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The European-wide and Worldwide Smart Cities Initiatives

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The European-wide and worldwide Smart Cities Initiatives. The Philippines is poised for take-off. This will fuel breakaway growth.

The European-wide and Worldwide Smart Cities Initiatives

  1. 1. The European-wide and Worldwide Smart Cities Initiatives:Should Philippines Cities Join the Bandwagon? Alejandro P. Melchor III Deputy Executive Director for ICT Industry Development Information and Communications Technology Office Department of Science & Technology
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONSmart Cities is the hottest trend in technology today. Smart Citiesis Europe’s strategy for a flourishing Digital Economy by 2020. ForChina, Smart Cities has become a premier economic developmentand poverty alleviation strategy. Entire countries are brandingthemselves as “Smart.”In order to help Philippine cities decide whether to join theworldwide Smart Cities bandwagon, we present a case study onBarcelona’s Smart City strategy, as well as its results. We elaborateEurope’s Smart City Benchmarking System.The Philippines is widely viewed as having one of the brightesteconomic prospects in the world. A Philippine Smart Cities (orSmarter Cities) Initiative would enable the country to truly take off.
  3. 3. AgendaI. The European-wide and Worldwide Smart Cities InitiativesII. Case Study: Barcelona’s Smart City StrategyIII. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City StrategyIV. The European Smart City Benchmarking SystemV. What is a Smart City?VI. Should Philippines Cities join the Worldwide Smart Cities/ Smarter Cities Bandwagon?
  4. 4. I. The European-wide andWorldwide Smart Cities Initiatives
  5. 5. The European-wide Smart Cities Initiative: The Digital Agenda of the European Commission promotes Smart Cities as Europe’s strategy for a flourishing Digital Economy by 2020
  6. 6. The European-wide Smart Cities Initiative: The European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative (SCC) on July 10, 2012 • 81M Euros in 2012 and 365M Euros in 2013 budgeted to develop smart technologies for the sustainable development of European cities, in the areas of energy, transport and ICT. Website of the European Commission’s Smart Cities and Communities Stakeholder Platform:
  7. 7. India plans to spend $130 Billion developing 7 Smart Cities along the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor • The Indian initiative is 80% PPP. In Smart City initiatives worldwide, the private sector are full partners and co- investors with the public sector. 15/india/28364347_1_delhi-mumbai-industrial-corridor- cities/resources/india-spend-130-billion-creating- dmic-development-corporation-industrial-hubs smart-cities_2/
  8. 8. For China, Smart Cities has become a premiereconomic development and anti-poverty strategy • Poverty is largely a rural phenomenon. • Smart Cities become giant urban employment hubs, attracting rural workers to the cities. They get jobs and lift themselves out of poverty. • As of March, China was reported to have at least 54 Smart Cities projects totaling $153 Billion (RMB 1 trillion)excerpt/10069
  9. 9. Many leading US cities have adopted Smart City strategies… …including Boston, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and New York City…
  10. 10. United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme Cities may sign a compact with the UN to become a Smart City/Innovative City in a specific area, and network with other members • Highest city authority sends a letter to UN making a formal commitment • “Innovative City” is highest of 3 levels of commitment • Commits to multi- year program to address seemingly intractable problems • Receives technical assistance from UN Secretariat and shares best practices ticipate/cities.html with other members
  11. 11. Berlin committed to UN to become an Innovative City for Healthcare commission-2-meeting-new-delhi-3-5- december/presentation_un_global_compact.pdf
  12. 12. More and more countries are investing in master- planning Smart Cities from ground up Putrajaya, Malaysia New Songdo City, South King Abdullah Economic City, Korea Saudi Arabia Wuxi Huishan, China Dubai Central, UAR Living PlanIT Valley, Portugal
  13. 13. Entire countries are now branding themselves as “Smart” or “Intelligent” Malta: The Smart Island National IT Strategy Armenia is projecting itself as a “Smart Country for Smart People,” and Armenians as world-class knowledge workers.Singapore’s Intelligent Nation 2015
  14. 14. The “Smart City” as a brand is an investment magnetThe Smart City/ Smarter City brand magnetizes private sector co-investment In response to Singapore’s iN2015 Masterplan, tech giant IBM announced a $38M investment in an Asia Pacific cloud computing data center us38m-cloud-computing-data-center-singapore
  15. 15. II. Case Study: Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy
  16. 16. Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area
  17. 17. 1860-1960: Barcelona, an Industrial Powerhouse
  18. 18. 1960-1990: Barcelona in Obsolescence and Deterioration
  19. 19. Today: Barcelona, the Smart, Innovative City
  20. 20. Underpinnings of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy:Selecting the focus areas for the Smart City Strategy Smart Cities have 6 main dimensions Barcelona focused mainly on 4 (also called axes or characteristics), dimensions to build its Smart City which work together to produce a strategy, action plans and programs. holistic synergy. The idea is to attain excellence in all chosen dimensions.
