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Open Access eBooks and Scholarly Publishing

Presentation given at the UCL EBooks 2013 conference, on May 9th 2013.

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Open Access eBooks and Scholarly Publishing

  1. 1. / @ubiquitypressBrian HoleEBooks 2013, 9 May 2013Open Access eBooks andScholarly Publishing
  2. 2. / @ubiquitypress
  3. 3. / @ubiquitypressThe Social Contractof Science• Validation• Dissemination• Further developmentScientific Malpractice• Publishers• Researchers• Libraries, repositories…
  4. 4. / @ubiquitypress
  5. 5. / @ubiquitypress• Many scholarly monographs are overpricedand poorly distributed• “At this price, people will only read thereviews”OA eBooks• Research libraries are increasingly looking tosave money• One e copy for multiple students• No lending administration overhead• No shelf space requirements• Many disciplines (e.g. Humanities) are yet tofully benefit from electronic OA publishingbecause half of their output is in book form
  6. 6. / @ubiquitypressDOIs and metricsSmith, M. (ed.) 2013. ArchaeologicalTheory. London: Ubiquity Press.DOI:, G.R. 2013. Post-processualism. In:Smith, M. (ed.) Archaeological Theory.Pp. 140-169. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI:http://, R. 2013. Selfish Archaeology. In:Smith, M. (ed.) Archaeological Theory.Pp. 218-231. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI:
  7. 7. / @ubiquitypressThe business model• Low barriers are essential• Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs) of ca. £150• Print on demand, profits to author or recycled• XML from the start (many formats, content mining, semantic)• Integrated CPC payments for RC-funded authors
  8. 8. / @ubiquitypressCollaborations• University presses need to work together• Benefit from combined expertise indisciplines, technology, editorial, distribution etc.• Economy of scale
  9. 9. / @ubiquitypressMetajournal integration
  10. 10. / @ubiquitypressAll research outputs in one place, intermixableThe next step+ + + + += the social contract of science fulfilled
  11. 11. / @ubiquitypressLinks@ubiquitypressbrian.hole@ubiquitypress.comhttp://www.ubiquitypress.com