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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle
Everything you’re learning today helps set you apart
from other marketers. Your journey to becoming a
connected marketer is beneficial to both your career
and the business that employs you. By studying Gen
Cers and learning how to engage them, you are
investing in an invaluable strategy of relevance that
helps your business matter to influential, connected
customers. You are competing for the future right now.
As consumerism evolves, so do sales and marketing.
And as sales and marketing evolve, so does spending.
You are becoming a connected marketer, and by
default you are on the right side of the budget.
Those who continue to support traditional marketing
efforts will find their work on the side with an ever-
shrinking budget.
To find success in an era of connected consumerism
requires focus, genuine intentions, and resolve. Every-
thing begins with asking the right questions, starting
with “What are we trying to solve for?” and “Why?”
In summary: The connected marketer
To lead the dynamic customer journey requires much
more than a technology, social or mobile strategy.
As a connected marketer, your efforts must be those
of an enabler of business objectives and business
transformation. Gen C is not a trend. For the next
several years, you will be pursuing a new breed of
consumer in addition to your traditional and digital
customers. Your work will have a sweeping impact
on the organization, one that will inject meaning,
substance and relevance not just to your connected
customer but to all customers.
Lead the way. Customers will follow.
Generation C
weaves an interesting web
Generation C and the
dynamic customer journey
Customers get buy with a
little help from their friends
C change in consumerism:
A new bi-directional approach
is needed
In summary:
The connected marketer 16

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