Source CoachAdvantage, E-Source offers a full range of services to individuals seeking alternate career options and tofranchise businesses looking to increase performance. Today, E-Source dominates the $1.5 billion dollarBusiness Coaching/Consulting franchise market in North America. TES has the unique distinction of beingranked in Entrepreneur Magazines top Franchise 500 for ten consecutive years, placing #130 in 2012. TES hasalso place on the prestigious top 100 lists in Entrepreneur Magazines "Fastest Growing Franchises", "TopGlobal Franchises", and "Top 101 Home Based Franchise. And for three consecutive years, Allbusiness.comlisted TES on the All Star Franchise Rankings at #53 for 2012. For more information about The EntrepreneursSource go to ###