  21. 21. Underpinnings of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy: Strong sponsorship from Barcelona’s Local Government Unit— Ajuntament de Barcelona, the City Council
  22. 22. Underpinnings of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy:The Special Infrastructures Plan: the Backbone of a Smart City
  23. 23. Underpinnings of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy:Investment in Human Capital and Social Capital Autonomous University of Barcelona University of Barcelona Citilab—center for digital and social innovation Cibernarium—IT skills training by Barcelona Mobile World Capital Caixa Forum, Barcelona’s top social Barcelona City Government and cultural center
  24. 24. Barcelona’s Smart People Strategy: Citilab—center for social and digital innovation • A mix between a training center, research center, and incubator for social innovation. • Based on the concept that digital technologies enhance citizen innovativeness and entrepreneurship. Media Lab Musiclab Robotics Tournament
  25. 25. Barcelona’s Smart People Strategy:Cibernarium—IT Skills Training by the City Council • training for professional skills acquisition • wide variety of short length activities (180) • very practical, on very specific topics • publishes books, video courses, activity dossiers • Holds conferences aimed at IT diffusion Barcelona Activa is the local development agency of the City Council
  26. 26. Barcelona’s Smart People Strategy: Smart City Campus 22@ • A cluster of companies, universities, entrepreneurs and R&D centers on ICT, ecology and urban planning. • Role is to educate, research, develop and commercialize technologies and solutions for Smart Cities development. • Located in
  27. 27. Barcelona’s Smart Mobility Strategy: Map of Barcelona’s Bicing stations Bicing- Barcelona’s bike sharing program • Members may check out a bike from one station and return it to another. • Averts 9,000 tons of carbon pollution per year. • Lessens traffic congestion and reduces traffic accidents. • Healthier residents result in reduced healthcare costs.
  28. 28. Barcelona’s Smart Mobility Strategy:;jsessionid=2A19E3E42918686FDDAC6DA4CB53CB87 LIVE- Barcelona’s initiative to promote electric mobility within the city and to become a global innovation hub for electric vehicles
  29. 29. Barcelona’s Smart Mobility Strategy:Ubiquitous ICT Infrastructure: Internet, WiFi, Broadband Networks en/
  30. 30. Barcelona’s Smart Environment Strategy: Urban Green SpacesMap of Barcelona’s parks and gardens Park Guell Park Laberint Parc de Cervantes Rose Garden Sagrera Linear ParkLa Ciutadella, the “garden of Barcelona”—a 70-acrepark with boating lakes, museums, and the city zoo.
  31. 31. Barcelona’s Smart Environment Strategy:Sustainable electricity and water managementSolar energy. Solar Photovoltaic Canopy at the Green architecture. Barcelona’s new Flower MarketForum Esplanade, at the entrance of the new uses radiant heating and passive cooling to maintainMarina. This 4,500 square meter solar panel the temperature and humidity conditions required byproduces 1,100 kwh. Barcelona has 36 solar sensitive flowers.installations.
  32. 32. Barcelona’s Smart Living Strategy: Tourism Hub La Rambla Picasso MuseumBarcelona Aquarium La Sagrada Familia Church Magic Fountain of Montjuic
  33. 33. Barcelona’s Smart Living Strategy: Hi-Tech Policing (1)The Police Eurocopter EC-225 can Biometrics and Recognition RadioConnect for integrated andcarry 19 people and fly at speeds up technologies interoperable emergency managementto 290 kph for quick and flexibleresponse and special operations.Hi-tech policing Command Center Crime Mapping Predictive AnalyticsWebsite of Guardia Urbana, Barcelona’s Police Force:,4022,241940448_242023090_3,00.html
  34. 34. Barcelona’s Smart Living Strategy: Hi-Tech Policing (2) Mobile policing Computer simulation training and preparedness Virtual Reality Police TrainingCrime Data Warehouse and Data Mining
  35. 35. Barcelona’s Smart Economy Strategy:Smart Districts and Innovation Clusters
  36. 36. Barcelona’s Smart Economy Strategy:
  37. 37. Barcelona’s Smart Economy Strategy:Innovation Clusters: Media & ICT Cluster in
  38. 38. Barcelona’s Smart Economy Strategy: Barcelona Urban Lab: the City as a Test Lab The city is made available to companies and entrepreneurs with innovative products to test their products and services in a real world environment.,en/
  39. 39. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy:ICT-Enabled Intelligent City Council for a Smart City Website of Ajuntament de Barcelona, the City Council:
  40. 40. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy:Municipal Network: High speed broadband links all municipal agencies Barcelona identified high- speed broadband as the key technological infrastructure to foster economic development. Website of Open DAI:
  41. 41. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy:Open Data—public information accessible to all Open data is public sector information that is made available to everyone in standard, open, digital formats. • Facilitates transparency; • Provides an environment for smart ideas; • Enables the citizenry to co-create improved public services alongside the government.
