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5 Steps to Effective Key Accounts Management

Key or strategic accounts are your most important clients. Not only are they your most important clients; they are also the ones that are at most risk of being wooed by your competition. For most companies, reducing prices to compete has become a staple sales strategy. However, this strategy seriously threatens the survival of the organization. This is why managing and developing key accounts is an essential skill to have, if we want to stay ahead of the competition!

We have to realize that, in today’s market place, price alone does not determine sales or profitability. It is essential for you to be able to differentiate yourself and your products and services in order to survive it this cut-throat environment. If you can’t compel, you won’t sell. If you can’t maintain your influence over your key clients, you may as well kiss them goodbye.

Our Knowledge Asia’s “Dynamic Key Accounts Management” training course will help you develop strategic account management techniques that ensure not only the protection of your existing clients from competitive attack, but, more significantly, build long and sustainable relationships resulting in excellent customer retention, improved sales, increasing margins and ongoing customer loyalty

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5 Steps to Effective Key Accounts Management

  1. 1. steps to effective key account management
  2. 2. defineyour key accounts 1
  3. 3. who is your key account?
  4. 4. is he the customer with a lot of money?
  5. 5. is he the customer who brings you more business?
  6. 6. is he the customer who brings value to your business?
  7. 7. or…
  8. 8. or is he the customer you actually like?
  9. 9. let’s determine your key accounts
  10. 10. firstwe determine how much they likeyou
  11. 11. conducta customer satisfactionsurvey
  12. 12. use a 10-pointsystem for your CSS
  13. 13. we have prepared more information for you in the official slides
  14. 14. nextlet us determine how attractivethey are
  15. 15. accomplishan account attractivenessreport
  16. 16. we have prepared more information for you in the official slides
  17. 17. let’s move to the nextstep
  18. 18. rank yourkey accounts 2
  19. 19. results of your CSSand AAR client CSI AAR a 8.50 8.00 b 5.00 7.50 c 7.00 8.00 d 2.00 3.00 e 6.00 4.75 f 6.00 6.00 g 7.75 3.00
  20. 20. let’s plot them this way…
  21. 21. HIGH = 10 LOW = 1 HIGH = 10 LOW = 1 Customer Satisfaction AccountAttractiveness a g b e d f c 6 5 6 5 the key account selection matrix
  22. 22. now,whatdo we do?
  23. 23. create your strategies 3
  24. 24. activity case of the zombie actors
  25. 25. what did you learnfrom this?
  26. 26. let’s develop our strategies
  27. 27. we have prepared more information for you in the official slides
  28. 28. here’s what we’ll do next
  29. 29. take action 4
  30. 30. we have prepared more information for you in the official slides
  31. 31. here’s the last step
  32. 32. evaluate your process 5
  33. 33. again…
  34. 34. we have prepared more information for you in the official slides
  35. 35. that was an excerpt on our module on key account management
  36. 36. to find outmore about this course contactus here…
  37. 37. +63-917-593-1494 +63-2-213-8944
  38. 38. or…
  39. 39. connectwith us on…
  40. 40. www.OurKnowledge.Asia