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Elements of storytelling for games

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a small presentation on the elements of storytelling in video games

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Elements of storytelling for games

  1. 1. Elements of storytelling for games BY SAMUEL FORSE
  2. 2. Introduction  Nowadays most of the best games have a gripping story that helps draw gamers in to the universe of that particular game and to do that there are number of elements that should be included so to create the most interesting story possible
  3. 3. Storyline  The most important element of story telling is a storyline as a story that goes nowhere will not draw in a player and will more often that not turn away the player Metal gears time line has a deeply woven story line that links into real world events
  4. 4. A point  Another important element of storytelling is that there is a point to what you are doing if a story has no point then it is pointless and that will kill a players interest in it Final fantasy 13 a game were quiet a lot of the game was pointless because it lead nowhere and had little to do with the story
  5. 5. Character personality  One of the main thing that help a story is that people actually see a character show some sort of personality and feeling because if a characters shows no personality or has very little besides one particular feature such as anger then people find it hard to enjoy playing as them since they become boring Kratos a character who has a deep personality that is shown a the games progress
  6. 6. Character development  For a story to be interesting as the story develops so must the characters other wise they will end up becoming uninteresting if the character shows no change because of what the encountered during the story Over the course of the castlvania games we see the development of garbial Belmont on the left into Dracula on the right
  7. 7. A interesting game world  What help improve a story immensely is if the game world is fun to explore as this encourages players to play longer with the hope of unlocking the next part of the world to explore Skyrim’s world is huge and is hugely fun to explore because it rewards your for your curiosity with items as well as an interesting story
  8. 8. Backstory  A good back story is essential to help tell a better story as it give players insight in to the characters, people and locations they encounter in the world. It is also good to give a backstory to the items that appear in a games as it give people an interest into the world Dark souls is the perfect example of decent backstory as every item, character and place is fully fleshed out in there backstory
  9. 9. An Ending  For people to enjoy playing through a story there must be a satisfying ending to the game and should have made sure to fill in any left over plot holes left in the game and give the player a sense of accomplishment Metal gear solid 4 ending give a sense of accomplishment as well as playing with your feelings
  10. 10. Conclusion All in all there are many things that make a good story and as such there are many ways in which you can move your games story to make it memorable for everyone who plays and it is because of this we have the many different and famous game stories such as final fantasy and metal gear