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Gruntwork Executive Summary

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A brief overview of what we do at Gruntwork. Learn what we mean by "DevOps as a Service" and how you can get your entire infrastructure, defined as code, in about a day.

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Gruntwork Executive Summary

  1. 1. Your entire infrastructure. Defined as code. In about a day.
  2. 2. How you want your team to spend its time:
  3. 3. Building products, talking to customers, making deals
  4. 4. How your team actually spends its time:
  5. 5. Deploying servers, fiddling with VPCs, subnets, and route tables, patching Jenkins security vulnerabilities, trying to figure out how to run Kubernetes, building a CI / CD pipeline, configuring SSH access, setting up monitoring & alerting, setting up log aggregation, setting up end-to-end encryption, configuring automated deployment, writing bash scripts, …
  6. 6. Every tech company needs infrastructure to run its software
  7. 7. stage prod But infrastructure can get complicated
  8. 8. And you have to maintain it. Forever.
  9. 9. Before, you had two primary options:
  10. 10. 1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB
  11. 11. You get full control, but you have to put everything together yourself CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB
  12. 12. stage prod Which means you have to deal with this
  13. 13. 2. Platform as a Service (PaaS): e.g., Heroku, Docker Cloud, Engine Yard Rails MySQL GitHub CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB
  14. 14. They hide all the lower-level details so it’s easier to get started! Rails MySQL GitHub CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB
  15. 15. Heroku limitations 1. Can only use supported runtimes & versions (e.g., python-3.6.2 or python-2.7.13) 2. Can only use supported system software & libraries 3. Can only run web services (data stores and other services available only via paid add-ons) 4. Apps can’t access the shell 5. Devs can’t access servers via SSH 6. Local disk is read-only 7. Load balancing is HTTP/HTTPS only 8. Requests are limited to 30 seconds 9. Limited to one AWS region 10. App must boot in 60 seconds or less 11. Apps can be at most 100MB 12. Build must take less than 15 min 13. Logs are limited to 1500 lines unless you use supported (paid) add-ons 14. Manual scaling only 15. Pricing gets very steep as you scale up 16. Support only available on PST time zone 17. Limited control over security settings But very hard to customize, debug, and scale.
  16. 16. At Gruntwork, we created a third option
  17. 17. We offer a library of reusable, battle- tested infrastructure code
  18. 18. Written primarily in Terraform, Go, Python, and Bash
  19. 19. Pre-built solutions for AWS, Docker, VPCs, VPN, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka, ZooKeeper, Monitoring, Alerting, secrets management, CI, CD, DNS, …
  20. 20. And a production-ready Reference Architecture to put it all together
  21. 21. The code is used in production by dozens of customers
  22. 22. We regularly maintain and update the code. Bump a version number to get better infra!
  23. 23. We also provide commercial support
  24. 24. And training
  25. 25. So you can use your favorite IaaS provider… CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB
  26. 26. With the easy-to-use abstractions of a PaaS. CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB Rails MySQL GitHub
  27. 27. But since you have all the code, you still have full control! CPU Memory Disk Drive Network Server DB Rails MySQL GitHub
  28. 28. Why not write the code yourself? Or hire a consulting company?
  29. 29. Do it yourself Consultant Gruntwork Starting point From scratch From scratch Leverage 2+ years of battle- tested code proven in prod Time to launch 3 – 12 months (highly variable) 3 – 12 months (highly variable) 1 – 5 days (highly predictable) Monthly cost $16,000 – $32,000 / month (2 devs, $100k – $200k / yr) $32,000 – $64,000 / month (2 devs, $100 - $200 / hr) $500 – $2,995 / month Docs, tests None None Thorough documentation and automated tests Maintenance None None On-going maintenance, updates, security patches Support None None Commercial support
  30. 30. 10x higher quality 10x faster 10x cheaper
  31. 31. We can help you… Launch your startup Migrate to the cloud Implement security best practices Achieve compliance (HIPAA, PCI) Define your infrastructure as code Learn DevOps, AWS, Terraform
  32. 32. “You are not special. Your infrastructure is not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You have the same tech debt as everyone else.” — your sysadmin, probably
  33. 33. stage prod You need this
  34. 34. stage prod And so does everyone else
  35. 35. Start using battle-tested, commercially-supported code
  36. 36. Focus on your product and customers
  37. 37. Let us handle the Gruntwork