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Cv Barki Mustapha.english

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Engineer Automation

A graduate of the ERN (Royal Naval College), I can bring my knowledge and expertise in automation, servo, mechanical, hydraulic, traditional security, management and HR / equipment,.

Responsive and very adaptable, I am convinced that a company like yours will appreciate my motivation and drive that inspires me. Your goals become mine and I know how to invest in your projects
YOU ask rigor, methodology and professionalism and personal attention at all times. My internship allowed me to have a good view of this environment and put into practice my knowledge. Rewarding, they convinced me of my desire to get involved further on behalf of a company that will offer me a position of responsibility.

I stand at your disposal and I think that an interview will allow me to convince you of my serious.

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Cv Barki Mustapha.english

  1. 1. Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­ BARKI MUSTAPHA
  2. 2. Ingénieur  BARKI  MUSTAPHA Opérations  Marine 37  ans,Marie N°  3  Lot  Redouane  Apt  4Mohammedia  Morocco +212608284607 Spécialité  :  Genie  des  Systemes  Embarqués Mail  : Formation  Acadé 2003-­2004:  Specialite  au  Centre  d'Entrainement  Naval  Marine  Royale  Casablanca  1995-­2000: Cycle  d’Ingénieur  à  l’Ecole  Royale  Navale  1995  :  Baccalauréat  en  Sciences  Mathématiques série  B  au  College  Royal  Preparatoire  aux  Techniques  Aeronautiques  Expé Unit  Commander    Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN A  graduate  of  the  ERN  (Royal  Naval  College),  I  can  bring  my  knowledge  and  expertise  in  automation, servo,  mechanical,  hydraulic,  traditional  security,  management  and  HR  /  equipment,. Responsive  and  very  adaptable,  I  am  convinced  that  a  company  like  yours  will  appreciate  my  motivation and  drive  that  inspires  me.  Your  goals  become  mine  and  I  know  how  to  invest  in  your  projects  YOU  ask rigor,  methodology  and  professionalism  and  personal  attention  at  all  times.  My  internship  allowed  me  to have  a  good  view  of  this  environment  and  put  into  practice  my  knowledge.  Rewarding,  they  convinced  me of  my  desire  to  get  involved  further  on  behalf  of  a  company  that  will  offer  me  a  position  of  responsibility. I  stand  at  your  disposal  and  I  think  that  an  interview  will  allow  me  to  convince  you  of  my  serious. Engineer  Marine  Operations Compétences 3  Connaissences  de  base:  -­  Gestion  de  maintenance/Gestion  de  projet  /Gestion  de  la production/ -­  Management  de  qualité  -­  Supply  chain  management  -­  Logistique  du  transport Marine  Officer 3  Connaissances  Informatiques  :  -­  Maîtrise  des  logiciels  bureautiques  (Excel,  Word,  Power Point,  Access...).  -­  Ms  Project  :  Gestion  de  projet  .  3 Langues  : Arabe-­Maternelle Français-­courant Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­
  3. 3. Anglais-­bon BDivers  : Engineering B2B Marine  Radar  GPS Engineer  Automation SEA  CAPTAIN www.radar-­ barkim Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­
  4. 4. Http:// A  graduate  of  the  ERN  (Royal Naval  College),  I  can  bring  my knowledge  and  expertise  in automation,  servo,  mechanical, hydraulic,  traditional  security, management  and  HR  / equipment,. Responsive  and  very  adaptable,  I Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­
  5. 5. am  convinced  that  a  company like  yours  will  appreciate  my motivation  and  drive  that inspires  me.  Your  goals  become mine  and  I  know  how  to  invest in  your  projects YOU  ask  rigor,  methodology and  professionalism  and personal  attention  at  all  times. My  internship  allowed  me  to have  a  good  view  of  this environment  and  put  into Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­
  6. 6. practice  my  knowledge. Rewarding,  they  convinced  me of  my  desire  to  get  involved further  on  behalf  of  a  company that  will  offer  me  a  position  of responsibility. I  stand  at  your  disposal  and  I think  that  an  interview  will  allow me  to  convince  you  of  my serious. B.M Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­
  7. 7. riences  professionnelles Connaissen  3  3  Connaissen mique ence Engineer  Automation  SEA  CAPTAIN  www.radar-­