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Twitter Presentation

Part of the bi-weekly Bolin Digital advancement series, this week we look at the current and future uses of Twitter in the social media landscape. This presentation will be available in video form soon.

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Twitter Presentation

  1. “Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” ~Paul Rand
  2. What is Twitter? Blog Instant Messenger Mobile Text Messaging
  3. Breaking down a Tweet Icon Outbound Short URL Username (linked) Relative Posting Time Reply to User Posting Service Outbound URL Set to Favorites List
  4. How can I send or receive Tweets? Web ( Instant Messanger (GTalk) Mobile Phone (SMS) RIA / Widget
  5. I’m ready to Stalk! What’s Next?
  6. How people are using Twitter today current status questions events local news updates cross posting media special offers
  7. How will people use Twitter tomorrow? API driven RIA Multidimensional Analysis Brand Integration Alternate Reality Storytelling Micropublishing