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Conference programme

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Conference programme

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Conference programme

  1. 1. Friday29th August, 2014 Chiang Saen Hall, Centara Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai 08:00 Registration Desk Open 09:00-09:10 09:10-09:20 Welcome Address: Associate Professor Dr. Ploysri Porananond, Conference Chairperson Opening Address: Professor Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk, Vice President, Chiang Mai University 9.20-10.50 Keynote: Professor David Harrison, King’s College London, UK - Development Theory and Tourism in Developing Countries: What has Theory Ever Done for Us? Keynote: Professor Victor T. King, University of Leeds, UK- Tourism Research and Multidisciplinary Studies: Issues and Problems Moderator: Dr. Chayan Vaddhanaphuti, RCSD, Chiang Mai University 10.50-11.00 Coffee Break 11.00-12.30 The State and Tourism Development Planning Room: Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: T.C. Chang Steve Burns- Politics of the state. A critical analysis of the impact of government policy on local tourism development in Britain Leonard Barnett, Edward G. L. Carter- A Critical Analysis of Tourism, Development and the Discerning Traveler Keith Lehrer - Constraints to Sustainability in the Global Tourist Industry – Exploring the Dark Side in the Growth of International Tourism The Hospitality and Tourism Industry and the Hotel Sector Room: Chiang Saen 3 Chair: Andrea Zins Ahmad AlBattat, Ahmad Puad Mat Som- Proactive Emergency Planning: Lessons for Malaysia’s Hospitality Industry Kedwadee Sombiltawee, Panida Pumngengpumthong, Pimlada Mahaariyatip- The Obstacles and Key Success Factors of Small Hotel Management in Hua-Hin District, Prajuabkirikhan Province; Research to Create Grounded Theory Manit Pimparian-Age generational differences of operational level worker relationship to the turnover rate: case study of 5 stars hotels and resorts in Thailand Community-based Tourism Room: Chiang Saen 4 Chair: Stephen Witt Ming-HsunYeh- Community Tourism, Empowerment and Citizen Participation in Taiwan’s Policy Context Munesh Kumar- Sustainable Tourism Development through Community Based Strategic Planning and Marketing Phanaranan Sontiwanich and Chantinee Boonchai- Community-Based Tourism in Islamic Community; Case Study Bang Rong Village, Phuket Province Che Musa Che Omar, Noormuthaah Mohamad Ali Adaha, Hilyati Abdul Ghaffar, Amirul Imran Mohd Ali - Homestay Programme as Catalyst to Local Businesses: A Case Study on Banghuris Homestay, Malaysia 12.30-13.30 Lunch at Tawan Restaurant, Fl 2 13.30-15.00 Emerging Tourisms Room: Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: Victor T. King Kerstin DOHNAL-Bean 2 Bar: the Scenic Route to Regional Development? Li-Ju Chen- Volunteer tourism: Reboot the Linkage between Human and the Environment? Philip Xie, Kai Gu- Developing Industrial Heritage Tourism: The Transformation of the Auckland Waterfront, New Zealand Chadapa Sukkai, Weerapon Thongma, Bussaba Sitikarn - Creative Tourism: Keys for Sustainable Tourism Operation The State and Tourism Development Planning Room: Chiang Saen 3 Chair: Stephen Witt Nara Huttasin- Toward Tourism Development of the Isan region, Thailand Tatpicha Pombubpha-Tourism Buying Behaviour - Determinants of Choosing an Internal Flight in Thailand Mukesh Ranga- Harnessing the Potential of Museums in Energizing Tourism through Strategic Marketing Cafer Topaloglu, Nisan Benzergil Yozukmaz- Evaluation of 2023 Tourism Strategy of Turkey The Hospitality and Tourism Industry and the Hotel Sector Room: Chiang Saen 4 Chair: Keith Lehrer Sheng-HshiungTsaur, Jen-ShiuanOu, Wongladda Weerapaiboon - Utilization of Aesthetic Labor for Tourist Hotel Industry Ala`aNimer Abu Khalifeh, Ahmad Puad Mat Som- Restaurants Service Quality at Hotel Industry Wei-Hsin Tang, Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur - Development and validation of the hospitality aesthetic labor scale 14.45-15.00 Coffee Break
  2. 2. 15.00-17.00 The Hospitality and Tourism Industry and the Hotel Sector Room: Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: David Harrison Ploysri Porananond - Thainess and the use of Thainess in Luxury Chain Hotels in Phuket, Thailand Che Musa Che Omar, Noormuthaah Mohamad Ali Adaha, Hilyati Abdul Ghaffar, Amirul Imran Mohd Ali - Shariah Compliance in Hotel Operations Using Islamic Tourism Product Index Natnarin Sorot, Ilian Assenov - An Assessment of the Product and Services Targeting Middle East Tourists in Phuket, Thailand Jonathan C. De La Cerna- Triggers: Understanding Hospitality Employees’ Motivation Cultural and Ethnic Tourism Room: Chiang Saen 3 Chair: Steve Burns Le Thi Tho Quyen - Social Cultural Impacts of Tourism Development on Local Community. A Case Study of Dong HoaHiep