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  1. 1. Normal Bouncer I
  2. 2. 1. This appeared in non-academic literature as early as 1885  in Anton Chekhov's short story "A Horsey Name" which is about the main character's experience involving a surname. In 1890, pioneering psychologist William James discussed the phenomenon in his text 'The Principles of Psychology'. James described the state as "a gap that is intensely active". As per Harvard psychologists Roger Brown and David McNeill who did the first empirical investigation of this state,"Person would appear to be in mild torment, something like on the brink of a sneeze, and if he succeeds, his relief was considerable." As per the reasearch,this occur about once a week and increase as you age.
  3. 3. Answer is
  4. 4. Tip of the tongue experience
  5. 5. 2. “I have never told this before, but there is something deeply personal that impacted me. My daughter Kira, suffered from a very rare lung incapacity with no known cure that would have eventually killed her. A certain doctor had found an untested cure that seemed to work on at least some children. The procedure required the child to be paralysed for a few moments and it was repeated a number of times before the child’s lungs began to function normally again.Left with no other options, we agreed to give it a try.  At the end of it, she breathed and, thank God, has become perfectly normal.I realized how precious the doctor’s knowledge was. It occurred to me that no one other than this doctor would ever know about this whole thing. There had to be a way”. Who on What?
  6. 6. Answer is
  7. 7. Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia
  8. 8. 3. X(a country) played a key role in the revolutionary successes of the National Front of Algeria (FLN) in its struggle against French colonialism. Even more important was the role of X in the victory of the Movimento Popular da Libertação de Angola (MPLA) in Angola and the triumph over apartheid in South Africa. The battle of Cueto Cuanavale in 1987-88 turned the tide against the racist South African government. A combined force of X and Angolans defeated the South African army in that battle. White South Africa's aura of invincibility was broken. After Nelson Mandela was sworn in as President, he was overheard telling Y: "You made this [freedom] possible."  id X or Y
  9. 9. Answer is
  10. 10. Cuba / Fidel Castro
  11. 11. 4. Organized by The Adventurists who also does Mongol Rally, African rally among others, the first edition of this was in 2006 starting from Kochi to Darjeeling. It has a summer and winter edition and takes place every 6 months. 2006/07 Winter - started in Cochin and finished in Darjeeling. 2007 Summer - started in Calcutta and finished in Manali. 2007/08 Winter - starting in Cochin and finishing in Kathmandu, Nepal. 2008 Summer - starting in Kathmandu and finishing in Pondicherry. 2008/09 Winter - starting in Pondicherry and finishing in Shillong. 2009 Easter - starting in Shillong and finishing in Goa. 2009 Fall - starting on Goa and finishing in Pokhara, Nepal. What is special about the event?
  12. 12. Answer is
  13. 14. 5. 1- Luci del varietà (Lights of Variety/Variety Lights)  Director - X and Alberto Lattuada 2 - Lo sceicco bianco (The White Sheik) Director - X 3 - I vitelloni(The Young and the Passionate) Director - X 4-  L'amore in città (Love in the City) Director - Michelangelo Antonioni and X 5-   La strada (The Road) Director - X 6- Il bidone (The Swindle/The Swindlers) Director - X 7 - Le notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria) Director - X 8 - La dolce vita (The Sweet Life) Director - X 9 - Boccaccio '70 Director - Vittorio De Sica and X 10 - ? Director - X Id the movie and put fundae no points for getting the director
  14. 15. Answer is
  15. 16. Fedreco Felinis 8 1/2 – The movie's title refers to the total number of films Fellini had previously directed. These included six features, two short segments, and a collaboration with another director, Alberto Lattuada. The latter production accounted for a "half" film
  16. 17. 6.  Finland-Sweden athletics international(also known as Finnkampen /Suomi-Ruotsi-maaottelu ) is an yearly competition between Sweden and Finland since 1925. The 1931 event was a victory for Finland, but tensions at the track led to a knuckle fight between the runner-ups.Later the chairman of the Finnish athletics union and future president of Finland, Urho Kekkonen announced that Finland would no longer take part in the event. The tension was in a large part caused by some activities spearheaded by Sigfrid Edström, the Swedish president of the IAAF and vice-president of the IOC.It took eight years until 1939, before the Finns again decided to participate, at the eve of the planned 1940 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. What was Edström's motives (which he eventually succeeded) that irked the Finns
  17. 18. Answer is
  18. 19. Ban Paavo Nurmi from competing at international events as he was a professional athlete.
