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CSSE - CATE Family Math Night outreach presentation

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Presented at CSSE conference at UBC, June 2019

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CSSE - CATE Family Math Night outreach presentation

  1. 1. Fostering School, University, and Community Relationships through a Family Math Night Presented by: Candy Skyhar, Ph.D. & Mike Nantais, Ph.D. Brandon University, Faculty of Education Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy
  2. 2. Project Background ● A partnership with Brandon School Division (BSD) ● $3000 Outreach grant (plus support from BSD & BU PD Unit) ● Team: 3 professors, BSD specialist, four B.Ed. students, school Principal, school numeracy support person, and a few teachers. Purpose: to promote numeracy by involving families in a fun evening of food, friendship, and mathematics games.
  3. 3. Family Math Nights ● First introduced by Stenmark, Thompson and Cossey (1986) ● “School-sponsored events in which parents, teachers, and students interact around a mathematics curriculum” (Lopez & Donovan, 2009, p. 220). ● Goal - to build positive connections with school and mathematics (Jacobbe, Ross, and Hensberry, 2012). ● Learn about mathematics in a non-threatening, supportive environment.
  4. 4. Examples from Literature Jacobbe et al. (2012) 03 ● Predominantly African American community ● All students from elem. school, pizza and drinks ● Preservice teachers ran stations in cafeteria for 90 min ● Carnival-like atmosphere with tickets and prizes ● Resource kits and handouts to take home Lachance (2007)02 ● Teachers/School organized logistics ● Author/College students organized math tables ● Part of a course assignment ● Gymnasium, families start at one table, 15 min. bell Schussheim (2004)01 ● Grade 2 and 3 students, 13 years running, 7:30-8:30 pm ● Math carnival in cafeteria and activity stations ● Teacher-led activities in 13 different classrooms ● Take home bag and certificate
  5. 5. Benefits cited in the literature: ● The provision of a supportive and fun setting for children and families to learn about mathematics ● Reinforcement of mathematics content being taught at school ● The provision of authentic opportunities for preservice teachers to work with parents that could be witnessed by teacher educators, and that could challenge the existing beliefs of preservice teachers about parental involvement and commitment to education
  6. 6. The Research ~ Data sources Surveys of families (parents) were given on 2 occasions - at the end of the math evening & about 2 months after the event. Surveys were available in English, Spanish, & Mandarin. Survey of teachers - given about 2 months after the event. Reflections and observations of the research team after the math evening.
  7. 7. The Family Math Night
  8. 8. Event Survey Surveys were available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. There were 24 respondents. 75% reported being very satisfied (5) with the event. No respondents rated the event as less than “satisfied” (3). A common theme amongst many respondents was the desire to have more events like this one.
  9. 9. Some Event Survey Family Comments Things you found interesting or useful: To play among family because due to my job I never have time to spend with my children This event was fun. It helps me understand how should I teach my brother. I hope there will be another one. All of the games were useful. I also like to know the different fun ways I can teach math to my daughter. All of the strategies are useful but the multiplication with the dice will be most helpful to my kids as they seem to have some challenges with multiplication. I will play with my children in order for them to learn more. Everything was interesting. I believe the children learned a lot in the easy way and without tension.
  10. 10. The Follow Up Survey Survey distributed to parents & teachers about 2 months after the Family Math Night, available once again in English, Spanish, & Mandarin. 5 teacher respondents, 10 parent respondents. ALL respondents (teachers & parents) thought the evening was worthwhile, many wished to see it offered again.
  11. 11. The Follow Up Survey - some parent responses ...[The family math night] was a good experience. An evening full of fun, we met more people and we learned new way to practice math. Yes, we have used the strategies so our daughter learns more math. Her success has been in the time tables. Also [this] is an opportunity to talk and play with her. A lot of success! Yes I would like to attend to another event because helps our children to learn for the future. Yes we have been using the strategies frequently to be able to learn how to add subtract, multiply and division. I would like to see this kind of event offered more often. It was a good experience for me and my kid. I now know some more new methods to play and have fun with him using math.
  12. 12. The Follow Up Survey - some teacher responses ...Great evening - loved having Jane Felling to “run” the games portion of the night - fun,positive evening for families - connections between home & school .. great! Supper was a good way to get families here - games were great - highlight was definitely seeing the interactions between family members during the games - a positive, fun evening! Some students have said they are playing the games at home - I have played some games with students who were at math night and they remember those games. Very worthwhile … I’d love to do it again - I wouldn’t change anything! I think it was very worthwhile, Even if they don’t continue to play these math games at home, they might provide quality family time. It was awesome! Great activities that families got to play and take home forever! Loved seeing families laughing and learning.
  13. 13. The Math Blast Afternoon
  14. 14. Discussion/Implications The project suggests that Family Math Nights: ● Provide opportunities for fostering school-community partnerships ● Foster connections between students/parents and school/university ● Provide parents, teachers, teacher candidates and faculty with strategies for engaging students in mathematics curricula in a fun, non-threatening environment ● Benefit preservice teachers by providing authentic experiences working with students, teachers and faculty