Village, Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam Chananichar Suknan, Aaron Loh- Thai Visitors' Perception towards Tourism Product of Cultural Tourism: A Case Study of HuayMongkol Temple in Hua-Hin, Thailand Alexander Trupp - The Development of Ethnic Minority Souvenir Business over Time and Space Suwapat Junmeka - The Competitiveness: A Case Study of Donwai Floating Market, Sampran District, Nakornpathom Province Sasitsaya Saengphueng - Journey through the Holy Land: Exploring the Religious Discourse and Its Impacts on Tourism in Lamphun, Thailand Emerging Tourisms Room:Chiang Saen 4 Chair: Andrea Zins Bilqis Aulia, Indrazati Hanum, Intan K.R. Palupi- Urban Tourism: The Social Life Reality of Dipowinatan Village, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Chao-Chin Liu, Shu-min Chang, Chun-Yi Chang- A Study of the Impact Factors on Destination Choice of Sport Tourists Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Tuhina Ganguly- The Reverse Gaze: A Visual Ethnography R.C. Katiyar, Priyanka Pradhan - Sustainable Heritage Tourism Marketing through Intelligence ICT Solutions 19.00 Dinnerat Chiang Dao Hall
  3. 3. Saturday, 30th August 2014 Chiang Saen Hall, Centara Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai 09:00-09:45 Keynote : Professor Erik Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel- A Mobilities Approach to Tourism from Emerging World Regions 9.45-10.30 Keynote : Dr. T.C. Chang, National University of Singapore- Asia On Tour’: Asian Tourism Boom and A Boon For Research 10.30-10.45 Coffee Break 10.45-12.30 Cultural and Ethnic Tourism Room:Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: Victor T. King Shu Nimonjiya - Ethnic Relationship between the Mlabri and the Hmong in the Mlabri Ethnic Tourism Busaba Sitikarn - Ethnic Tourism: An Opportunity for Conservation and Poverty & Drug Reduction (A Case Study of Chiang Rai Province, Thailand) Emrullah TÖREN, Nazmi KOZAK - Homeland Visits of Diasporas: A Research on Germany Turkish Federation' S Cultural Tour to Turkey ChaninYoopetch, Kantatouj Amaranonta - Tourism Development of Buddhamonthon as the Religious Tourism Destination Community-based Tourism Room: Chiang Saen4 Chair:Mukesh Ranga Athitaya Pathan, Laddawan Jianvittayakit, Varintorn Viriyachaikul- An Approach for Creative Community-Based Tourism Development: A Case Study of Santikhiri Village, Chiang Rai, Thailand Atchira Tiwasing- Health Homestay Tourism Developing Guideline Paisarn Kanchanawong- What is the Most Important Information for Developing Homestay Reservation System? Narong Sikhiram- Development of Community-Based Agro-Tourism Destination:Community Collaboration at Ban Tha Ku 12.30-13.30 Lunchat Tawan Restaurant, Fl 2 13.30-15.00 The State and Tourism Development Planning Room: Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: David Harrison Chanin Yoopetch- Thailand’s Tourism Forecasting: Delphi Method Joseph Trolan -Tourism Marketing: Korea – An Inconsistent Brand Ida Yulianti, Yusuf Risanto- Tourism Branding Strategy of Inheritance Destination in Indonesia Ami Choi and Namjo Kim - The effects of risk perception on travel intention to destinations vulnerable to natural disasters in the age of climate change Emerging Tourism Room: Chiang Saen 4 Chair: Amporn Jirattikorn Craig Wheway- Medical Tourists in Thailand: Setting the Policy Framework Melda Magiafiatri- Examining Creative Tourism Potential in the City of Bandung, Indonesia Titiyawadee Punmanee-Social Class and Volunteer Tourism: Some Initial Thoughts Hsing-Ling Huang, Hsing-Hui Lin, Chen-Hsing Yang- Golf Event Sports Tourists: Behavioral Intentions and Perceptions of Service Quality, Value, Satisfaction, and Image 15.00-15.15 Coffee Break 15.15-17.00 The Hospitality and Tourism Industry and the Hotel Sector Room: Chiang Saen 1-2 Chair: T. C. Chang Charoenchai Agmapisarn- A Hedonic Pricing Analysis of Bangkok Hotel Room Rates Leonard Barnett, Edward G. L. Carter - Tourism, Diversity and Development: The Effects of Culture on Knowledge Management: Research from the Hospitality Industry Noppanon Homsud, Patcharin Phrarat, Nammon Intrawirat, Pattraporn Trongchookiat- The Quality of E-Mail Response of Hotel in Chiang Mai Yi Yue Zhong, Illian Assenov - The Role of Chinese Social Networking Services (SNS) for Non-Chinese Hotels: The Case of Hotels in Phuket, Thailand Samart Plangpramool - Human Capital and diversity Management: a case study of hotel business in thailand Emerging Tourism Room: Chiang Saen 4 Chair: Amporn Jirattikorn Rungnapha Khamung - A Study of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Conservation as a Means of Agritourism Destination Farm Development Mahdi Reyahi-Khoram- Ecotourism Atractions of Buqaty Mountain Area (BMA) in Hamedan province in Iran Noor Azimin Zainol, Janaga d/o Seladorai- International Students’ Satisfaction towards Cafeteria Foods: What Matters Most? A Content Analysis Approach 17.00 Farewell Address