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2. anoop adithian quiz 2012 final set by arun

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Anoop Adithian Memorial open quiz 2012 - Final set by Arun

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2. anoop adithian quiz 2012 final set by arun

  1. 1. Round 4
  2. 2. 1. This word, when used outside the context of March 1938 is properly translated as "joinder", "connection", "unification" or "political union". ‘Annektierung’ would have been a better choice, but is not commonly used in this context. Which word are we talking about?
  3. 3. The answer is…
  4. 4. Anschluss
  5. 5. 2. In a tribute to this author after his death, The Onion said, “Are we totally, absolutely sure hes not alive? I just think itd be silly to accept his death without checking Dresden for his younger self first.” Who?
  6. 6. The answer is…
  7. 7. Kurt Vonnegut
  8. 8. 3.
  9. 9. The answer is…
  10. 10.  The Tattoo Artist Norman Rockwell
  11. 11. 4. Tiruchenkaatankudi, near Nannilam in ThanjavurDistrict is home to the Tevara Shivastalam. It hasbeen revered by the hymns of the Tamil SaiviteSaints of the 1st millennium CE. This temple alsohosts another idol, which was brought backfrom the capital of another South Indian empire bySirutondar, a general of the then Pallava monarch(circa 7th century CE). This idol is popularly knownby the name of the capital city and was made famousby a musical composition. Name the deity or theplace from which it was brought back.
  12. 12. The answer is…
  13. 13. Vatapi Ganapathi(Vatapi was the old name of Badami, the capital ofthe Chalukyas)
  14. 14. 5. "Sinatra Doctrine" was the name that the Sovietgovernment of Mikhail Gorbachev used jokingly todescribe its policy of administering the internal affairsof neighboring Warsaw Pact nations. It alluded to thetitle of a Frank Sinatra song, which is often quoted asthe most covered song in the history. Name the songand explain the policy, which was a major break withthe earlier Brezhnev Doctrine.
  15. 15. The answer is…
  16. 16. The song is “My Way”Basically, the Soviet Union was allowing thesenations to go their own way as opposed to theBrezhnev Doctrine, under which the internal affairsof satellite states were tightly controlled by Moscow.
  17. 17. 6. Tetrodotoxin (TTX) is a potent neurotoxin thatshuts down electrical signaling in nerves by bindingto the pores of sodium channel proteins in nerve cellmembranes. It does not cross the blood–brainbarrier, leaving the victim fully conscious whileparalyzing the muscles. Though death incidentsfrom this toxin are rare now a days, higher figureshave been reported for earlier years; and, forexample, in a particular Asian country alone, 176people died in 1958. The fact that this poison is notaffected by heat increases the chances of fatality.What is the primary source of this toxin in thenature?
  18. 18. The answer is…
  19. 19. Fugu Fish
  20. 20. 7. A Castle Doctrine is an American legal doctrinethat designates a persons abode (or, in some states,any place legally occupied, such as a car or place ofwork) as a place in which the person has certainprotections and immunities and may, in certaincircumstances attack an intruder without becomingliable to prosecution. This is well known by anotherpopular name, which is a reference to an iconiccatchphrase from a hollywood movie. What is themore popular name of this law?
  21. 21. The answer is…
  22. 22. Make my day Law, after the line "Go ahead, makemy day" uttered by actor Clint Eastwoodscharacter Harry Callahan in the 1983 film SuddenImpact
  23. 23. 8.
  24. 24. The answer is…
  25. 25. Truman Capote
  26. 26. 9. Heralded as a classic uponits publication, this bookfollows the successfulanalysis and hypnosis of acriminal psychopath, Harold.In full transcriptions of theirforty-six sessions, Lindnertakes his patient into thedepths and recesses of hischildhood memories. Namethis book, which inspired thename of a famous Hollywoodmovie.
  27. 27. The answer is…
  28. 28. Rebel without a cause
  29. 29. 10. The St. Louis Worlds Fair was an internationalexposition held in St. Louis, Missouri, UnitedStates in 1904. It was hosted to celebrate thecentennial of a famous 1803 event and was delayedfrom a planned opening in 1903 to 1904, to allow forfull-scale participation by more states and foreigncountries. The Fair also hosted the 1904 SummerOlympic Games, the first Olympics held in theUnited States. These games had originally beenawarded to Chicago, but when St. Louis threatenedto hold a rival international competition, the gameswere relocated. What event were they celebrating?
  30. 30. The answer is…
  31. 31. The purchase of Louisiana from France
