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The One Page Strategic Planning process

  1. The One Page Strategic Planning Process One Page Strategic Plan private workshop for management teams
  2. Objective The one page strategic planning process provides a proven method for a management team to undertake a disciplined approach to strategic thinking and execution planning. The facilitated approach of this process creates a One Page Strategic Plan to ensure alignment, engagement and commitment to the roadmap required to achieve success. This document provides a base overview of the strategic planning framework.
  3. What is the Strategic Planning Workshop? A dedicated one or two day offsite workshop for your management team to complete strategic thinking and execution planning. You will come away with a draft or rebuilt version of the Gazelles Strategic One Page Plan and a list of priorities to execute, driving your companies growth.
  4. The Four Decisions ✤ Gazelles framework is based upon the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Gazelles founder Verne Harnish ✤ Released in 2002 it was still the number 1 selling book on business strategy in 2012 on ✤ Framework used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide ✤ The Four Decisions of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash are the elements you must master in order to increase the value of your growing firm
  5. What is the Strategic PlanningWorkshop? For businesses who need to find a structured strategic thinking and execution planning framework, it enables a focus on the four key decisions of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash - applying the 3 disciplines required - Priorities, Data/Metrics and Meeting Rhythms. Finally ensuring a balance between the two drivers of People and Productivity prevents this growth having an adverse affect.
  6. What is the Strategic PlanningWorkshop? Management teams come away with... ✓ An understanding of the purpose and values of the business ✓ Clarity on the direction of the business ✓ Focus ✓ Motivation ✓ Alignment ✓ Ownership for the activities required to achieve success
  7. Your One Page Plan Strategy Execution
  8. Your One Page Plan Focus for your team for the next 90 days
  9. What is the Strategic PlanningWorkshop? Building a strategy Having an effective, relevant strategy is the critical element for increasing revenues to your business. We work to build a strategy from here to drive revenues toward your business Competitors offering Our core competencies Customer needs Source: Can you say what your strategy is? David J. Collis & Michael G. Rukstad
  10. What problem does it solve? Lets look at 3 statistics
  11. 32% of employees doubt their company has a plan at all Source: Department of business, Innovation and Skills (Bis)
  12. 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution Source: Harvard Business School, Photo source: Digital - Costa Concordia Jan 13 2012
  13. Only 15% of employees know their company’s top priorities Even worse, only 6% know their own individual priorities. Source: Stephen Covey & Bob Whitman in 2009 - Predictable results in unpredictable times
  14. So what is the problem? People within the business don’t know where the company wants to go, what to focus on or how to successfully execute strategies provided to them.
  15. Why is this a problem? Strategies don’t grow businesses, people do.
  16. “The right people, doing the right things, the right way” Jim Collins author Good to Great
  17. Why is this a problem? It is the people in your business who must be motivated and directed to achieve the goals of the company. In order to grow a business not only do you need a winning strategy, but you need to ensure that you have the right people, knowing what needs to be achieved, how to do it and what the priorities are. Most business don’t do this. Source: Can you say what your strategy is? David J. Collis & Michael G. Rukstad
  18. Why does it work? Most businesses simply don’t spend structured time to plan. The most expensive thing a management team can do is take time off-site to undertake Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning. Yet when performed correctly this achieves the greatest impact on future growth and profits.
  19. In good teams the management are sweating. In great teams the workers are sweating. Our program of Priorities, Metrics and Meeting Rhythm will give you the tools to get your team producing amazing results that even they are surprised at achieving.
  20. “At Harvard Business School I saw 5,000 business plans and only 3 were executed. They we all great teams and all pivoted - this is why you need 90 day plans not 3 year plans” Source: Professor Bill Sullivan - Harvard Business School
  21. Why does it work? Discipline, focus & accountability. One strategic thinking and execution planning day per quarter Two days per year Q1 Q4 12.8 weeks per quarter to execute Q2 Q3
  22. Why engage a facilitator?
  23. The true value of facilitated strategic planning Leader participation Avoid participant complicity Genuine debate Where true results happen Ref:
  24. Why engage a facilitator? ✤ For busy managers finding time to spend on planning (important & not urgent) is very difficult. Yet this is the most important work managers do. A facilitator controls this process. Where most time is spent Where time should be spent
  25. Why engage a facilitator? ✤ The results of failing to plan and spending time on important and urgent things can be seen in Covey’s time management matrix. Where most time is spent Where time should be spent
  26. Your facilitator Brad Giles ✤ Experienced entrepreneur ✤ Gazelles certified coach ✤ BRW magazine Fast100 winner (twice) ✤ Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year finalist ✤ Blogger on Gazelles website ✤ Graduate Entrepreneurial Masters Program at M.I.T.
  27. Proven results. “Brad challenges your thinking and has been a great help in formulating a plan and providing us with the tools to implement. I would recommend Brad to any business looking to align the team behind a strategy and to develop excellent accountability systems.” “Brad’s extensive knowledge and ability to get to the root of issues has yielded wonderful results.” “Brad was a key speaker at the EO Vancouver chapter retreat in Silicon Valley and was highly rated setting the bar high for depth and sharing.” “Brad has been an invaluable part of getting my business to where I wanted it to go. Brad has the best business brain I know of, and I would recommend him without hesitation.” 1. George Grundy, Managing Director Rainbow Signs, 2. Darren Kam, Managing Director Constructive Media, 3, Nicole Donnolley President Condomania, 4. David Hochwald Jones, General Manager Oswald Homes
  28. Contact details Brad Giles