  42. 42. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy:An Open Sensor Network provides Open Data to all • In a Knowledge Economy, information is viewed as a critical resource, the basis of wealth creation. • An Open Network of sensors and actuators is deployed city-wide. • Analytics enables smart decision-making. • Information is accessible for the citizens and public and private institutions.
  43. 43. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy: iCity—Open Apps developed from Open Data • The information gathered from the Open Data Program is freely shared with the private sector. • Companies and entrepreneurs are encouraged to create open apps which will improve public services. • The Smart City system provides a holistic framework for e-Government to work in partnership with the citizenry.Sample open apps on local government solutionsdeveloped for the Blackberry Smartphone:
  44. 44. Barcelona’s Smart Government Strategy:Open Cities—Open Innovation in the Public Sector • The public sector is not normally geared for innovation, efficiency, transparency, and successful Smart City Management. • Fiber Optic Networks, Open Sensor Networks, Open Data, Crowdsourcing, iCity, and Urban Labs combine to create Open Innovation in the Public Sector. • This is the holistic environment where e-Government works.Open Cities Website:
  45. 45. content/uploads/2011/12/Barcelona_Smart_City_Tour.pdfThis 37-page booklet presents 14 key points of interest in22@Barcelona, the city’s Innovation District. The booklet showswhy Barcelona is a Smarter Cities pioneer, leading in innovativeand sustainable initiatives for a better quality of life, which havealso made Barcelona into a top tourist destination.
  46. 46. III. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy
  47. 47. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy Barcelona #6 in Best cities toBarcelona #1 in Quality of Life locate a business todayCushman & Wakefield’s 2011 European Cities Monitor
  48. 48. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy: Barcelona: a Global Tourist Hub  World’s top urban tourist destination in 2003.  Europe’s #1 port of call for cruise liners.  The quality of life a Smart City creates is attractive not only to its residents, but to tourists.
  49. 49. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy: Job creation and economic growth,en/
  50. 50. Results of Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy: Magnet for Knowledge Workers and the “Creative Class” Knowledge workers and creative talents are attracted to Smart Cities, which offer a combination of employment opportunities and lifestyle.
  51. 51. “The Creative Classlifestyle comes down toa passionate quest forexperience…a creativelife packed full ofintense, high-qualitymultidimensionalexperiences…They likeindigenous street-levelculture—a teemingblend of cafes, sidewalkmusicians, and smallgalleries and bistros,where it is hard to drawthe line betweenparticipant and observerand between creativityand its creators.”
  52. 52. IV. The European Smart City Benchmarking System
  53. 53. The European Smart City Benchmarking Systemenables each city to assess its strengths and uncoversystemic weaknesses hindering its growth. Undergoingthe assessment then arms each city with strategicinsight to create its Smart City Road Map, action plansand programs.
  54. 54. Smart Cities are measured based on6 dimensions, 31 factors and 74 indicators The six dimensions (also called characteristics or axes)
  55. 55. The 6 dimensions of a Smart City and their Factors
  56. 56. Smart Economy: Factors & Indicators
  57. 57. Smart People: Factors & Indicators
  58. 58. Smart Governance: Factors & Indicators
  59. 59. Smart Mobility: Factors & Indicators
  60. 60. Smart Environment: Factors & Indicators
  61. 61. Smart Living: Factors & Indicators
  62. 62.
  63. 63. Ranking of 70 Medium-size European Smarter Cities
  64. 64. Resources on the Smarter Cities Benchmarking SystemEuropean SmartCities website List of Factors and Indicators Final Report on Ranking of European Medium-sized Smart Cities
  65. 65. V. What is a Smart City?New York City: rated #4 Smart City in Fast Company’sThe Top 10 Smart Cities on the Planet.
  66. 66. What is a Smart City? A developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas; economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government. Excelling in these key areas can be done so through strong human capital, social capital, and/or ICT infrastructure. - Business DictionaryBackground: Vienna, rated #1 Smart City in Fast Company’s The Top 10 Smart Cities on thePlanet. Vienna was the only city that finished in the top 10 in every category surveyed:innovation city (#5), regional green city (#4), quality of life (#1), and digital governance (#8).