  32. 32. 11. He was the first ambidextrous US president. Itwas said that one could ask him a question inEnglish and he could simultaneously write theanswer in Latin with one hand, and Ancient Greekwith the other. In 1876, he discovered a novel proofof the Pythagorean Theorem using a trapezoid whileserving as a member of the House ofRepresentatives. He is also the only person in U.S.history to be a Representative, Senator-elect, andPresident-elect at the same time. To date, he is theonly Representative to be directly elected Presidentof the United States. Who?
  33. 33. The answer is…
  34. 34. James Garfield
  35. 35. 12. The _________ effect is a term usedby epidemiologists to refer to the poor health andlow life expectancy of the people of this citycompared to the rest of Europe. Poverty alone doesnot appear to account for it. Epidemiologists areunable to explain the overall mortality gap, whichdid not appear until 1950 at the earliest. Hypothesesinclude vitamin D deficiency caused by a lack ofsunlight, more poverty than the figures suggest, coldwinters, high levels of stress, a culture of alienation,and pessimism brought on by either or both thelingering effects of industrialisation and the citysmore recent deindustrialisation. Which city are wetalking about?
  36. 36. The answer is…
  37. 37. Glasgow
  38. 38. 13. Osmel Sousa, a formeradvertising draftsman joinedthis organization in 1969 andunder his guidance, made itthe most successful one of itskind in the world. Sometimescalled a ‘Pygmalion’, he iscurrently the president of thisorganization. Name it.
  39. 39. The answer is…
  40. 40. Miss Venezuela OrganizationTo date, Venezuela has six Miss Universetitleholders, six Miss World winners, six MissInternational crowns, and one win in Miss Earth,becoming the most successful pageant powerhousein history.
  41. 41. 14. Opal is a variety of low-aromatic 91RON petrol developed in 2005 by BP Australia.Though more expensive to produce, requiring a$0.33/litre Federal subsidy, a 2006 report found itwould likely save at least $27 million per year whenthe social and health costs were taken into account.For what specific purpose was this variety of petroldeveloped / what health issue are we talking about?
  42. 42. The answer is…
  43. 43. To prevent people from sniffing petrol to get high
  44. 44. 15. In 1972, this concept, named WOM, wasintroduced as a inside practical joke perpetrated bySignetics. However it was soon recognized that thisconcept actually describes certain functionalitiesin microprocessor systems. It find applications insecurity and cryptography and it has been suggestedthat in some calculations, applying this in quantumcomputers may improve its computational power.Expand WOM.
  45. 45. The answer is…
  46. 46. Write only memory – a memory location orregister that can be written to but not read
  47. 47. 16.
  48. 48. The answer is…
  49. 49. *
  50. 50. The answer is…
  51. 51. Mogambo
  52. 52. Round 4
  53. 53.  Short Visual Connect 8 visuals No points for identifying individual visuals
  54. 54. 1.
  55. 55. 2.
  56. 56. 3.
  57. 57. 4.
  58. 58. 5.
  59. 59. 6.
  60. 60. 7.
  61. 61. 8.
  62. 62. And the connect is…
  63. 63. “Fifth Beatle”
  64. 64. Round 6
  65. 65.  6 questions to be answered in writing 3 parts for each question 5 points for every correct answer, 5 bonus points if you can get all correct -5 if you fail to get at least one correct answer
  66. 66. 1. Identify both. What record, held by the person on the right was recently broken by the guy on the left?
  67. 67. The answer is…
  68. 68. Amol Muzumdar, Wassim JafferHighest run-getter in Ranji trophy cricket
  69. 69. 2. Ad for what product? This later provided the inspiration for the plot of which movie? Also identify its director.
  70. 70. The answer is…
  71. 71. Suntory WhiskeyLost in Translation Sofia Coppola
  72. 72. 3. This statue located in Chihuahua, Mexico shows a famous actor who was born there in one of his most famous roles. Name the actor, movie and the novelist on whose work the movie was based on.
  73. 73. The answer is…
  74. 74. Anthony QuinnZorba the GreekNikos Kazantzakis
  75. 75. 4.
  76. 76. The answer is…
  77. 77. 5. Here is a photographic study of the feature thatgives this bird its name. Name the bird, thephotographer and the photographer’s most famoussnap (or what famous question was this snapsupposed to answer).
  78. 78. The answer is…
  79. 79.  Adjutant Stork Eadward Muybridge Sallie Gardner at a Gallop (whether all four feet of a horse were off the ground during a gallop)
  80. 80. 6. Identify the warrior brothers from this illustration.Which European capital city was named after the lesserknown of the brothers?
  81. 81. The answer is…
  82. 82.  Attila Bleda / Buda Budapest
  83. 83. Thank You!