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First Impressions: The Power of an Amazing Welcome Email

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This was presented at Digital Summit Atlanta where BlueHornet was a Platinum Sponsor.

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First Impressions: The Power of an Amazing Welcome Email

  1. 1. DIGITAL SUMMIT: ATLANTA First Impressions: The Power of an Amazing Welcome Email
  2. 2. Speaker Senior Manager, Customer Success, BlueHornet @pilarbower @bluehornetemail Pilar Bower
  3. 3. • 74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email when they subscribe. [source: BlueHornet] • People that read at least one welcome message read more than 40% of their messages from the sending brand during the following 180 days. [source: ReturnPath] • The average open rate for welcome emails is 50% — 86% more effective than email newsletters. [source: Emma] Why A Welcome Email? Industry Stats
  4. 4. Welcome Emails • Determine your goals and desired actions first o As you are mapping out your email flow and content, the goal is to move your subscriber to the next step in the process • Benchmark current program before launching new one! • Engagement o Increase in Open & Click rates o Increase Conversions o Increase likelihood of a second purchase/upsell o Each message in a series will have a different conversion goal based on the primary message • TEST, TEST, TEST • Improve sender reputation o Lower spam complaints in the long run o Decrease in unsubscribes and non-engagement Success Metrics
  5. 5. Welcome Emails • “Once the initial welcome message has been read, read rates of subsequent messages drop dramatically. However, read rates still level off at significantly higher rates for those who did not read a brand’s welcome messages. • In fact, those who read welcome emails tended to hover around a 50-percent read rate in the 180-day period covered in this study. • Those who don’t read the welcome message started with low read rates and stayed there.” Success Metrics
  6. 6. Welcome Emails 1) Subject line: Thank you for visiting the PUMA store. o Content may not be different, but it reminds the subscriber where they signed up 2) Contests: Thank you for entering the St. Lucia Island Getaway sweepstakes o Many contests include opt ins for multiple 3rd parties o An explicit Welcome email can alleviate spam complaints and engage the subscriber o Set expectations for future emails By Acquisition Source
  7. 7. Columbia Welcome Program Newsletter Welcome Loyalty Welcome Performance over promotional: • Open Rates +197% • CTR +448% • CTOR +85% • Revenue per Email (RPE) +2000% By Acquisition Source
  8. 8. Welcome Emails Sample Flow Chart General Newsletter Sign Up Welcome 1: Intro, expectations Welcome 2: Follow us on Social CTA to Create Account End Series Immediately 3 days 21 days Purchase or Loyalty Sign Up Loyalty Welcome 1: What it means (no offer) CGR Welcome 3: **Loyalty Surprise 25% Off Coupon Loyalty Welcome 2: Social Points, reiterate value props of Loyalty Club End Series Immediately 3 days 7 days 28 days Used Coupon Yes CGR Welcome 4: Coupon Expiration (in 2 days) Reminder No Purchases or Creates Account/joins Loyalty Program Yes Yes End Series Welcome 3: Popular Blog &/or video content CTA to Create Account Yes
  9. 9. Welcome Emails Email 2 Content Example: • Social Promotion: use this time to inform subscriber of your social channels Email 3 Content Example: • Popular or seasonal blog content • Videos Email 4 Content Example: • Offer • Cross-sell/Up-sell/Product Recommendations Email 5 Content Example: • Request for Product Review Onboarding Content
  10. 10. Welcome Series Example • Introduces the brand along with promoting key brand initiatives • Tailors subsequent welcome messages around click behavior
  11. 11. Progressive Profiling • Progressive Profiling: use this time to learn more about your subscribers, implicitly (click behavior) and explicitly (preference center) • Collect profile information when you have least information, and audience is most willing to share • Collect actionable content that will assist you with future targeting relevancy • Focus on building relevance in messaging; engagement is a side effect Collecting Subscriber Data
  12. 12. Progressive Profiling • Campaign images allow subscribers to easily see type of messages they are subscribing for and generates a larger CTA in the welcome email • Required fields o Email o Zip o Birthday o Gender • New preference center led to a 17% increase in the number of subscribers who completed their profile in just two months Profile/Preference Center Attrition was reduced by giving subscribers a choice of which communications they’d like to receive. PacSun saw 2.86% growth in subscribers with a gender value.
  13. 13. Product Recommendations • Insert recommended products or content in promotional emails related to user’s behavior • Introduce new products to loyal visitors, and best-sellers to new customers! • Use clickstream, profile, and purchase data to drive engagement, lower bounce rates Supercharge your Customer Lifetime Value
  14. 14. Post-Purchase Emails Transactional Emails Transactional Emails can be an important part of the Onboarding process! • A purchase may be the first touchpoint/opt in for your new subscriber • Optimize your confirmation emails to be part of that experience • Ask for the opt in if not on marketing list • Consider delaying your normal Welcome email for 24 hours o If Customers are receiving 2 emails at the same time (transactional email & Welcome email), they will likely show more engagement to transactional emails and ignore the subsequent message Cross-sell products related to most recent purchase
  15. 15. Post-Purchase Emails Performance over promotional: • Open Rates +45% • RPE +114% Product Reviews
  16. 16. CLIENT SPOTLIGHT BikeBandit
  17. 17. BikeBandit Welcome Program By Acquisition Source: Non-Purchasers
  18. 18. BikeBandit Welcome Program By Acquisition Source: Purchasers
  19. 19. BikeBandit Welcome Program Results
  20. 20. BikeBandit Welcome Program • Welcome converted to riding- style personalization, earning significant amount of additional revenue • Because of first iteration’s success, they are continuously testing and optimizing • Separate flows for variations of source and Preferences set vs. No Preferences set: o Newsletter o Purchase o Account Registration / No Registration o Next: Guest Checkout (Purchase, No Reg) Progressive Profiling
  21. 21. BikeBandit Welcome Program There’s more!
  22. 22. Additional Examples & Wrap Up
  23. 23. Welcome Email Examples
  24. 24. Welcome Email Examples
  25. 25. • Personalize your initial Welcome Email, based on acquisition source • Understand how to map your most important content offerings into a series of Onboarding Emails o A Welcome/Onboarding Series evolves the initial greeting into a strategically designed, calibrated series of automated messages designed to convert your new subscriber into an engaged, loyal customer in a highly personalized and systematic way • Effectively collect & use data from your new subscribers through Progressive Profiling • Build a framework of rules and workflow to keep your subscribers on the right track in their email communications lifecycle • Don’t neglect your transactional/post-purchase emails Takeaways Session Outline
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. • Enter to win a GoPro 4 or Beats by Dre headphones • Pick up your BlueHornet water bottle • Chat with one of our email experts Booth 16 Visit BlueHornet!