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Kidbiz3000: The Leader in Differentiated Instruction

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This is a Professional Development tutorial about the program KidBiz3000 and how it is beneficial for students and teachers alike. This program allows teachers to reach students in a more modern way with the use of tablets or laptops. KidBiz3000 helps students achieve higher literacy levels and allows teachers to monitor performance. Overall, KidBiz3000 is a very effective teaching tool used in today's schools.

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Kidbiz3000: The Leader in Differentiated Instruction

  2. 2. WHAT IS KIDBIZ3000? • Differentiated online literacy instruction • For Grades 2-5 • Reaches every student at their own Lexile level (reading level) • Delivers reading, writing assignments, quizzes, polls • Automatically adapts content as Lexile levels change, providing more challenging content in order to drive steady improvement • Delivers differentiated assignments at 12 different reading levels, along with formative assessments linked to state and Common Core standards
  3. 3. KIDBIZ3000 TUTORIAL (Double Click above to Play Video)
  4. 4. • School must subscribe to KidBiz3000 • Separate Teacher, Student, Administrat or Log-In HOW TO USE KIDBIZ3000
  5. 5. HOW KIDBIZ3000 WORKS At the onset, students’ levels are determined 30-40 minute assessment based on texts Computer puts them in a Lexile Range Ex: 250-335 is beginning of 2nd grade
  6. 6. Each day students are provided a daily nonfiction article Article is written differently based on each student’s personal Lexile level HOW KIDBIZ3000 WORKS
  7. 7. After each article, students answer polls and multiple choice questions based on the text  Essays can also be assigned  Students are able to refer back to the article when choosing answers HOW KIDBIZ3000 WORKS
  8. 8. Teachers can find and use articles based on their lesson plans PROS FOR TEACHERS
  9. 9. Teachers are able to assign articles, multiple choice questions and essays via email to their students  They have a personal mailbox through KidBiz3000 PROS FOR TEACHERS
  10. 10. PROS FOR TEACHERS • Teachers are able to provide the same topics and lessons to all students while teaching students one-on-one at their individual levels • Brings all students together around the same engaging topics, allowing teachers to facilitate discussions and debates in the classroom
  11. 11. Teachers are able to create classes, view class lists, add or remove users to lists or find a certain name in the User Administrato n Tab ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  12. 12. Teachers are able to view report of each class  Contains information such as:  Student’s reading level  Student’s Lexile level  Articles they have read  How they have scored on quizzes and essays  See the student’s learning progression ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  13. 13. Teachers are able to view the students’ work and find specific lessons or units under the Student Work Tab ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  14. 14. Teachers are able to access information such as:  Which students are using the program  How students are spending their time on the program  Which students are using program out of school and much more under the Usage Reports Tab ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  15. 15. Teachers are able to view Performance Reports  Are students college and career ready?  How would they perform on standardized tests?  How have their Lexile reports changed over time? ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  16. 16. CAREER CENTER Students are able to browse through and explore career categories to see where their interests lie STUDENT & ADMINISTRATIVE RESOURCES
  17. 17. WRITING CENTER Focuses on current world issues and encourages students to write short essays to express their thoughts and opinions STUDENT & ADMINISTRATIVE RESOURCES
  18. 18. STOCK MARKET Students are able to buy and sell shares and watch the ups and downs of this mock stock market This is an especially beneficial tool when teaching about graphs STUDENT & ADMINISTRATIVE RESOURCES
  19. 19. GAME ROOM Once work is completed and there is down time, students are able to play educational games on KidBiz3000 STUDENT & ADMINISTRATIVE RESOURCES
  20. 20. CLOSING REMARKS • KidBiz3000 is not only an effective tool for teachers, but it also allows students to learn at their own pace and level. • Teachers can incorporate their lesson topics into the articles. • Teachers are able to have class discussions and debates based on the reading topics. • Students are able to read about current events, sports and other topics that interest them. • The program can be used on laptops, computers or tablets, which is useful for today’s teaching styles. • KidBiz3000 can help raise a school’s literacy, reading and writing scores.
  22. 22. REFERENCES 12/elementary-school-grades2-5