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[Infograpic] linked in and social selling

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LinkedIn offers sales professionals the ability to find and engage with targeted buyers better than any other sales tool. It allows us to search and filter our connections’ connections to identify who in our network can help us gain access to potential sponsors. In this workshop we will cover:

Buyer-Centric Profile
• From Resume to Resource
• Position as a Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert
• Banner, headshot, summary, experience, skills and recommendations and contact information

Network and Engage
• Welcome Messages to New Connections to Start Conversations
• Connecting with Those Viewing Your Profile
• Finding and Engaging Existing Connections
• Leveraging Notifications to Keep in Touch

Gain Access to Stakeholders
• Develop Search Strings to Create Lists of Prospect and Influencers
• Ask and Receive Warm Introductions into a Targeted Audience
• Connect in a Way that is Relevant to Your Audience and Get Them Excited to Take Your Phone Call

Thought Leadership
• Leverage Content to Attract and Engage
• Curating Relevant Content
• Publish Original Content
• Interview Blogs
• Use LinkedIn Native Video

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[Infograpic] linked in and social selling

  1. 1. There are four distinct stages of Social Selling with LinkedIn, which is one of the most productive ways business development professionals are growing their business. Embrace these steps, make them part of your daily routine, and you will see significant results. Register for our next Webinar Whether or not you decide to leverage LinkedIn on a daily basis, positioning your profile to reflect your subject matter expertise is foundational to building your professional reputation. Shifting your profile’s focus from a resume to a resource gives you the opportunity to educate your buyers with valuable insights and it gets them excited to take your call. What is Social Selling with LinkedIn? Develop a Buyer-Centric Profile Engage with Your Existing Network One of the biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn is to connect and forget. Welcoming new connections, staying engaged with those viewing your profile, sharing content and when events happen is foundational to staying top of mind, relevant and building relationships. And, don’t forget that a significant part of engaging well is listening to your network and learning from them. Prospect Targeted Buyers Educating your prospects, clients and followers establishes your thought leadership and subject matter expertise. Blogging on Publisher or leveraging LinkedIn’s Native Video are easy ways to share knowledge and offer tips and strategies to your readers. The insights that you share in updates, publications and conversations will enhance your presence and ultimately attract and engage your target market. Educate Your Network with Insights | Copyright © 2013-2018 Social Sales Link, LLC – All rights reserved. Finding the right prospects and engaging in conversation is essential to be a successful social seller. There are many platforms that offer business development opportunities such as Facebook fan pages and Pinterest for consumers, LinkedIn for B2B and Twitter and Google+ that overlap in both worlds. LinkedIn is my social selling tool of choice as it allows me to search and filter my connections’ connections and identify who can make introductions on my behalf. Want to make it really work well? Give first. Social selling at is core is about giving, content, insights and introductions. FREE WEBINAR REGISTER BELOW Create a Headline that Represents Your Value and Creates Curiosity Develop a Summary Includes Buyers Challenges and Actionable Insights Job Description that Showcases Who and How You Help Not What You Do! Add Value Include through Video, Blog Posts, Case Studies & Content Welcome New Connections to Your Network with Valuable Insights Identify & Engage Your Targeted Buyers With Whom You Are Already Connected Engage on Your Notifications to Keep in Touch with Your Network Like, Comment & Share Content from Your Newsfeed Developing search strings via LinkedIn filters that deliver an ideal list of buyers Identify shared connections that can make warm introductions into targeted buyers Leverage a LinkedIn sales playbook with daily activities and proven messaging to engage buyers Get more referrals from Clients and COIs Curate and share industry insights that bring value to your buyers Like, comment and share content that your buyers are engaging on Leverage LinkedIn’s Native Video to offer tips and insights Write original content including articles, case studies and interview blogs