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Bloomerang - Be Impossible to Ignore .pdf

  2. 2. Our Time WHAT'S UP NEXT What is Thought Leadership? Why Thought Leadership? The Perfect World Benefits of Thought Leadership Elements of Thought Leadership Thought Leadership Strategy Quick Start Plan Need Help?
  3. 3. Founder of Witness My Life 20+ years experience in story, marketing, public relations Speaker, trainer, author TEDxOcala Speaker - The Secret to Healing the World TEDxCharlotte Speaker Coach Featured in Essence, CEOWorld, Entrepreneur, Blavity, Forbes, The Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, Coastal Virginia, Inside Business Fractional CMO/CLO Teach marketing and technology at local community college Cicero Speechwriting Award winner
  4. 4. Respect WHAT WITNESS MY LIFE STANDS FOR Our single mission is to bring the world together one story at a time and to provide opportunities for people to S.E.E. (support, education, encourage) each other in order to get to a place of mutual respect. Witness My Life is a declaration and affirmation.
  5. 5. What is Thought Leadership?
  6. 6. It's the expression of ideas in an area of expertise.
  7. 7. Why Thought Leadership?
  8. 8. Often overlooked way to do MARKETING
  9. 9. Money Time Ads Printing Mailing Subscriptions Sponsorships Research Writing Speaking Pitching Creating Assets Networking Marketing Currency
  10. 10. Internal Newsletter Email List Website Social Media
  11. 11. It's the only thing you really own
  12. 12. The Perfect World
  13. 13. Experience Expertise Point of View Time Money Energy Perfect World Your Story/Message
  14. 14. Perfect World Your Story/Message Ally Hero Donor Board Member Volunteer Becomes G e t s I n s p i r e d
  15. 15. Benefits of Thought Leadership
  16. 16. Increase nonprofit profile/exposure Increase influence Increase opportunity Attract funding/partnerships Attract constituents Build trust and credibility Establish authority
  17. 17. Elements of Thought Leadership
  18. 18. Articles Speaking Influencer Marketing Awards/Accolades Content Marketing Forums/ERT/Panels Industry Research Infographics White Papers
  19. 19. Your Story SERVICES RELATIONSHIPS ADVERTISING Start here Did you start here?
  20. 20. POINT OF VIEW E X P E R I E N C E S EXPERTISE your story
  21. 21. Consistency Values Platform Charitable Focus Audience Value Proposition Authenticity Belief System your story THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
  22. 22. Thought Leadership Strategy
  23. 23. STRATEGY INTENT What programs/services need exposure? What do you want to gain? LEADERS Who will speak for the organization? AUDIENCE What audience supports the intent? Who do you need to be in front of? ASSETS & OUTCOME What do you need to create to set the plan in motion?
  24. 24. STRATEGY IN ACTION Executive Director of Domestic Violence/Homelessness Organization You come from an affluent family and your daughter was the victim of violence. You never saw this for your family. It ruined your relationship with your daughter. You saw how the kids were affected by violence and the court system. You vowed to be an advocate. Your organization serves a lot of women and children in the shelter. You also see an increased number of men as well as those from the LGBTQ community. You need more funding for children and in-kind donations for the shelter. PERSONAL STORY ORGANIZATION PROFILE Family violence Parenting with an abuser Abuse and the court system Domestic violence and work Grandparents affected by abuse PERSONAL STORY THEMES Children and shelter Serving underrepresented populations Men are abused too/Many faces of abuse Abuse is not gender-specific Abuse affects us all ORGANIZATIONAL THEMES
  25. 25. STRATEGY IN ACTION INTENT What programs/services need exposure? Get more exposure on children, underserved populations, and families LEADERS Who will speak for the organization? Executive Director Family Advocate Volunteer/Board Member AUDIENCE What audience supports the intent? Women's/Men's Health, Business Community, Parenting Community ASSETS & OUTCOME What do you need to create to set the plan in motion? Speaking topics Articles Video asset
  26. 26. STRATEGY IN ACTION Children and shelter: Growing Up Homeless: How Abuse is the Ultimate Eviction Notice Underserved populations: Can You Hear Me Now? The Deafening Sound of Abuse POTENTIAL ORGANIZATION TOPICS Domestic violence and work: How Violence Affects Productivity/How to Recognize Abuse at Work Grandparents and violence: Three Generations of Abuse: How to Stop It Before it Spreads POTENTIAL PERSONAL TOPICS
  27. 27. Internal External Newsletter Email List Website Social Media Speaking Publishing articles Asked to speak Strategic advisor Board assignments Trusted source
  28. 28. Quick Start Plan
  29. 29. Review your strategic plan Decide where you need attention Decide who is going to speak for the organization Research current events and trends around your message Research reporters in your local area who cover those trends Pitch a story with your organization as the source Quick Start Plan
  30. 30. People don't buy what you do, they buy ... Why you do it How you make them feel The story you tell them about themselves
  31. 31. Need help?
  32. 32. CLIENTS CALL US WHEN IT'S TIME FOR STRATEGIC NARRATIVE Need to get everyone on the same page Unable to communicate what makes them different from competitors Need to know the best way to tell stories Need to have a backstory of why the organization started or its impact Need to get leaders involved around the overall narrative Don't have the best team in place Need to get team invested in diversity, equity and inclusion Need to rebrand or develop brand assets Need elements of thought leadership
  33. 33. AREAS OF CORE EXPERTISE Storytelling Marketing (Traditional and Digital) Communications Public Relations Branding Thought Leadership Leadership Development Personal Development Speechwriting Executive Strategy Team Building
  34. 34. HOW WE WORK WITH CLIENTS Training Programs (Virtual and In-Person) Intensives Consulting Executive Coaching Retreats People Assessments Keynotes Strategic Planning Speaker Training Licensing
  35. 35. Consultative Process We meet with the appropriate members of your team to assess your starting point. The more we know about your organization, the more we can effectively design an action plan. DISCOVERY We outline, workflows, staffing requirements, timeline, budget, and training schedule. Our goal is to get your team set up to lead and take on a more active role in data mining, crafting and telling stories. PLANNING & STRATEGY In addition to onsite training, we offer implementation of the action plan, whether it’s the full or partial plan or licensed. IMPLEMENTATION We are committed to your success. We work with you to set up benchmarks to review your progress and monitor return on investment. FOLLOW UP
  36. 36. Let's Connect OUR PROMISE We take complicated story structures and processes and make them easy to understand so your team is able to recreate the process over and over again. We believe great stories are about more than you remember. Great stories are about what you convey. SHEREESE@WITNESSMYLIFE.ORG 757-577-2972 BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT