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The competitive race todays version

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Being a good Engineer is getting tougher every day when Marketeers and slide-ware start taking over as the driving force in Good Companies...

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The competitive race todays version

  1. 1. Updated for Today’s WorldOriginal Author Unknown
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was an group of Engineers thatformed a Red rowing team.
  3. 3. This Red Engineer team agreed to hold an annualrowing race with a Green Engineer team. Each teamwould contain 8 people.
  4. 4. Both teams worked really hard to get in the best shape.On the day of the first race, both teams were ready to win.
  5. 5. FINISHFINISHThe Green engineer teamwon by 1 mile!
  6. 6. The Red engineer team’s Management was crushed in their defeat, butthey were determined to win the race next year. So they established apanel of auditors to observe the situation and ascertain if there wereany differences between the teams.
  7. 7. After several weeks of detailed intelligence gatheringthe auditors could find only one difference;The Green Team had 7 engineers rowing and 1 manageracting as captain….
  8. 8. … and the Red team had7 managers acting as captainsand 1 engineer doing the rowing!
  9. 9. Un-perplexed by the raw data,upper management showed unexpected wisdom:they hired a consulting company to analyze the data and suggest a solutionthat would enable the Red team to win next year.
  10. 10. Months of Surveys, Process review,RACI development, QA analysis,and Performance Analysis followed…
  11. 11. Finally, the consultants came to the conclusionthat the ratio of managers to engineerswas the problem in the Red Team.Based on this analysis a solution was proposed:The Structure of the Red Team justhad to be changed!
  12. 12. Like sharks getting the scent of reorganization blood,Upper Management wasted no time inrestructuring the Red Team into…1 Service Support Manager,2 Project Managers and 1 Delivery Managerto act as Captains, who wereto be led by a Senior Delivery Executive (SDE)who would report to a VP witha dotted line to a single engineer as the rower!Besides that,In a blaze of unrestricted inspiration,they suggested they might be inclined to improve therower’s working environment by initiating anon-monetary Reward and Recognition schemebut only if there was improved performanceby the rower!
  13. 13. FINISHThe next year, the Green Team won by – 2miles…
  14. 14. The Upper Management of the Red Engineer Team immediatelyfired the engineer that was the rower based onhis unsatisfactory performance.
  15. 15. A bonus was paid to the Service Support Manager,the 2 Project Managers and the Delivery Managerwho were the Captainsand to the Service Delivery Executive (SDE)that guided the Captains, and the VP for thestrong leadership and motivation they all showed during thePlan, Prepare, Design, Implement Operate, Optimize (PPDIOO)“Preparation” Phase…and as an incentive for them to find a better Engineer to do therowing for the Race the next year.
  16. 16. A Consulting Company prepared a new analysis of therestructuring activity, which showed that• The Strategy was good• The Motivation was great• The restructuring was executed correctlyBut the Tools…ahhh the tools… the tools used were deemed Sub-standard and they were not included in the originaldata analysisSo they have to be re-engineered & improved!
  17. 17. Currently, the Red Team Management obtainedInternal Funding thru some transfer of training fundsand are having a new boat designed!But to demostrate fiscal and HR responsibility for stockholdersthey contracted an Outsource Placement Agencyto advertise in other countriesfor a new temporary, non-direct engineerwhowill be the New Rower.