  67. 67. What is a Smart City? A city can be defined as “smart” when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communications infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance. - WikipediaToronto, ranked the world’s #2 Smart City by Fast Company. Toronto is a member of theClinton 40 megacities, which seek to transition to a low carbon economy. The privatesector spearheaded the Smart Commute Toronto program. Toronto recently began usingnatural gas from landfills to power the city’s garbage trucks.
  68. 68. What is a Smart City?Smart cities use information and communicationtechnologies (ICT) to be more intelligent and efficient inthe use of resources, resulting in cost and energysavings, improved service delivery and quality of life,and reduced environmental footprint--all supportinginnovation and the low-carbon economy.- Boyd Cohen, The Top 10 Smart Cities on the Planet, Fast CompanyParis, Fast Company’s #3-rated Smart City. Paris drew world acclaim for its successful bikesharing program, Velib. Recently, Paris launched a similar program for small ElectricVehicles, called Autolib.
  69. 69. VI. Should Philippine Cities Join the Worldwide Smart Cities/ Smarter Cities Bandwagon?
  70. 70. Philippines has one of the brightest outlooks in the world Positive GDP growth rate for 52 Highlights consecutive quarters since 1999 Strongest performing stock market in Asia, 2011 Booming real estate market Positive GDP growth for 52 consecutive quarters since 1999 #1 in call centers, #2 in BPO Nearly $80M Gross Int’l Reserves + worldwide consumption based economy = resistance Low inflation and interest rate to external shocks environment Stable banking system Philippines a net creditor to IMF
  71. 71. Performance of IT-BPO Industry has helped open the eyes of the world to the Philippine value proposition Total Employees (000s) Annual Revenue (US$B) 700 $12.0 643 $11.0 600 $10.0 525 $8.9 500 442 $8.0 $7.1 400 372 $6.1 $6.0 300 $4.9 300 236 $4.0 $3.3 200 163 $2.2 101 $2.0 $1.3 100 0 $0.0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source: Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP)
  72. 72. Information Technology Investments are BoomingA Smart Cities Initiative would boost IT investments further
  73. 73. Smart Cities is all about positioning for the Knowledge Economy… A Smart City is Phase 1 of the city’s shift to a 21st century Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Society.
  74. 74. …All signs indicate the Philippines is “built for success” in the Global Knowledge Economy Philippines: #2 globally after India in IT-BPO Source: Aon Hewitt, 2011
  75. 75. Building Smart Systems will enable our cities to handle outsourced work in multiple global industries
  76. 76. The Smart City system provides a holistic, tested and proven framework to realize our aspirations as a nation$25B IT-BPO revenues by 2016 Reduce poverty from 26% to 16% by 2016 Decongest Metro Manila trafficTransparent, effective, accountablegovernance Reduce vulnerability to climate change Successful Filipino entrepreneurs 21st century knowledge Globally competitive companiesBooming tourism industry Safer cities & communities workers
  77. 77. Mechanisms are in place to carry out a Smart Cities/ Smarter Cities initiativeThe Next Wave Cities Program is building ICT hubs all over the Philippines
  78. 78. Mechanisms are in place… Smart Cities is about Global CompetitivenessThe National Competitiveness Council has been instrumental in Philippines’ leapfrogging20 places in the WEF Competitiveness Report in the 2 years of the Aquino Administration.
  79. 79. Mechanisms are in place… Smart Cities is about PPP for InnovationFilipinnovation set the gold standard for PPP for Innovation
  80. 80. Mechanisms are in place… Smart Cities is about developing the entire countryThe National ICT Councils of the Philippines have been working effectively withGovernment to build a Smarter Countryside for a Smarter Philippines NICP leaders Jocelle Batapa-Sigue and George Sorio sign MOA on e-Government Awards with the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, June 2, 2012 in Naga City. DILG Undersecretary Austere Panadero launching the e-Government Awards Program at the Cebu ICT & BPO Conference
  81. 81. A Smart Cities/ Smarter Cities Initiative would fuel This study is our tribute to the late Sec. Jesse Robredo… the Philippine Breakout to a new “BRIC” status GOLDMAN SACHS: BREAKOUT PH one of the “Next NATIONS: The new 11”—the next BRICs, “BRICs” in Asia are who may rival the G7 in Thailand, Indonesia, economic power. Philippines (TIP).…who worked tirelessly to develop Naga City into a Smart City.God willing, may his legacy be a network of Smart Cities all around thecountry fueling the Philippines to its rightful place in the family of nations.
  82. 82. Thank Department of Science and Technology- Information and Communications Technology Office