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  1. 1. SAMR : Model of Technology Integration Brandon Morton K-12 Technology Integrationist Hampton-Dumont CSD, Hampton, Iowa
  2. 2. Follow along at WWW.REELAPP.COM/515518
  3. 3. Little bit more about me Starting 3rd year as Technology Integrationist (9th year in education) Previous 6 years as a K-5 Technology Teacher
  4. 4. SAMR Enhancement Modification Tech allows for significant task redesign Transformation Redefinition Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable Augmentation Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement Substitution Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change Model of Technology Integration Podcasts on iTunes U: BY DR. RUBEN PUENTEDURA
  5. 5. SAMR in 120 Seconds
  6. 6. Teacher EXAMPLE HERE Showcase PUT YOUR HTTP://SCRUMBLR.CA/SAMR PreK - 5th Grade teacher examples How are your students using technology in your classroom and categorize it within SAMR? 1.
  7. 7. SAMR Article Article - SAMR and the Integration of Tech Standards Jot Down Thoughts
  8. 8. Teacher Showcase PUT YOUR EXAMPLE HERE HTTP://SCRUMBLR.CA/SAMR 6th - 8th grade teacher examples How are your students using technology in your classroom and categorize it within SAMR? 1.
  9. 9. Substitution Example
  10. 10. Augmentation Example
  11. 11. Teacher EXAMPLE HERE Showcase PUT YOUR HTTP://SCRUMBLR.CA/SAMR High School teacher examples How are your students using technology in your classroom and categorize it within SAMR? 1.
  12. 12. Modification Example
  13. 13. Redefinition Example
  14. 14. SAMR Flow Chart SAMR For purposeful use of educational technology A S lesson Augmentation Substitution This is an augmentation Could this activity technology is still just analogue (non-tech) enhancing the learning activity - technology is purely enhancing the activity. Think again. means? Partially No? Yes? to bring transformational share work online & learning opportunities? receive critique Partially Yes? Opportunities for online collaboration It is very likely to have The task is likely to be at task. It most likely involves involved online a redefinition level and will integration of multiple collaboration with peers have some key elements applications. & experts to it. R Expert feedback Redefinition Innovative use of technology, eg a shared narrated Google Earth guided tour or......... Transform the task further to allow for expert critique of online work to inform How do I use SAMR? A shared lab result with another school to see whether they can repeat findings. Compare results online. TRANSFORMATION No? Modification improvements of student work Dr Ruben Puentedura's model task to use technology to include online This is a modification level Examples of transformation level activities T ransformation level activities have some key characteristics. One key thing to take on board is that these are activities that wouldn't have been possible previously but are now because of technology. If examining literacy activities, this might involve collaborative writing online - this could be extended further taking on board collaboration across continents, and accepting critique for improvement from experts that help develop the work online. Blogging is certainly an excellent vehicle for this to happen but it isn't the only one. Oracy is a key literacy skill and so narration on work which is posted and shared online would fall in to the transformational areas. Using tools such as Camtasia Studio on desktops or Explain Everything on iPad would be great for transforming the task and the outcomes for learners. Thinking about numeracy and how this could be transformed, similar activities such as above would be useful, particularly those where students have to explain their understanding of dif ferent concepts and ideas. Sharing of these in a personal playlist of learning, shared with others would hit transformation levels and bring about significant learning opportunities. Other activities in STEM activities could involve completing dif ferent tests and then sharing these results with other classes. The other classes, which could be anywhere in the world, could then complete the same tests & the classes could compare their results. Have you got any more examples? Please share them with me on @ICTEvangelist. © M Anderson 2013 What is SAMR? Have you designed the Develop the task further collaboration with experts, M This is a substitution be completed by activity but the use of ENHANCEMENT I want to use technology in my SAMR is a great framework for thinking about technology and how it can best be used in a teaching environment to bring about transformational learning opportunities that wouldn't have been possible without the technology
