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Strategies for Using LinkedIn for Masterful Content Marketing in 2016

In an ever-crowded content marketing landscape, finding new avenues to reach consumers and build your audience is a high priority, and LinkedIn represents an underused (yet highly promising) opportunity to drive the quality visibility and engagement you’re looking for.

To help you glean the finer points of the platform I’ve tracked down ten of my favorite LinkedIn experts (and in digital marketing as a whole) and asked them to answer one deceptively simple question:

What’s one way brands can better master content marketing on LinkedIn in 2016?

Below are their insightful, actionable and engaging answers.

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Strategies for Using LinkedIn for Masterful Content Marketing in 2016

  1. 1. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Dennis Shiao Director, Content Marketing, DNN Corp. Jason Miller Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn “ “ Peg Fitzpatrick Best-selling Author, The Art of Social Media Dave Kerpen Founder & CEO, Likeable Local Anita Newton Vice President, Marketing Adknowledge Sabel Harris Director of Demand Generation, Contactually Aaron Lee Social Media Manager, Post Planner Ritika Puri Co-Founder, Storyhackers Pam Moore Founder, Marketing Nutz Social Media Rebekah Radice CMO, Post Planner | Founder, Rebekah Radice LLC STRATEGIES FOR USING LINKEDIN FOR MASTERFUL CONTENT MARKETING IN 2016 In order to have even your best content get seen, consider reusing it, posting at least 10 times on different days and times…creative and copy. One piece of great content can turn into a huge opportunity, as long as you reuse and recycle. Don’t forget to cross-promote within your LinkedIn Groups and via your personal profile . . . [and] tap into the power of your employees as an extension of your marketing team. In 2016, the content producers and marketers who will come out ahead will be the ones who treat LinkedIn as a serious distribution opportunity. Don’t be afraid to test out new features, schedule content at optimum times via automation tools such as Buffer and publish content on personal profiles as well as brand and showcase pages. Have employees share & post your content: Your employees are your biggest advocates. . . 99% of the top global brands had employees share to their networks. See who [in your organization] has the most connections and [publish through them] then combine it with a topic your audience wants to read. You'll have a lethal and powerful content marketing post. To break through [the clutter], skip the click bait, and opt for substance. It is better to have a piece of quality content read by few readers than a puff piece ready by many. [Your blog] needs images that share automatically when people hit the social sharing buttons [and] need to be tested to see what it looks like when the content is shared. If people won't look good sharing… they won’t. Leverage LinkedIn as a listening tool to inform future content. Learn about challenges faced by users in LinkedIn Group discussions, then develop content to solve those challenges. Using Direct Sponsored Content (DSC) on LinkedIn marketers can A/B test creative and copy, personalize content in the feed, and control what content you publish on your company page Produced by