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Brynne Tillman's bio for LinkedIn

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Brynne Tillmans Bio

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Brynne Tillman's bio for LinkedIn

  1. 1. @BrynneTillman | /in/BrynneTillman Email Brynne | Schedule a Call LinkedIn Sales PlayBook | 215.499.0499 BrynneTillman LinkedIn & Social Selling Advisor,Trainer and Coach
  2. 2. Brynne Tillman is the CEO of Social Sales Link, a LinkedIn and Social Selling Training and Consulting Firm. Brynne is internationally recognized for her innovative strategies and easy to implement tactics that leveraging LinkedIn for sales and business development professionals. With over 25 yeas of enterprise sales and training experience, Brynne works with sales leaders and their teams to bridge the gap between their traditional sales methodology and process and the power of LinkedIn and social selling. As the best selling author of The LinkedIn Sales Playbook, Brynne brings sales leaders and their teams customized programs that help them scale digital sales activities that drive results. To learn more about bringing Brynne into your organization for a Strategy Session, Keynote or Training Program: Schedule a 15 Minute Call with Brynne