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Ege Ertem - Zorlu Ventures - Family Enterprises in Turkey - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019

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Talk by Ege Ertem, Zorlu Ventures (Istanbul & SV), at Stanford Engineering on February 4 2019, Session #4: 'Turkey : Innovation Ecosystem, Wellness Startups, Family Enterprises & University Accelerators'.

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Ege Ertem - Zorlu Ventures - Family Enterprises in Turkey - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019

  1. 1. 4 February 2019 Ege Ertem, Zorlu Ventures A Family Enterprise Perspective European Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Stanford Engineering
  2. 2. Overview of Zorlu Family Conglomerate
  3. 3. 1953 The foundations of Zorlu Holding are laid in Denizli Babadağ. Haji Mehmet Zorlu lays the foundations of Zorlu Holding in 1953 by establishing Zorlu Mensucat in his hometown Babadağ, Denizli, a textile hub. The first store in Denizli is opened in 1957 and the first order from outside Denizli is received in 1959. 1960 The second store opens in Trabzon. 1966 Contract manufacturing begins in Istanbul. TAÇ is born. 1976 Korteks factory is established in Bursa. 1990 Zorlu Holding PLC is founded 1993 Zorlu Energy Electricity Production PLC is established 1994 Vestel, an electronics and white goods manufacturer in Turkey, joins the group. 1997 Zorlu Linen, the largest manufacturing facility for home textiles in Europe and the Middle East, is founded. Denizbank is founded. Zorlu Grand Hotel beings its operations in Trabzon.
  4. 4. Insurance Tourism Energy TextileSocial Foundation Consumer Elec. Mining Real Estate
  5. 5. 5 Why 35 Million Device Production Capacity #1 Exporter (in nr) In Turkey $ 5.5 Billion Revenue #1 Clean Energy 76% In Turkey 20% Share of TVs in Europe
  6. 6. Family Enterprise Governance Model Has its own board which includes independent representatives. Each company has its own board which includes independent representatives.
  7. 7. Family Enterprises Ecosystem In Turkey
  8. 8. Tara Family TURKEY TOP 10 TOTAL EXPORT
  9. 9. Automotive Consumer Durables Energy/Oil Defense Finance Retail Transportation Foundation Education Construction Information Tech. Tourism Restaurants Total Revenue (2016): $19.15 Billion
  10. 10. Industrial Finance Retail Insurance Energy Chemicals Education/ Foundation Other Previously Total Revenue (2015): $18.11 Billion
  11. 11. Challenges Family Conglomerates faces
  12. 12. Specialists versus Generalists Risk Taking Welcomes Ambiguity Balanced Portfolio In Depth Product Focus In Depth Expertise Established Stock Markets
  13. 13. EV Charging Solar EnergyBattery Production Silicon Valley EV Production New Businesses
  14. 14. Family Enterprise Innovation Model Innovation Process: Innovation Framework: Profit Model Product Features Product Ecosystem Services Go to Market Model Competitive & Startup Innovation Analysis Project Portfolio Creation Iterative Implementation
  15. 15. Startup Investments