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Hass Week Resources Infographic

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Readily available resources with direct curriculum links to the P-10 Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum in Western Australia

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Hass Week Resources Infographic

  1. 1. #HASSWeek HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES R e s o u r c i n g t h e W A C u r r i c u l u m ABC EDUCATION RESOURCES Search�page�for subjects and years ASIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION Curriculum links BIG HISTORY PROJECT 13.8 billion years online COOL AUSTRALIA ELECTORAL EDUCATION CENTRE FRANCIS BURT LAW EDUCATION RESOURCES GAWA free Geography resources and PL links GeogSpace GEOGUESSR Geography game�- explore the world GLOBAL DIGITAL CITIZEN FOUNDATION Resources ASIA LITERACY Teaching resources Visit� for more tips. TAB 1 TAB 2 TAB 3 Teaching resources Resources Core units and illustrations of practice The Constitutional Centre of WA
  2. 2. #HASSWeek HERITAGE PERTH Learning and discovery HISTORY IN THE MAKING AISWA P-6 teaching & learning programs Resources for primary and secondary NATIONAL TRUST Explore education programs PARLIAMENTARY EDUCATION OFFICE Programs, bookings and resources RIGHTWRONGS Toolkit Visit� for more tips. SCHOOL CURRICULUM AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY WA Curriculum K-10 SUSTAINABILITY IN SCHOOLS Teaching resources SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (United Nations resources)� Be the change! TAKING ACTION Students as global citizens publication TAB 1 TAB 2 TAB 3 WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM Explore the collections and see what's new... TES TEACHING RESOURCES SCOOTLE STATE LIBRARY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA HISTORY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION WA KINGS PARK One Big History Department