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The World's Most Awesome Meeting Spaces

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Huddle rooms come in many shapes and sizes, but are definitely not all created equally. Creating an awesome huddle room takes creativity, purpose – and stellar technology. However, if you do it right it doesn't need to be high-cost.

In this eBook you'll learn:

-The 7 steps you should consider when turning your small to mid-sized meeting spaces into huddle rooms
-How to create rooms that people will actually want to meet in, therefore boosting ROI
-Tech tips and non tech tips IT pros definitely should consider
-How to build huddle rooms that look like a million bucks, but are shockingly low in cost

Enjoy reading this eBook packed full of visual inspiration, with pictures of huddle rooms built by companies all around the world!

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The World's Most Awesome Meeting Spaces

  1. 1. TECH AND NON-TECH STRATEGIES IT PROS SHOULD KNOW Crossover Near-Site Wellness Center - Mountain View Photo: Chad Ziemendorf 7 STEPS TO CREATING AN AWESOME HUDDLE ROOM
  2. 2. So you’ve been charged with building a huddle room. Or maybe you’re considering ways to get more usage out of your existing conference rooms. Here’s the first thing you should know: A huddle room is a small-to-medium sized meeting space that’s transformed into an oasis of productivity and collaboration. They’re equipped with high-quality (but affordable) audio, video, display, and system technology. And they should be utterly awesome. Wait, what? Yes – awesome is a must. Here are 7 steps to creating a cutting-edge huddle room that will surely turn some heads. Gemcorp – London Offices Photo: Alexei Kalabin
  3. 3. Appboy – New York City Offices Photo: Claire Esparros STEP 1 Prepare your room Huddle rooms are meant to support quick and easy presentation and collaboration between users inside and outside of the organization. Be sure to prepare your huddle room with the following: • Reliable Wi-Fi coverage • Ample power sources • A reasonably sized table and seating • (Optional) A range of connectors If your software solution requires the use of adapters (see slide 12) be sure to mount adapters directly to HDMI cables using cable ties or cords so they don’t disappear.
  4. 4. BGB Group Offices – New York City Photo: Eric Laignel Ask for input from employees. Ultimately, they’re the ones who will be using the space. What type of environment would they feel inspired to collaborate in? STEP 2 Gather room design input You should want to take part in the room aesthetics; it’s part of the overall package. While working with people outside of IT to create the space, you should weigh in on elements that may be outside of your traditional domain, like design. Get a jump-start on inspiration: Look for ways to incorporate aspects of the company’s brand or “soul” into the huddle room — for example, a logo emblazoned on the meeting table or a motto on the wall.
  5. 5. STEP 3 Kitting out your huddle room When kitting out your huddle room, be sure to include: A large, high-definition display for video communications and content presentations. HD camera Speaker and microphone iPad Mini Computer (NUC)
  6. 6. A huddle room won’t be awesome if the acoustics suck. So, you should consider soundproofing. Soundproofing panels can be mounted on the walls, and even customized to fit the décor. Even better: If you’re on a tight budget, installation of these panels can be a simple, inexpensive DIY project. BlueJeans has a ready- to-launch hardware kit you can purchase to get your Huddle room up and running quickly. Or if you want recommendations for affordable, high quality hardware, click here.
  7. 7. BGB Group Offices – New York City Photo: Eric Laignel STEP 4 Make it feel like somewhere else The huddle room can be a special destination for collaboration and inspiration. People who use the space should feel transported. A huddle room also should have its own identity and spirit, regardless of whether it features any of the company’s familiar branding. It is a contained environment that is clearly separate from, but contained within, the four walls of the organization.
  8. 8. D&B Cloud Innovation Center – Vancouver Offices Photo: Ema Peter Odnoklassniki - Saint Petersburg Offices Photo: Ivan Sorokin RB Canada – Ontario Offices Photo: Alina Cornea Architectural Photography Offices - Morocco Photo: Alessio Mei Digital Telepathy Offices - San Diego Chartboost – San Francisco Offices Photo: Jasper Sanidad ProfMedia’s Moscow Offices Designer: UNK project
  9. 9. Airbnb Offices - Beijing Designer: Studio of Design and Architecture STEP 5 Choose easy-to-use, flexible software The huddle room should be “at the ready” to accommodate all types of meetings — from impromptu strategy sessions to formal presentations to customers. Make sure you select technology that has an easy and familiar UI. A huddle room is only as good as the software supporting it. If users find the video communications technology difficult or frustrating, your room will definitely NOT be awesome. IT getting bombarded with support tickets would also not be awesome. Bottom line, software and user experience is critical.
  10. 10. Runway East Offices - London Photo: Tom Fallon Outstanding audio, video, display, and system technology are hallmarks of any quality huddle room that’s built for collaboration. But the space should also have an array of non-tech tools and surfaces to support creativity when inspiration strikes. Some ideas: • Chalkboard walls and whiteboards (or whiteboard paint!) • Clipboard walls • Butcher paper rolls for writing and doodling • A moveable cabinet chocked full of pens, markers, colored pencils, or crayons STEP 6 Add non-tech tools for creation
  11. 11. McKinley Burkart Offices - Calgary Designer: McKinley Burkart STEP 7 Measure ROI Nothing says awesome like a huddle room that delivers measurable ROI. Huddle rooms are more cost-effective than large conference rooms, and can create value for organizations in many ways. For example, a huddle room with high-quality video communications can: • Reduce the need for employee travel • Support team mobility • Foster collaboration throughout distributed or remote workforces • Get increased usage our of your existing room investments • Reduce the burden on IT (yes!) When searching for a video communications provider, look for one like BlueJeans that offers a strong analytics engine so you can measure how employees use the huddle room and determine what impact it’s having on the company’s bottom line.
  12. 12. Check out our virtual tour of BlueJeans Huddle and try all of the features! Then build your own awesome huddle room with our 30-day trial. TAKE THE VIRTUAL TOUR BLUEJEANS HUDDLE Offer the latest and best features BlueJeans Huddle is incredibly IT friendly. Central configuration, management and moderation tools let IT easily deploy and support rooms from everywhere. More affordable than traditional room systems, Huddle uses commodity components combined with video as a service. Being fully interoperable, it works with standards-based room systems. Users benefit from seamless calendar integrations, and one-click entry that starts a meeting in seconds. No more IT tickets! Wireless screen sharing lets users simply enter a short URL to instantly share their screen. No adapters required.
  13. 13. BlueJeans is the world’s leading provider of interoperable video communication, bringing video to you wherever you are. Thousands of global companies use BlueJeans every day for meetings, events, and on social networks across any location or device including mobile, desktop, and room systems. BlueJeans replaces traditional web conferencing technologies for a modern workforce, delivering face-to-face video communication for any organization who wants to bring their employees, leaders, and partners closer together. For more information, visit