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Alliance business model checklist (template by Board of Innovation)

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Alliance business model checklist (template by Board of Innovation)

  1. 1. Alliance Partners Legal entity Organization Business Who are the alliance partners? How are they similar, compatible, What is the legal entity? How are shares divided? How is the organization structured? Model different? How do partners enter and exit? Who bears the risks? Do we have a legal agreement? Which key people are involved? What are their roles & Checklist What do partners contribute? What do they get in return? Who do clients contract with? What is the alliance exit strategy? responsiblities? How do you fill in support What are their key competences? Do you operate within legal functions? ... boundaries? ... ... Give your project a name: Clients Vision & goals Values Who are the alliance’s clients? What are the mission & vision? What are the shared values? How will you reach them? What are the 1y,3y,10y goals? What do these values mean? How will you convince them? What is the alliance’s offer? How do you communicate them? How are leads shared between How do you differentiate in the Is there a cultural fit between the partners? market? partners? How are existing clients of Which hurdles could stop you Is there enough trust? partners being leveraged? from reaching your goals? ... ... ... t Governance Processes Finance How are decisions made? How do you organise key What is the cost structure? By the alliance and/or the processes: sales, operations, What are the income targets? individual partners? distribution, service, payment...? What are partners’ financial Who can make which decisions? Do they interact with in-house contributions? Which decision platforms do you partner processes? Are all partners financially strong? need? Is supporting technology needed? What is the short-long term P/L? How are decisions reinforced? How do you manage IP? Are partners’  financial return ... ... expectations aligned? ...
  2. 2. Alliance Partners Legal entity Organization Business Model Checklist Give your project a name: Clients Vision & goals Values Key elements of a business Governance Processes Finance model for consortia, open innovation partnerships, joint ventures and other alliances