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  1. Houses
  2. Houses
  3. longhouse snow Scotland tent wood The Sahara croft cloth Borneo igloo stone Canada
  4. What is this? It is a house. It has many doors and windows. It has a large garage.
  5. What is this? It is an apartment complex. Many families live in this apartment complex.
  6. What are these? They are mobile homes. These mobile homes are in a mobile home park. Mobile homes can be moved.
  7. Where are cabins located? Cabins are located in the woods. Cabins are small.
  8. Who lives in this house?
  9. Survey 1. Where do you live – in a house or in a flat? 2. Is it big or small? 3. How many rooms are there? 4. Is there a garden? 5. Is there a garage?
  10. Survey Survey done by: /your name/ number № Name house flat small big of rooms garden garage Total: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  11. Homework: Report I interviewed five people. Here are the results: 1. ___ out of 5 live in a house. 2. ___ out of 5 live in a flat. 3. ___ out of 5 have a small / big house / flat. 4. ___ out of 5 have ___ rooms in their house / flat. 5. ___ out of 5 have a garden. 6. ___ out of 6 have a garage.
  12. See you next Time 
  13. round furniture, difficult to get to no gas or electricity bills cold when no sun change the places to live not enough room for parties
  14. No No Yes Yes No No
  15. Who lives in this house?
  16. The house of my dreams…