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Adsong Presentation - July 2009

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A context-sensitive digital content promotion tool that addresses the total value chain from content targeting to placement.

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Adsong Presentation - July 2009

  1. 1. A context-sensitive digital content promotion tool that addresses the total value chain from content targeting to placement. Benjamin Masse President Presentation Deck - July 2009
  2. 2. The Google AdSense for Digital Content A context-sensitive digital content promotion tool that addresses the total value chain from content targeting to placement. Digital content engages audience, bringing value to content sponsorship Creates a new channel for organically targeted, entertainment advertising 2 / 13
  3. 3. Key Team Experience delivers @benjaminmasse Benjamin Masse - CEO & Business and Product Development - Accumulating more than seven years experience in this field, he believes in the potential of innovative products around the internet and mobile applications to boost the marketing of entertainment content. Hubert Sirois - CTO & Software Architect - Hubert combines 10 years of experience in IT including 5 years as Director of Technology. In addition to his technical skills, he brings participative management where everyone contributes to organizational success. His analytical and synthetic mind is precursor to creative solutions put forward throughout his career. Stephen Diamond - Software Development - Stephen has over 7 years experience in engineering software using various technologies. Alternately software engineer, designer, developer and team leader, he has built a solid reputation in various businesses throughout North America. Andre Taliercio - Business Development - André Taliercio was recently the Chief Revenue Officer Of All Dig Down, after fulfilling the duties of CFO at Rapidwave Inc.. André has occupied various leading positions in high tech ventures such as, Ennov, Investix, PNB, after successfully forming and managing Linktech. André holds a Master in Economics, a master in Finance and MBA from Paris IX University. He has been living in New York since 1991 3 / 13
  4. 4. Our Vision The Largest Ad Network for Targeted Digital Content Entertainment is a natural vehicle for advertizing. Users divert their attention to entertainment and their mind is turned into receptive mode. Our Ambition We believe that at this point advertising Our ambition is to build from becomes more efficient and as a result commands a higher eCPM. Adsong a platform dedicated to Music Creators/Labels/ Indies, Publishers and advertisers. This platform will link Music Creators/ Labels/Indies, Advertisers/ Publishers through the Adsong ad network. 4 / 13
  5. 5. Converging Market Needs Consumers Ad Networks Looking for Entertainment & Publishers content Industry Make money from digital content on your site Personalization Craving direct Entertain your users and vertical relationship with personalized networks targeting entertainment with consumers Reach consumers Make money from digital content Increase user loyalty online through digital content Distribute your digital content to sites all over the Internet and mobile Engage with your target applications audience while they are paying attention Analyze and track where and how often your digital content is being enjoyed 5 / 13
  6. 6. Adsong Benefits Content Promoter Music, Videoclips, Movie Previews, TV Previews, Short Clips, etc. A new vehicle to promote and monetize digital content Get traffic to their sites Build a viral community through the widget social network capabilities 6 / 13
  7. 7. Adsong Benefits Advertisers Reach their audience through the millions 30s songs in our catalogue (Rhapsody partnership). Our technology enables brand advertisers to run ads before the display player and inter-level ads in between songs. We are planning many types of ads: Pre-display player ads: Ads 300x250 will be displayed for a few seconds before the music player appears Peel-away ads: Ads is wrapped around the payer through a peel-away Inter-play ads: ads will show between 2 song listening Users will notice the ads since they need to click on the Play button Advertisers can offer full length song to users, and link this offer to the song 7 / 13
  8. 8. Adsong Benefits Publishers Beyond just the entertainment, every Adsong displayed on their site will earn bonus ad revenue Publishers will be able to compliment their existing on-page ads with extra money from the sale of song 8 / 13
  9. 9. Adsong Stats - State-of-the-Art Technologies Adsong - A Robust and Thorough Ad Server and Ad Network Adsong provides the highest quality stats and tracking for Content Creators, Advertisers, and Publishers. Track impressions across all publishers’ sites to find out which content or categories of content are most popular with users. OpenX Ad Server is a powerful open source platform that manages advertising for more than 150,000 websites in over 100 countries. More than 300 billion ads run through OpenX Ad Servers each month. Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. When your content is easier to share, people are more likely to share it. With ShareThis, users can import address books and friend lists, and share content with them through any service they choose. See what 55,400 companies have already discovered: Salesforce CRM delivers results. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that so many companies trust with their customer information. 9 / 13
  10. 10. Leveraging Form Builder, Response You don't have to set up Reports & Performances a database or do any sort of programming. We take care of storing your responses, which you can browse using our online interface. We also provide an RSS feed, email notifications, auto-responders and many more features. With our state-of-the-art and free Form Builder you can create forms that look great in You can see how your just a few minutes. You can forms are performing with even try it right now, no statistics like completion registration is required to start time and drop-out rate (*). building your web form. You can Data is automatically also choose among dozens of aggregated and displayed form templates shared by our in charts. users to get started. 10 / 13
  11. 11. AdSong Positioning Advertisers and promoters are looking for ways to connect to, and engage, their target markets. is Experience the Product According to Experiential Free CD by Prince in Interactivity eMarketer’s Online Predictions for 2008 : “Music labels and marketers Rich Media iTunes Store will step up their Marketing experimentation with new and emerging business Coke on models as the CD continues Facebook to fade away.” “Expect to see more ad- Untargeted Personalized supported sites, monthly Mass Advertising Targeting subscription services, full- track mobile download offerings and use of social Behavioural networks as music Marketing discovery and sales tools.” Traditional Banner Ads “Figures for online advertising - along with mobile - will continue to grow, and will ride out potential economic storms.” Passive Display 11 / 13
  12. 12. Towards Better Ads 4.5 trillion display ads were served in the U.S. alone During 2008, comScore estimates that 4.5 trillion display ads were served in the U.S. alone. That comes out to more than 2,000 Internet ads per month per person. And, believe it or not, the number of ads served up actually declined a little during the year as publishers tried to push up CPMs (the amount they can charge per thousand ad impressions) by reducing inventory. 12 / 13
  13. 13. Contact 417 Saint-Nicolas Suite 400 Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2P4 Canada +1 (514) 798-3707 x2029 +1 (514) 591-9446