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Building a world class SEO Team @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018

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My slide deck from #BENCHMARKCONF2018 on how to build a world class SEO team.

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Building a world class SEO Team @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018

  1. 1. Building a world class SEO team Benchmark Search Conference 2018 @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  2. 2. A little bit about me @berianreed
  3. 3. SEO - A multidisciplinary team SEO ‘team’ Content / editorial @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  4. 4. SEO team focus Broadly, a SEO team needs to focus on three core areas. Technical SEO Back-end engineering resource 3 Content team Editorial team or specific SEO content writers. 2 Link building / Digital PR Building the online relationships and links to set you apart. 1 @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  5. 5. Google’s core message to SEOs Straight from the webmaster guidelines:- ● Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. ● Don't deceive your users. ● Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. ● Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  6. 6. Goolge’s algorithm evolution 2011 Panda The ‘content’ one. 2012 Penguin The ‘links’ one. 2013 Hummingbird The ‘semantic’ one. 2014 Pigeon The ‘local’ one. 2015 Mobilegeddon The ‘mobile’ one. 2018 Broad core update The ‘quality’ one. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018 Looking at major Google algorithm updates over the last seven years we can see a clear trend of delivering on what is set out in the guidelines.
  7. 7. SEO is business change High SEOimpact High Business impact Design / UX & Content Mobile first HTTPs All of which means SEO needs to be at the core of a brands digital strategy. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  8. 8. 2018 SEO skill set The demands on your SEO team are diversifying. Offsite / link building Project management Content strategy Communication Technical SEO Stakeholder management Base skills A strong foundation Extended skills Enabling change Broader consulting skills are required @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  9. 9. Working with SEO agencies Many brands opt to work with agencies on their SEO strategies, which comes with a number of advantages, including:- ● Access to latest technologies ● Fluid talent pool ● Ability to scale up / down ● Global reach @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018@berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  10. 10. Client rosters can be very impressive, but for the best SEO results, it will often come down to the quality of the individuals on the account. ● Request to meet the Head of SEO (Will they be on the account?) ● Agree the SEO team at pitch stage (Can you meet beforehand?) ● High staff turnover is a warning sign (What is the agency turnover?) Tip 1: Focus on the individuals @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  11. 11. Tip 2: Align the agency with your SEO goals Alignment will focus your agency on the metrics that matter, and simplify reporting on performance. Some strong SEO metrics to consider are:- ● Improve SEO visibility for a core keyword group ● Grow non-brand organic traffic ● Improved indexation % of category pages @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  12. 12. Tip 3: Embed agencies within your team Treat your agency as an extension of your team. This will reduce bottlenecks and speed up delivery. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018 SEO boards within Trello SEO channel in Slack
  13. 13. Google’s SEO brand bias? Consumers are drawn to recognised brands. vs @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  14. 14. Leveraging your brand for SEO Some of the key areas to align brand activity with SEO are:- ● Public relations (PR) Upskill you PR team on the value of links to grow authority to further boost SEO performance. ● Online Reputation Management (ORM) Managing external reputation across services such as Glass Door, TrustPilot and Google My Business strengthens external brand signals and supports SEO. ● Brand values What sets the business apart from the competition? Is this being communicated effectively throughout the website? @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  15. 15. Big brands are not immune Whilst big brands do have an advantage, no brand is “too big for Google”. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018 Nearly 50% of visibility lost.
  16. 16. Invest in power SEO tools With the SEO tools available, there has never been a better time to ‘up your SEO game’. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  17. 17. Keep an eye on your competitors Keyword gap feature Analyse keywords and intersection types to discover growth opportunities A great tool for finding content gaps @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  18. 18. Keep an eye on your competitors Filter for your competitors top pages, where you don’t rank Cherry pick the best opportunities @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  19. 19. Get a head start on your content SEO template feature Crunch the top sites for your keyword to understand what’s needed to rank in the SERP. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018 Target backlinks Suggested article length
  20. 20. Keep an eye on your competitors SEO writing assistant Create content briefs for your editorial team and even install a Chrome plugin to ensure SEO best practice. @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018 Download as a Word Doc Chrome extension
  21. 21. Invest in your data Brands can glean superior SEO business intelligence from combining data sets to gather unique insights. Google Search Console Server Logs Google Analytics Crawl frequency of top pages Granular information on how often Googlebot is crawling specific SEO pages. Low CTR pages Discover which pages in G/A are receiving lower than expected CTR From the SERPs Low traffic pages Discover which pages are being crawled regularly by Googlebot but are receiving low levels of SEO traffic. Orphaned pages Discover pages that are crawled by Googlebot but do not appear in GSC or G/A @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  22. 22. Key takeaways 1. Embed SEO at the core of your business Integrate agencies within your team 2. Avoid chasing the algorithm Build the best possible website for your users 3. Invest in tools to track performance and spot opportunities Innovate to win @berianreed #BENCHMARKCONF2018
  23. 23. Q&AThank you