  15. 15. TIM Videos and their levels of SAMR Technology Integration Matrix Videos activity Also go back to your specific Teacher Example (link below) and modify it and AMP it up to the next level of SAMR. PUT YOUR EXAMPLE HERE HTTP://SCRUMBLR.CA/SAMR
  16. 16. SAMR & iPads
  17. 17. SAMR & iPads V2.0: It’s all about Transformation & Integration s d iPa This is the blog post which explains the new features of the latest version of the Wheel Nearpod Aurasma iAnnotate The Padagogy Wheel V2.0 iThoughts iPa Twitter dA Interview pp s DocsToGo Fotobabble Assistant Facebook Google Search Toontastic song Bullet Prezi storytelling Garageband Pointing Highlighting Bump TV/Radio Program name cartoon Mind Mapping Blog Docs MentalCase recognize Ac ePub or iBook ies tiv iMovie vit Bookmarking or Favouriting storytelling Rap Blog ities cti Voicethread A animating Commenting Journalling Easy imagine describe new game mixing Word Processing Release transform design CourseNotes Maptini summarize Act s suppose Social Networking i video editing Wordpress erb compose change infer retrieve find on V e nV podcasting suggest paraphrase explain rbs Social Bookmarking tio Ac hypothesize invent Subscribing multimedia iTimeLapse compare identify FeeddlerRSS Blooms rearrange presentation Pro Re Searching or originate locate classify Quizcast ScreenChomp Un me Googling list e produce t videocasting de mb match find an exemplify ea rst er interpret Recalling Cr unusual way good communicator an editing report d Ustream create energy, passion & enthusiasm expand critiquing WikiNodes role playing rank true to values & ethics edit Explain network post movie making judgement understands strengths & limitations Everything conclude implement demonstrating judge justify simulate WEB to PDF Graduate attributes opinion debate presenting verify share use Keynote and capabilities compare ShareBoard carry out interviewing court trial conference listens, learns from errors & experience upload mapping discuss select Sonic Pics play reporting empathizing, time management skills run support hack simulating remains calm, thinks strategically Prompster news item decide Articulate Evernote teach load transparent & honest, gives credit Pro collecting prioritise Peek evaluate persevering execute Hypothesis taking Co Google collaborate draw gn photograph ins appraise Docs itiv Survey ma interview operate Evernote critique defend e Do making diary Notability Analyse Recommendation moderate contrast construct outline scrap booking give your record Taposé opinion distinguish infer survey differentiate drawing diagram compare deconstruct determine Summary sequence AudioBoo Adobe examine demonstrate deduce mash classify making puzzle Connect Self-evaluation reporting interview simulate categorise sculpturing Action Verbs Edmodo Skype graphing surveying charting spreadsheeting Perfectly Clr creating advertisement Quick creating mashup media building questionnaire Voice StudentPad summarising diagraming Google+ Activities Animation MiniMash Creation AIM MindMash Inspiration iCardSort Pages Numbers Comic Life Maps Developed by Allan Carrington Designing Outcomes a Evalu erb nV io Act ities Activ s App iPad ps Tuesday, 28 May 13 iPad Ap V2.0 Published 280513 Activ ities This PDF version prints well as an A3 poster which many teachers have requested. Verb s A PDF of the Wheel with Links to Apps Actio n The original blog entry explaining the use of the wheel and a link to a two minute YouTube video. App ly s te A Bloomin’ Better Way to Teach p Ap Creative Book Builder SurveyPro FilemakerGo 11 Popplet Bento iPad Apps DropVox Allan’s contact details Standing on the Shoulders of Giants This Taxonomy wheel, without the apps, was first discovered on the website of Paul Hopkin’s educational consultancy website That wheel was produced by Sharon Artley and was an adaption of Kathwohl and Anderson’s (2001) adaption of Bloom (1956). The idea to further adapt it for the pedagogy possibilities with mobile devices, in particular the iPad, I have to acknowledge the creative work of Kathy Schrock on her website Bloomin’ Apps The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at
  18. 18. SAMR Web Sites and other resources Hippasus - Dr. Puentedura’s Web Site SAMR Model Intro SAMR Model - Google Transition SAMR Model - Technology Is Learning SAMR Model Examples SAMR Model - Educational Technology & Mobile Learning SAMR Ladder SAMR Rubric
  19. 19. Questions Contact Information @morty_44 Feedback