  19. 20. 7. Salemohammad Motorwala Yusuf is an umpire who has been active mostly in first class cricket. His decision to call a medium pacer for suspected action had far reaching impact in the history of cricket. “In his second over, I must have called him four times, After calling him, he came and asked me, ‘What is wrong?’ I told him, ‘I have doubts about your action".  What resulted?
  20. 21. Answer is
  21. 22. Kumble turned to Leg spin
  22. 23. 8. On 31 October 1914 at Hollebeke, Belgium, Sepoy ________  ____ was in the machine-gun section of his battalion and was working one of the two guns. The British officer in charge of the detachment was wounded and the other gun was put out of action by a shell.________  ____, although himself wounded, continued working his gun after all the other five men of the detachment had been killed. He was left by the enemy for dead, but later managed to crawl away and rejoin his unit.he was awarded the Victoria cross for this feat, thereby becoming the first native born Indian to win this gallantry award
  23. 25. Answer is
  24. 26. Khudadad Khan
  25. 27. 9.He founded the Naya Theatre and worked with Chhattisgarhi tribals in Bhopal. He channeled their indigenous performance form, nacha, to create milestones such as ‘Charandas Chor’, ‘Agra Bazaar’ and ‘Kamdeo ka Apna Basant Ritu ka Sapna’ (adaptation of midsummer nights dream). He wrote a play for the Congress party, Indra Sabha. The Congress was then pro-Left and believed in socialism; (then prime minister) Indira Gandhi  had nationalised banks and the country made a lot of progress during her time. This play was written in praise of her. Id the person considered to be one of greatest dramatist from India
  26. 28. Answer is
  27. 29. Habib Tanvir
  28. 30. 10. Created in 1928 by County Chemicals at the Chemico Works in Bradford Street, Birmingham, Its popularity with Royal Air Force pilots in World War II led to their nickname which is also the title of a 1998 film about downed pilots interned in the Republic of Ireland. A notable user of the product was co-founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett.He used to pile so much of this so that he resembled "a guttered candle" as the hot stage lights were beating down on him. It was first advertised on TV by the jingle "_________ — A Little Dab'll Do Ya!" .It has been claimed that Fred Flintstone's famous "Yabba Dabba Doo" was derived from this motto when Alan Reed, the actor who voiced the character, didn't like the simple "Yahoo" in the script. Id the product
  29. 31. Answer is
  30. 32. Brylcreem
  31. 33.   11.  _____ spent much of his later career attempting to get his field recognized as a branch of physics instead of being treated as a science of its own. He did this largely so that people in his field- including himself - could be recognized by the Nobel Prize Committee for their valuable contributions. In 1953, the Nobel Committee decided that the field would also be eligible to be considered for the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, ___, who would have probably been the first laureate from his field, died a few months before the recognition and there was no provision for a posthumous award. According to some reports, S Chandrashekhar, Enrico Fermi and other members of the Nobel Committee had unanimously voted to award him the prize in 1953. Who was this eminent scientist? (Qn from Manjith)
  32. 34. Answer is
  33. 35. Edwin Hubble
  34. 36. 12.   According to some accounts this was the single worst disaster that has struck Sweden since the "Spanish disease" following the First World War. Some others put casuality behind the battle of Poltava in 1709.In an attempt to save the government from the anger, Prime Minister Göran Persson declared a period of ”National Unity” with the support of other party leaders in the parliament. His government was heavily criticized for lack of action. He lost power in the next elections. Disaster in qn?
  35. 37. Answer is
  36. 38. Tsunami of 2004. Lots of Swedes holidaying in Thailand that time. death toll was some 500-600. Sweden was the worst affected country outside Asia

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